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Free iPhone To North Korea – Flood Them With Information

Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL, is suggesting we drop 25 million free iPhones into North Korea and put satellites overhead and provide free connectivity.

There are some technical issues but there are practical workarounds, like range. New technology, new range boosters, etc. are available.

An expert at the Stimson Center on North Koreea, says the core concept could work.


For this reason, North Korea’s government would strongly oppose any measures that mirror Willink’s suggestion.

Sun pointed out that when South Korea had previously flown balloons that dropped pamphlets and DVDs over North Korea, the Kim regime had responded militarily, sensing the frailty of its government relative to those of prosperous liberal democracies.

For this reason, North Korea would turn down even free iPhones for its entire population, thought to be about 25.2 million.

I don’t think Willink is suggesting anyone ask North Korea for permission. I think the idea is to provide the free phones, provide free information, and then flood North Korea with information for the first time since 1950.

As for North Korea responding militarily, would North Korea lob a nuke at South Korea, Japan, or the United States for that?

I think no, but Kim’s father and grandfather did crazy things.  They all said crazier things.

Such a measure, Sun said, would also open the West to criticism “for rewarding a illegitimately nuclear dictatorship” that “we know has committed massive human rights against its people.”

With this point, I must disagree. There is no reward, it is a clearly offensive action where information is the weapon.


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  1. Overhead satellites won’t work for two reasons. Satellites can’t simply sit over the DPRK station keeping and iPhones don’t have the power to reach the satellite.

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