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Russian Propaganda Targeting Russians

A senior Russian official in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a link to an article in Russian. Most of the readers of his page are Russians, he posts a breakdown of his readership weekly.

The article is in Russian, it obviously targets Russian citizens. The concepts in the article are so outlandish that most Americans would not believe them. Russians, however, are accustomed to reading about American atrocities, misdeeds, and illegal actions.

To establish a precedent that the US performs false-flag operations, the article presents the case of Operation Northwoods. This military plan was disapproved by President Kennedy, after approval by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  In the plan, a number of false-flag terrorist attacks on American soil would be traced back to and blamed on Cuba. A remotely controlled airplane full of “tourists” would be flown over Cuban airspace and a pre-recorded message would be transmitted, stating they were being attacked by Cuban fighters. The plane would then explode and Cuba would be blamed, providing an excuse to attack Cuba after exploiting the resultant propaganda.

What follows is a lengthy list taken off a myriad of 9-11-2001 conspiracy theory pages full of false facts, outlandish accusations, and a lengthy list of misleading questions – all previously disproven.

The article ends with a zinger. 

After September 11, 2001, the US policy and strategy is based on the thesis of the need for a large-scale struggle against the global threat of “international terrorism”. Therefore, logically, the White House is interested in making as many terrorist acts in the world as possible and the international community is in constant tension and fear.

Therefore, logically, the US wants MORE terrorist acts?

I couldn’t understand the motivation behind this conclusion until it occurred to me that some in the West are calling for Russia to be declared a terrorist supporting state, Putin’s Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. What Russia is doing in Ukraine is three years of terrorist operations. Ukraine calls their combat against Russian proxies and Russian soldiers “Anti-Terrorist Operations” or ATO.  It certainly does not qualify as conventional warfare.

Perhaps Russia is trying to create a “whataboutism” mindset for its citizens before the accusations against Russian terrorism start becoming loud enough for the Russian public to hear?

Bottom line, this is the sort of Russian propaganda designed to paint the United States as an external enemy.  Nazi Germany blamed the Jews for their internal problems. Russia blames an external enemy, the US, the UK and the West for all their problems. Russia strictly controls what their citizens say, hear, and read. This is just one more example of actual propaganda put out by Russia on a deniable, non-official page, but pushed by Russian officials.


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