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Who knows about US involvement in Ukraine’s Maidan?

Ukraine friends, I need your help.
I’m looking for articles, papers, books, anything which gives some proof of how much the US was involved in the 2013-2014 Ukraine Coup against Yanukovych. If need be I’ll do interviews on Skype, or any App you choose.
If the US was not involved, I would like sources who I might contact who would be willing to say so.
  • On the record
  • Off the record
  • Background (anonymous)
If the US was involved, I’d like to know as much as possible as to the extent.
  • Who was aware?
  • Tacit approval 
  • Funding/financing 
    • Direct
    • Electronic
    • Check
    • Cash
    • Personal funds
  • Training is yet another
    • Where?
    • By whom
  • Planning/organizing
  • Recruiting
  • Gathering and sharing intelligence
  • Giving supplies
    • Food
    • ammunition
    • weapons…

On the record, off the record, deep background, names, dates, places, you name it. I’ll take it.

I’ll tell you why…  A Russia troll left a comment and said the US was behind Maidan. I was asking a ton of questions to people who should have known – before, during, and after Maidan.  Nobody knew.

My gut and all my instincts say the US was not powering Maidan, it was all organically driven, but I want to write a definitive piece.

Please help?


3 thoughts on “Who knows about US involvement in Ukraine’s Maidan?

  1. Here’s an interesting narrative I saw from what I would consider the implicating-US side (which I don’t subscribe to to be clear – I saw this as probable Russian propaganda)

    Seriously though, ask yourself was Crimea a strategic accident? No of course not, it was a planned military operation. Do you really think Maidan was a accident? It provided the pretext for said invasion of Crimea, in my opinion, anyway.

    1. I’ve often pondered if Right Sector was provoked / is provoked / influenced by Russia into a reflexive kind of behavior which benefits Russia; so there is always that angle that uncovering RS influence could make it look like it was hardline Ukrainians who started the crisis, but digging deeper, perhaps a Russian hand could be there? Some of the things RS has done, like indulge in Nazi symbolism could plausibly be connected to groups that Dugin influences — and definitely such ‘nationalism’ is counterproductive in some ways from an informational perspective (“Make Ukraine Great Again?”).

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