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Outrageous Voter Fraud In Russian Election

Sergei Lyutikov (C), who said he was an election observer of United Russia party, stands near a ballot box at a polling station during a regional election in Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia, Russia September 10, 2017, stuffing what appears to be multiple papers into a ballot box. REUTERS/Vladimir Soldatkin

According to Reuters reporters covering Russian election station #333, the final tally of voters that showed up to vote was 256.  The final official results were for 1,867, with 73 percent going to United Russia, Putin’s party.

“We must ensure 85 percent for United Russia. Otherwise, the Tsar will stop providing us with money,” the man, Sergei Lyutikov, told a reporter, in an apparent reference to Putin.

Sergei Lyutikov is the United Russia representative at the polling station. Lyutikov’s regular job is as an aide to Vadim Suanov, a United Russia deputy in the North Ossetia regional legislature.

Suanov, who was running for re-election on Sunday, told Reuters he knew nothing about what his employee did in the polling station.

Lyutikov cast his own ballot at the beginning of the day but was observed inserting multiple ballot slips at least 10 times during the election period.

When confronted by the Reuters reporter, Lyutikov threatened to break the reporter’s phone if incriminating videos and pictures were not deleted.

The chairman of the polling station had no comment and said she had seen nothing.

Golos, an NGO whose volunteers observe Russian polling stations, observed 825 voting violations.

A Russian election official said, “The difference in numbers is a provocative issue, we won’t discuss it.”

Today’s election is a rehearsal for next year’s Presidential election.

85% my butt.


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