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Russia / Strategy Media Update – 20 August 2017

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US vs Russian gas in Europe, Russia resists losing the means of buying EU politicians. China biting off little bits of Russia’s Far East, said to be the inspiration for the Great Wall of Sand. Debrer essay on Germany’s internal debate over buying into the French nuclear deterrent. A major argument in Russia over a proposal to shift capital East beyond the Urals to “de-Muscovize” Russia. In deliberations of what is more harmful to Russia, books and multimedia about vampires were deemed less damaging than Jehovahs’ Bible translation. Prof Goble’s BDDNRS #96 is enlightening, but also attracts a COCW, some of the reports verge on the truly bizarre. Item 22 on Levada polls shows a critical shift under way in public attitudes, Krymnash beginning to lose to the proverbial fridge. Shevtsova commentary on Russia’s collapsing global relevance is good. Parker on Putin’s rejection of the October Revolution centenary, is it simply as Putin detests Lenin for ceding Tsarist lands? COCW Award goes to an essay on NKVD  “Androgen” medical project to find treatment to produce immortality so Stalin could live forever. Zinovieva makes some telling observations on Russian self-hatred. Aleexeva essay highlights recent Rosstat numbers showing  “Russia Now has More Prostitutes than Doctors, Farmers and Firemen Combined.” 

Belarusians fear a replay of Crimea during Zapad-2017. Two choice items of Russian propaganda on Moldova.

Mattis visit to Kyiv still making waves. Donbass fires continue – much anger over Russian use of incendiary ammo to burn crops, forests, foliage thickets and other cover, as well as residential housing, all to deny cover to opposing UA forces along demarcation line. Multiple reports on Crimea, especially the persecution of the Tartar community.

Reports Russia has been busting sanctions in dealing with Iran. Afghanistan debate ramps up.

Mostly backfill reports on DPRK. Also Russian play over missile engines is rapidly dissipating – traction that implicates Russian is not desirable. No concession as yet from NYT. Felgenhauer as always follows the party line dutifully.

Reports on neo-Nazi protests and quasi-Nazi political players in Germany.Good history essay on Swedish military exploits, leading to the disastrous Battle of Poltava that led to 308 years of Russian occupation for Ukraine.

Good history essay on Swedish military exploits, leading to the disastrous Battle of Poltava that led to 308 years of Russian occupation for Ukraine.Interesting articles on cyber and influence, and two notable recent instances of Russia-appeasement, in various degrees.

Interesting articles on cyber and influence, and two notable recent instances of Russia-appeasement, in various degrees.Most curious US domestic Russia debate story is the AP report that nobody in Ukraine appears to know anything about, concerning the hacker reported by the NYT to have helped the Russians hack the DNC, then given himself up, and now helping the Bureau, AP reporting the NYT has since deleted its DNC claim – could this be two NYT  “fake news” items on Ukraine in one week? Rohrabacher, Bannon and HR reports.

Most curious US domestic Russia debate story is the AP report that nobody in Ukraine appears to know anything about, concerning the hacker reported by the NYT to have helped the Russians hack the DNC, then given himself up, and now helping the Bureau, AP reporting the NYT has since deleted its DNC claim – could this be two NYT  “fake news” items on Ukraine in one week? Rohrabacher, Bannon and HR reports.

Russia / Russophone Reports

U.S. Special Rep for Ukraine Volker to meet with Russian rep in Minsk on Monday

A meeting of the U.S. special envoy for Ukraine with the Russian representative on Russian-Ukrainian relations will take place in Minsk on Monday, the U.S. State Department has said.

As U.S. Exports Gas to Europe, Russia Digs In – WSJ

As the first shipment of American liquefied natural gas heads to Lithuania, Russian companies are lowering prices, changing sales methods and developing their own LNG facilities.

Kyiv and its EU partners are trying to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will increase the share of Russian gas in Europe to 80%. – Bets are off: Future of Nord Stream 2 and consequences for Ukraine –

Kyiv and its EU partners are trying to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will increase the share of Russian gas in Europe to 80%.

