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U.S. Navy signs Charles River Analytics to detect informational warfare


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Intelligent-systems developer Charles River Analytics (CRA) and the Office for Naval Research (ONR) have announced that CRA has won a contract focusing on social media analysis and pattern detection.

The two-year, follow-on  for a Composable Hybrid Approach to Recognizing Bots and their Influence in Social Media Analysis (CHARISMA)  is valued at nearly $750,000, with an option worth $1.25 million.

CHARISMA is aimed at providing tools to help social media ethnographers and analysts to filter, identify, and classify coordinated entities and their bots within large social media streams. CHARISMA will help users to distinguish between benign and dangerous behavior and will enable assessment of the possible vulnerability of target networks.

Charles River — which is partnering with Arizona State University and Intelligent Automation, Inc., on the CHARISMA effort — and the CHARISMA team will integrate socio-cultural modeling methods developed under the initial effort into an advanced social media analysis plug-in that will operate in tandem with a variety of commercially available social media analytics tools. This plug-in will support analysts as they assess new and ongoing adversarial information campaigns by highlighting and measuring the influence, risks, and vulnerabilities of a social network.



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