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Russia Feigns Indignation At Kyiv – NATO Parade With Propaganda

Two days ago, 24 August, was the Ukraine Independence Day.

The Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Акт проголошення незалежності України, translit. Akt proholoshennya nezalezhnosti Ukrayiny) was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on 24 August 1991.[1] The Act established Ukraine as an independent state.

It’s nice that Russia acknowledges that Kyiv is the Mother of all Russian cities, but is this any way to write about your mother?

A friend commented:

Kyiv the mother wishes she had the “choice” to abort future generations of Russians

Then we have the author, retired Russian Colonel Victor Baranets.

Is this a flattering official photo? I think not.

By VICTOR BARANETS Military Observer

The author is an especially interesting character, but I’m curious.  How can he be a “military observer” if he is retired?  Perhaps ‘military expert’? In his shortened bio, notice he changes from third person to first person, “he” to “I”.  If he does not pay attention to detail in his own bio, I wonder about his writing.

He was born in the town of Barvenkovo, Kharkov region. Colonel in retirement. In the Armed Forces – since 1965. Served as urgent. Then he graduated from the journal of the Lviv Higher Military Polytechnic (1970) and the Military-Political Academy (1978). Served in Ukraine, the Far East, Germany and Moscow (in the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense). He was an expert advisor to the chief of the General Staff, head of the information and analytical department, head of the information department of the Defense Ministry, spokesman for the Minister of Defense. In February of 1997, I published my notes on the everyday life of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff in the newspaper “Top Secret”.

I now have to wonder if he is a registered foreign agent for Russia, living and working in Ukraine? SBU, are you watching him?

The caption for the picture in the article was notably propaganda-esque. “In the Soviet years, the command of NATO invariably planned to seize the capital of Ukraine.”  Uh, no. I was there and ALL our plans were defensive.  We had neither the strength in equipment or personnel to conduct offensive operations.  It is nice to see old Soviet propaganda dredged up, once again, however.

In the Soviet years, the command of NATO invariably planned to seize the capital of Ukraine. Now NATO people are met with bread and salt Photo: REUTERS

In the article itself, notice the personal attacks on President Poroshenko, pointing out his “red nose”.  The author is a “Military Observer”, this is strangely unprofessional for a retired colonel.

I looked at the “box” military parade in Kiev on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Ukraine ‘s independence . The joyful and red-nosed president of the unaffected Poroshenko, courted with sweet and persistent importunity, courted the US Defense Secretary Mattis on the podium. Which, as everyone noticed, and took this parade of full dependence of Ukraine on America .

A meeting with participants in the parade puzatenky leader Zbroinyh syl (Armed forces), General Poltorak at this time with a happy look dangling in the cabin of the American hammer, like a brawn in the trough. By the way, last year on the same parade he embroidered with Ponta on the legendary Soviet “Seagull” and did not feel any discomfort.

In the next paragraph, “thoroughbred parents. You understand, of course, what I mean.”?  Uh, no. You’re talking in wink-wink, nudge-nudge and I missed that class in Kindergarten.  You must be referring to watering down the clearly superior racial qualities of the Ukrainian people.  We wouldn’t want them to intermix with Russian blood now, would we?

The same bad word spun in my head when I watched this show humiliating for the Ukrainian people – “inglorious”. Inglourious descendants of thoroughbred parents. You understand, of course, what I mean. The current Ukrainian regime was born on Maydan with an American pacifier in its mouth. And now he lives with an American muzzle on an obliging physiognomy. What kind of independence is it?

At the end of the following paragraph, the author sinks into the abyss. I seem to recall Soviet Russia “in the 41st met the Nazis”, and something about a Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact?

For the first time on the pavement of Kiev – the mother of Russian cities! – Protopall parade and 230 NATO employees . And it would be possible to grieve over four (four!) Military men sent by proud Estonia , if it were not so sickening. In the Soviet years, the NATO command invariably planned to seize the capital of Ukraine. Now NATO people are met with bread and salt, as in the 41st met the Nazis. As hosts …

The next paragraph is clearly an attempt to divide and conquer.  Apologies for me being blunt, but you fail.

The Ukrainian authorities, in general, were invited to walk across Khreshchatyk to the military of all three dozen NATO countries, but only eight of them – the United States, Great Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Estonia, Turkey – could be happy with their presence. The key players in Europe – Berlin, and Paris, long dreaming of creating their own European army as opposed to NATO, only politely waved Kiev with a pen.

Notice the author, once again, descends into a physical description.  When words fail, insult, at least it is recognizable for being a feeble attempt. Oh, and Russia is still regarded as an evil… regional power.

Speaking before the parade Poroshenko already sweated, tore in pathetic and looking into the eyes of Mattis:

“We have one road: a wide Euro-Atlantic highway that leads Ukraine to membership in the European Union and NATO! Today we finally broke with the empire that Reagan called an evil empire!”

The author, in the next paragraph, is referring to the much-awaited Javelin missiles, which are pending approval. Once received, Russian planners may need to make alternate attack plans.

Mattis nodded and promised, after returning to the United States, to persuade Trump to finally send Ukraine a lethal (killing) weapon . The United States has already sent $ 750 million (in) military aid for Kiev over the 3-year war in the Donbas . A new portion of aid has already been approved, as Mattis announced, for another $ 175 million. But here the lethal weapon, which is so dreamed of in Kiev, has not yet been officially supplied. What will happen if it rushes straight to the Donbass – it’s scary to imagine.

We want wars, we want to kill, we want to under the roof of NATO – there was air in the air above the place where this parade was going.

Please notice the author is attempting to denigrate Stepan Bandera, who the Soviets assassinated in 1959. Rather than him being a martyr, however, the Soviets, followed by the Russians, attempt to belittle Ukraine’s greatest hero.  This unproud and ignoble tradition continues today in Russian propaganda. Also note the call to ‘liberate Ukraine anew’.  Pshaw.

And nearby, in the center of the city, stood a miracle until the demolition of the monument to General Vatutin , liberating Kiev from the Nazis in 1943 and despicably killed by ambush Bandera. He gave all his reproachful silence to understand that Ukraine, it seems, will have to be liberated anew.

Author’s email address: baranez@kp.ru

This is the garbage the Russian people are fed on a daily basis.  Quickly, please, Mr. President, let’s send them more Javelins than Ukraine needs so we can shut this guy up.



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