China is convinced of pliability of Russia, which leave Chinese the western part of Bolshoi Ussuriysky and Tarabarov Island. So now this country decided to take advantage of Russian experience in the South China Sea – China working out Russian experience acting in South China Sea –

China is convinced of pliability of Russia, which leave Chinese the western part of Bolshoi Ussuriysky and Tarabarov Island. So now this country decided to take advantage of Russian experience in the South China Sea…

Sergey Debrer | Germans: Without the atomic bomb with the Russians we can not cope

In Germany, the talk about building own nuclear weapons is gaining momentum. Last week, the world celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the American atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. German media did not pay much attention to this date – only the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper mentioned it from the leading publications. In an article entitled Zynisches Feuerspiel (“Cynical game with fire”), it was said, in particular, the following: “On July 7, 2017, 122 UN member states agreed on a convention on the international legal ban on nuclear weapons. As soon as it is ratified by at least 50 states, the development, production, storage, transfer, acquisition, testing and use of nuclear weapons will be considered a violation of international law. <…> The threat of killing civilians with weapons of mass destruction is incompatible with the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Convention on the Laws and Customs of War on Land and Universal Human Rights. Thus, the prohibition of nuclear weapons closes a gap in international law, which for decades can not be overcome. Although biological and chemical weapons, landmines and aerial bombs are internationally ostracized, international law permits nuclear weapons to this day. Atomic powers go so far as to see a kind of security strategy in mutual nuclear deterrence. But nuclear weapons are not a guarantee of stability and peace. It’s a cynical game with fire. Mankind has avoided nuclear war for the last 70 years by a lucky chance. And today it is the regions facing the nuclear-weapon States that represent the greatest instability for world peace. This is the confrontation between Russia and the United States in Eastern Europe, the sneaking of nuclear weapons by India and Pakistan, the war in Syria and the escalation of the nuclear conflict between North Korea and the United States. However, political stability in the world can not be achieved by the threat of the use of weapons of mass destruction. America, Britain and France have already stated that they will not join the Convention, since they want to preserve the forces of nuclear deterrence. All nine states that possess nuclear weapons (the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel – SD ) boycotted talks on its complete ban. The United States has also called upon its allies to join the boycott. On the side of the defenders of nuclear weapons was Germany. The Federal Republic does not object to the stockpiling of 20 US nuclear warheads at Buhel’s airbase and allows Air Force pilots to train in dropping nuclear charges on hostile cities. Thus, Germany is already violating its obligations under the nuclear weapons treaty. ” I repeat: the article, the fragments of which are given above, last week was published by the influential newspaper Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung. But in November 2016, it was her publisher Berthold Kohler in the article Das ganz und gar Undenkbare (“Absolutely unthinkable”) wrote: “In view of the geostrategic continental shift threatening after Trump’s election, Germany should also reconsider its security policy. <…> If Trump will stick to his line, then America will stop protecting Europe to the extent that Europeans have not thought about since 1945. Then the main load of worries about external security will somehow be brought to the shoulders of the Europeans themselves. This will have some unpleasant consequences that we were able to avoid when we were under the often cursed, but such convenient American defense: higher defense spending, the return of compulsory military service. And absolutely inconceivable for German minds is the question of owning nuclear deterrence forces that can compensate for doubts about American guarantees. The French and British arsenals in their current state are too weak for this. ” Koler and FAZ immediately responded to the magazine Spiegel. In the article Deutschland braucht keine Atomwaffen (“Germany does not need nuclear weapons”) it was said: “Is it necessary to consider it necessary to equip Germany with nuclear weapons, because President Donald Trump can annul US guarantees? In no case. German nuclear weapons would be a dangerously bad example for the whole world. <…> It is right that Europeans in general and the Germans in particular, because of the disturbing events that are taking place, should rethink their own policy in the field of security and defense. But, of course, neither at the beginning nor at the end of such a rethinking Germany should not be regarded as a nuclear power. This would be a fatal signal for other countries. ” But the flywheel started by Berthold Kohler has already started to spin up. As the former commander of the Bundeswehr rapid reaction force said, the general of the reserve, and now the deputy of the Bundestag Roderich Kiesewetter – the party member of the Chancellor Angela Merkel , “in the discussion of national security problems henceforth there should be no taboo topics.” And in March of the current year I sent a request to the Bundestag Scientific Service for the purpose of “assessing the rigidity of Germany’s international obligations regarding the handling of nuclear weapons.” As reported by the German media, the May response of the Scientific Service to Kizevetter’s request contained an indication of international legal acts that prevented Germany from acquiring its own nuclear weapons. First of all, the “Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” of 1968 (NPT), to which the FRG joined in 1969, and secondly, the main ones, the “Final Settlement Agreement with Germany”, better known as the ” Treaty 2 + 4 “(concluded on September 12, 1990, the FRG and the GDR, as well as the victorious countries in the Second World War – the USSR, the USA, Great Britain and France). Paragraph 1 of its Article 3 states: “The governments of the GDR and Germany confirm their refusal to manufacture, own and dispose of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. They say that the united Germany will also adhere to these commitments. In particular, the rights and obligations arising from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of July 1, 1968, continue to apply to the united Germany. ” Then – in September 1990, it seemed that such a refusal is enough to ensure that the united Germany has never even thought about owning its own nuclear arsenal. However, today this rejection is no longer so unambiguous. As follows from the answer of the Scientific Service of the Bundestag, “Germany’s obligations arising from the NPT and the” 2 + 4 Treaty “are limited to the refusal to create its own nuclear weapons. But nothing prevents the Federative Republic from legally financing British or French nuclear weapons programs in exchange for its protection by Great Britain or France. ” Given the British Brexit, the most likely partner of Germany could be the neighboring France. Moreover, the “nuclear issue” affecting the interests of both countries has a long history. In 1957 France tried to organize a nuclear-strategic community with the participation of Germany and Italy. His main task was to jointly manufacture nuclear explosive devices. The relevant secret cooperation agreements have already been signed by the defense ministers of the three countries mentioned above, plans have been worked out for the joint production of enriched uranium in France. But in June 1958, shortly after the election of the 18th French President Charles de Gaulle , the National Defense Council decided to exclude all provisions relating to nuclear weapons from trilateral cooperation. According to some reports, in 2007, during the negotiations of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the 23rd President of France Nicolas Sarkozy , the latter invited the FRG to take part in the French nuclear weapons program. But he received a decisive refusal – Germany at that time bluffed its image as a pacifist. But the third attempt to create a Franco-German nuclear alliance in today’s conditions of demonizing Putin’s Russia – namely, its German establishment calls the greatest threat to the entire Western civilization – can be fully realized. And the Germans themselves can be the initiators of the creation of such an alliance. Of course, none of the German politicians will stutter to create their own, or at least joint nuclear arsenal with the French, now, two months before the elections to the Bundestag. But all the election-related passions will settle down, a new cabinet will be formed, at the head of which Angela Merkel will rise for the fourth time (and there is no doubt about it), and then the world will find out what Frau Bundeskantslerin had in mind at the May pre-election meeting in Munich: “The times when we could completely rely on others have passed. We Europeans must take their destiny in their own hands. ”

