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Help Run Anti-Putin Ads On VKontakte! GoFundMe page!

Brandon McGuire in Katy, Texas, started a GoFundMe page today to run anti-Putin ads on VKontakte.

I sent Brandon a note asking for comments and received this reply.

Dear Sir,

I have yet to establish VK accounts, hoping to seek counsel on such an attempt as the fundraising project continues so that the endevaour will be successful.

My goal is to both execute an effective media buy in VKontakte that opposes Putin in the upcoming Presidential election in the Russian Federation and to bring awareness to western countries that we have to fight back, but in an open and democratic way.

Russia has honed an effective strategy through successful information tactics and I believe it is time to stop analyzing what is being done and to start acting in our own defense.


Thank you, Brandon!

All this is in response to this:

The Russian elections are in 2018 so this would be the perfect time to start running ads

  1. Undermining Russian autocracy
  2. Sowing Russian chaos and confusion
  3. Promoting US national interests

Russian information warfare goals are, as a reminder:

  1. Undermining Western democracy
  2. Sowing Western chaos and disharmony
  3. Promoting Russian national interests

I know, I know, the CIA is supposed to do this, foreign interference and subterfuge is their game, but if Evgeny Prigozhin can do it on behalf of Russia, why can’t we?

The thing is, the CIA is allowed to influence foreign elections and interfere in foreign affairs as long as it is subtle and they aren’t caught. Those are the unwritten rules taught in Tradecraft 101.

Now that Evgeny Prigozhin rewrote those rules, we might consider asking oligarchs like George Soros to help fund 400 person troll farms all over the US, especially in areas with a large Russian diaspora. We might have them each establish 40 to 50 profiles and then spend all day copying and pasting comments into VKontakte, making spurious content on LiveJournal, churn out bundles of gay Putin pictures, and highlight Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselyov pink shirts and ties all over. doesn’t filter their content either, so we could establish all kinds of pro-democratic pages there, and expose the vast corruption that is rampant in Russia.

Wait, that’s right, Russians already know about Russian corruption, that’s common knowledge.

Wait, you say they already know about Oligarch and Putin corruption, too?  Navalny and his organization are exposing that?

How about we make Russian the laughing stock of the world? They are already?

FYI, in response to this GoFundMe page, Twitter was all atwitter with comments.

…to which Darth Putin responded (a parody account).

Please excuse my little tongue-in-cheek proposal, but there actually is some merit to this idea.

Bottom line, Russia’s 2018 election is now open game for widespread fun and games by us, the common people of the world. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and only 144.3 million Russians. We could saturate Russia with political ads, fake news, lurid graphics, pictures showing the opulence of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Church, and generally show Russia that the world – yes, the world, Russia – disapproves of their 11th Century (and that’s being generous) lifestyle.  Russia doesn’t have a Czar and the Russian Revolution was exactly 100 years ago but Putin isn’t advertising that. Why not, Vlad?

Perhaps we should make this a global effort and rid the world of all the bad guys. Let’s just start with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.


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