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New website – East Stratcom Task Force

12 September 2017



The first section is dedicated to the latest news and analysis of pro-Kremlin disinformation. Here, we write about the disinformation campaign in a more problem-focused manner – for example, a particular long-term disinformation campaign targeted at a particular country; new initiatives countering disinformation; political leaders highlighting the dangers; a look behind the curtains and explaining what is happening in state Russian media; and much more.

The second section presents our longest serving product, the Disinformation Review. We will get to the improvements in the #DisinfoReview later.

Below that, you will find a new feature – key statistics. Here you can check how many disinformation cases our contributors have found over a given time. You can see which country is the most frequently mentioned in the disinformation campaign, and the most repeated keywords in the cases we have collected.

At the bottom of the page you will find a new form through which you can help us make our products better, give us feedback and report any mistakes you might have found. Please don’t forget to include links, statistics, statements and other verifiable facts when you use this form!

Watch the video to learn more about the features of the EuvsDisinfo.eu website!


We have been systematically collecting examples of pro-Kremlin disinformation since the beginning of our mandate, to show people who are unaware of the problem what it looks like. Thanks to the #DisinfoReview, all you have to do is click. We have also been sending out weekly newsletters containing the database of the recent disinformation messages, including debunks of the disinformation, accompanying it with a cover note highlighting the most prevalent disinformation stories and narratives. With the help of volunteers, the #DisinfoReview is currently translated into German. If you wish translations to other languages, contact us with a proposal for support.

Now, in response to repeated requests from researchers, journalists and government officials we have created the new feature of a single comprehensive database, allowing you to search our record of over 3,300 disinformation cases with keywords.

Are you interested in disinformation stories about your particular country? Or about a particular person, policy or issue? Now you can just type it into the search field. You can also specify that you want to see results only from a certain time period or in a specific language.


Many international journalists and researchers that consult us have been receiving from us long emails full of links – from simple and easy to grasp articles on the general challenge of pro-Kremlin disinformation, to expert studies covering one specific issue. Now we have gathered all this information into a single reading list on our website.

Whether you are interested in what has been written on trolls and bots amplifying the disinformation messages in social media; in articles covering one specific disinformation campaign like MH17; in studies looking into the impact and success of disinformation in a particular country, or in disinformation messaging targeting elections and referenda – this is your place to start.

The articles are sorted thematically, with a short introduction for each group of links.

Please help us to keep this database updated. If you see a new article or study that should be on the list, or if you see that we have omitted some interesting text that was published in the past, write us an email with “Reading list” in the subject.

We hope you find the new website useful!

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