First of all, the Russian Federation pursues military goals – Why Russia needs railway bypassing Ukraine? –

First of all, the Russian Federation pursues military goals

Top Vatican Diplomat Set To Meet With Putin In Moscow

The Vatican's secretary of state is set to arrive in Moscow on August 21 for an official visit slated to include a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Cardinal Pietro Parolin sai…

Russian expert suggests moving state capital beyond Urals to prevent losing control over remote regions

The capital of the Russian Federation should be moved beyond the Urals, the mountain range, that is&nbsp;further&nbsp;to the country&rsquo;s east, says Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute for Demography, Migration and Regional Development of Russia Yury Krupnov,&nbsp;;reports. News 19 August from UNIAN.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Krupnov Proposes Shifting Capital to ‘Beyond the Urals’ to ‘De-Muscovize’ Russia

Paul Goble Staunton, August 19 – In the name of development and national security, Moscow demographer Yury Krupnov has called for shifting the Russian capital from Moscow to somewhere east of the Urals as part of a much larger effort to “de-Muscovize” the country which he says is now at risk because of “hyper-centralization.” Krupnov of the Moscow Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development has called of shifting the capital before as have others, but this time he has embedded that idea in a much more ramified system for “de-Muscovizing” Russia lest it fail to develop or lose control over portions of its territory ( He has presented these ideas in a paper on this to Vladimir Putin. According to Krupnov, Russia is “’hyper-centralized’” with the Moscow region now having nearly a fifth of the country’s population and the other 15 to 25 largest urban agglomerations bringing the total in such concentrations to more than half of the total number of citizens in the country. He argues that the continuing internal migration toward these centers may mean that Russia “cold lose its geopolitical advantages and even sovereignty over territories distant from the big cities.” More than that, concentrated in such center, “Russians will continue to lose the impulse of vital creativity.” Already, Krupnov continues, Russians don’t want to increase the size of their families and are falling victim to the global plague of small families and thus withering away … We today on one-seventh of the earth’s surface live seven to ten times more densely than do the English or the Germans.” To change this vector, he says, several things are needed. First of all, the capital should be shifted “beyond the Urals.” Then all small cities of the country should be joined together by air and water networks. And finally, Moscow must give priority to the Far East and Siberia in order to decentralize the country. Cities should be restricted in size, and the country should move from megalopolises consisting of high-rises to smaller cities based on one and two-storey housing. That will allow Russians to develop and overcome their current demographic problems, something that will ultimately require building “thousands of new cities and the infrastructure linking them.” There is little or no possibility that Krupnov’s ideas will be accepted, but one thing the current run-up to the presidential elections is doing is offering the possibility for many to offer grand plans for the future. Out of these may come some significant changes, although any move away from Moscow almost certainly won’t happen under Vladimir Putin.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: History Suggests Cheaper Ways to Get Bureaucrats Out of Capital than Moving It, Moscow Mayor Says

