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US apologizes for “offensive” pamphlet for Muslims in Afghanistan / 2

This is the offensive Psyop pamphlet.

06/09/2017 – (9 hours ago)

Kabul, Sep 6 (EFE) .- US forces have apologized today for the distribution of a pamphlet in a province in northern Afghanistan that they intended to ridicule “terrorist dogs” and used an expression used by the Taliban and sacred in Islam that has outraged in this country.

The pamphlets, which contained a sacred phrase that is part of the Taliban flag placed on the image of a white dog, were distributed yesterday in the northern province of Parwan, the head of US special operations forces and the NATO in the country, General James Linder.

“The design of the pamphlets mistakenly contained a highly offensive image for Muslims and the Islamic religion. I sincerely apologize,” he said, insisting on his “deepest respect” for Islam.

The propaganda in question urges the population to recover the freedom that has been stolen by the “terrorist dogs” and shows a lion, representing the international troops, chasing a small white dog.

On the body of the can, considered a dirty animal by the Muslims, you can read the “Kalimat Tayyibah” or Word of Purity, an expression that is part of the Taliban emblem but is also used in the ritual of conversion to Islam .

Linder promised actions against those implicated in the error and changes in the department to “never happen again”.

Parwan authorities “strongly condemned” the action of US troops at a special meeting they convened today to discuss the matter, Efe spokeswoman Provincial Governor Wahida Shahkar told Efe.

“Since we are Muslims, this was a serious matter and was seriously followed up with US forces,” he said.

Other similar mistakes by international troops have in the past provoked violent protests and other negative reactions among the Afghan population.

Since the end of its combat mission in the country in 2015, NATO maintains about 13,000 troops in Afghanistan in advisory and training tasks, and the United States maintains about 11,000 as part of that assistance operation and in anti-terrorist tasks .

US President Donald Trump has announced a troop increase yet to be determined but is expected to be about 4,000 troops, while the Atlantic Alliance recently called on member countries to increase their forces to support the mission in the country . EFE