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From Russia With #HateGroup?

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Analyzing a bot attack on a news site in the United States

On August 24, an ostensibly Russian Twitter account with just 74 followers named “Lizynia Zikur” (handle @kirstenkellog_) posted an angry tweet attacking U.S. news website ProPublica as an “alt-left #HateGroup and #FakeNews site.” Within hours, the post was retweeted over 23,000 times. A second account followed up with a similar attack the following day.

The post from “Lizynia Zikur”. The account was suspended within hours of its post, but had already been archived.

Analysis shows that both attacking tweets were retweeted massively because they were amplified by a large, and probably rented, network of automated “bot” fake accounts, origin unknown.

The account which posted the original tweet was followed by accounts which started out in Russian-language; it may well have been of Russian-language origin itself. The account which posted the second tweet posed as a Russian-speaker, but seems to have used Google Translate to do so.

The major amplification was conducted by botnets whose primary purpose appears commercial. Their origin cannot and should not be attributed to any one group without further evidence.

English tweet, Russian account

The article which likely triggered the attack was one in which ProPublica assessed Russian and alt-right activity after the Charlottesville riots. Headlined “Pro-Russian bots take up the right-wing cause after Charlottesville,” the article drew, in part, on @DFRLab’s research.

ProPublica therefore shared a screenshot of the tweet with @DFRLab.

Continued at: https://medium.com/dfrlab/from-russia-with-hategroup-ae6ee4318b5b


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