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White House Confirms – Kaspersky Tied to Russian Government

Kaspersky Ties to Russian FSB Revealed

Kaspersky Labs, the Moscow-based security provider, has adamatly denied any ties to the Russian government.  However, CBS News recently confirmed a certificate has surfaced confirming a relationship between the security firm and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).  This certificate confirms the U.S. government’s concerns of ties between the security company and its government services.  The relationship is concerning for many due to the questionable decisions of the Russian government, and whether or not this relationship would be abused to obtain classified information from the devices using Kaspersky for their security solution.  This assumption isn’t necessarily a far reach, considering security programs have access to every file on the end-point.  If they wanted to, they could certain exploit this data.

Rob Joyce, cyber security coordinator for the Trump administration states,

“I worry that as a nation state Russia really hasn’t done the right things for this country and they have a lot of control and latitude over the information that goes to companies in Russia. So I worry about that.”

Former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morell states,

“There is a connection between Kaspersky and Russian intelligence, and I’m absolutely certain that Russian intelligence would want to use that connection to their advantage.”

But Would Kaspersky Provide Data to the Russian Government?

Yes, they have done so before.  In the past, they have “hacked the hacker” and collaborated with the Russian government to prosecute.  Here’s how — first, they would find out where the hacker lived.  Then they would notify the Russian government.  Kaspersky officials would then escort the government employees to these hacker’s homes.  This could be considered a relationship for the greater good.  But, does it cross lines between the security vendor and its nation’s government?  At what point does the information a security vendor obtains become open for release to third-party officials?



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  1. The XM commercials sound so friendly and trustworthy. That is a risk too. They are seeding their trash with the non-FDA regulated arthritis creams and anti-snoring devices that typify XM commercials (on CNN anyway). Every time I hear the one about the lady talking about how Kaspersky keeps her dumb husband safe online, I just shake my head.

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