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DPRK News Service Provides Hilarity, Not News

@DPRK_News is the Twitter handle of DPRK News, the North Korean news outlet.

In this case, there is no news, it is just commentary about the West.  In their comments, they reveal just how little they actually know about the West. It makes for good reading if you need comic relief.

Yesterday, @DPRK_News tweeted this. “Ministry of Culture bans “Home Improvement”, starring US comedian Carl Saget, for promotion of science disproven by Juche ideology.” It was accompanied by this picture.

Comedian Bob Saget

The problem is the picture is of scientist Carl Sagen, “Home Improvement” stars actor Tim Allen, “Bob” Saget is a comedian but has nothing to do with Home Improvement, and Juche (North Korean link, caution) ideology is North Korea’s philosophy of self-reliance.  It’s called fact checking, people.

In what is probably the most obvious photoshop I’ve seen in a long time, fat-boy Kim Jong Un is shown on a surfboard with too-obvious propaganda in the tweet.

“Marshal Kim Jong-Un rescues crew of trapped Russian antarctic icebreaker, through power of positive surfing.”

I haven’t a clue how “positive surfing” could free an Antarctic icebreaker, but I want some of what they’re smoking.

I also don’t believe Pro-surfer Dennis Tihara  would approve of his image being stolen (Pro-surfer Dennis Tihara surfing a tube at Teahupoo, Tahiti). 

“”New York Fashion Week” is annual opportunity for United States serfs to meet the extraterrestrial space aliens ruling over their lives.”

Yes, I admit the fashion is strange, in fact it’s out of this world and looks quite extra-terrestrial.  But didn’t serfdom go out of style in the mid-19th century?  The UN also prohibited it in 1956.  Fact checkers, they’re scraping, they’re scratching, and they’re trying. But they’re failing.

Bottom line. If you’re trying to catch up on the latest news coming out of North Korea, like an official statement of how North Korea is reacting to new UN Sanctions against them, do not look to @DPRK_News. It’s funny, it’s out of touch, and it’s the bomb.  Oops, not that kind of bomb.


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