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Russia’s “Diplomats” Laying Groundwork For Dezinformatsiya?

My interest was piqued, today, when RT began broadcasting a Ruptly television broadcast at the Russian Trade Mission in Washington DC.

There were no headlines on the broadcast, no explanations, just a view of two uniformed policemen outside the gate. There was another person outside the gate acting as a sort of gatekeeper.  In the background were two more people, inside the gate.  People would come and people would go.  Nobody was wearing identifying marks, no FBI jackets and certainly not FSB.

Little did I know, but this was a search of the now-closed Russian Trade Mission in Washington DC.

On Friday, smoke came billowing out of the chimney of the San Francisco consulate as Russian officials there rushed to meet the shutdown deadline.

Yesterday, don’t forget, was the day that three Russian consulates were closed.  It was also the day when Russia hurriedly closed down their offices and most likely burned tons of sensitive documents.  Most likely there were untouched documents left behind.

Then, today, hours after sharing the live video with no accompanying information, RT posted this on

The news spread.

Strangely, Julian Assange was employed as a Russian mouthpiece, castigating the US in RT.

A statement by Agence France Presse includes this paragraph:

The search — which RIA-Novosti reported began after 1800 GMT in the presence of Russian officials — “could be used by the US intelligence services to organise an anti-Russian provocation involving planting compromising materials,” a statement said. – Moscow summons US diplomat to protest planned compound search

anti-Russian provocation involving planting compromising materials“. Always planning ahead, Russia is quite positive that compromising information was discovered during today’s raid by the FBI and is setting the stage to deny, deny, deny.

A thorough search of RIA fails to find this exact statement, but many Russian websites are echoing the same charge. The search by US “agents” is obviously intended to plant Kompromat (Russian: компромат) or Disinformation (Russian: Dezinformatsiya), this is what Russia will say.

The document on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website fails to mention this charge.

Twitter appeared to be the Russian MFA’s (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) most formidable weapon.

What is most interesting, however, is that the US informed Russia that these buildings would be closed and never again used by Russia. They were no longer diplomatic property. Referring to the US Department of State:

But initially it said it planned to “secure and maintain” the three properties so Russia can no longer use them for “diplomatic, consular, or residential purposes.” – Russia blasts U.S. plan to search closed Washington, D.C. trade mission as ‘unprecedented aggressive action’

Knowing this, the charges of an “illegal search” by Russia may be a waste of air and electrons.


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