Paul Goble Staunton, August 20 – Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin says that the idea of moving the capital of Russia east of the Urals is just “brilliant.” But instead of spending trillions to move officials 8,000 kilometers from 110 million Russians, those who back the idea should recall that bureaucrats have been exiled there before and at much lower cost. Sobyanin’s reaction to the idea (see attracted widespread attention (, and It has even prompted Novyye izvestiya to publish the entire document Yury Krupnov prepared for Vladimir Putin on how to “de-Muscovize” Russia and why doing so is essential if Russia is to keep control of the territory within its current borders ( Putin is unlikely to accept and act on the idea, Krupnov’s words are certain to provoke discussions among many in Russia beyond the ring road who feel that Moscow has sucked up too much of Russia’s resources and left too few for all the rest, thus contributing to anti-Moscow sentiments which are never far below the surface outside the current capital.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Russia Becomes Seventh Country in the Entire World Where It’s Dangerous to Own a Bible

Paul Goble Staunton, August 19 – Christianity Today recently published an article entitled “Six Countries in Which It is Dangerous to Own a Bible.” Now, a Rosbalt commentator says in an article entitled “The Bible has Lost to the Vampires,” Russia has become the seventh by an action “without precedent in the civilized world.” The six countries the American publication named are North Korea, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Libya, Morocco, and the Maldives. In some of these, like North Korea and Uzbekistan, even possessing a Bible is against the law, and in Morocco, no one is allowed to have a Bible in Arabic translation. Russia has become the seventh in this list of dishonour, Anton Chivchalov says, as a result of a decision by a Vyborg court which held up a ban on the importation of a Bible as translated by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It held that possessing such a Bible was an act of extremism and punishable as such ( “Nothing like this exists in any country of the civilized world,” the Rosbalt commentator continues. The Russian government wasn’t satisfied with declaring an entire religious denomination, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, extremist and banning it. Instead, Moscow took the next step and banned its Bible that has been disseminated in millions of copies around the world. The court hearings, Chivchalov says, occurred in “an atmosphere of a surrealistic theater of the absurd.” The court of a civil state got involved with assessing religious dogmas such as the Trinity and God’s names. “It turned out that the judge knew the answers to these questions,” however strange that may seem. The experts who testified for the prosecution presented information reflecting not a deep knowledge of religion but consisting of what can only be described as “plagiarism from Wikipedia.” The judge rejected all objections by the defense. More than that, he ignored the laws of the Russian Federation governing evidence. What the experts who testified for the government are worth is reflected by their earlier actions. They concluded in an earlier case that vampires were in no way extremist because interest in such things is “a normal phenomenon in particular subcultures. But for the Bible even subcultures are no justification.” In Russia today, the Rosbalt commentator says, “there is a place for the vampire subculture, but there cannot be a place for the subculture of readers of several translations of the Bible.” Consequently, one is forced to conclude that for Russians, “the Bible has lost to the vampires.” (For additional details on the Vyborg court decision, see in particular and

Anton Chivchalov. The Bible lost out to vampires

North Korea, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Libya, Morocco, Maldives, Russia. This is the list of countries from the article “6 countries in which it is dangerous to own the Bible” on the Christianity Today website. In some countries, such as North Korea and Uzbekistan, to have a Bible is prohibited in principle, in others there are various restrictions related to language, translation or use. For example, in Morocco, you can not have a Bible in Arabic. I added Russia to this list, because since yesterday it has replenished with the seventh country. The city court of Vyborg predictably punched the absurd ban of the “New World Translation” (ISM), which is distributed in millions of copies in dozens of languages. In Russia, to have a Russian version is now equated to extremism, and extremism is a criminal article. You can not get rid of the penalty. There is nothing like this in any country in the civilized world. Surprisingly it is that bold insolence with which we are doing such things today. To ban a major international religious movement? You are welcome. Prohibit one of the most popular in the world of biblical sites or magazines? OK, no problem. Forbid one of the most common translations of the Bible in the world? Yes, no questions asked. Scientists, religious scholars, human rights activists, international organizations have something to object there? These are their problems. It is possible to paint for a long time the atmosphere of the surreal theater of absurdity, in which the court passed. Religious dogmas were examined in the judicial body of the secular state, it turned out whether the doctrine of the Trinity was right or not, or whether God had a personal name. It turned out that the court knows the answers to these questions. Examination of the case is a plagiarism from Wikipedia, performed by people without the necessary education. The court rejected all the petitions of the defendant’s lawyers, as if considering them as an empty space. These and other amusing details of the process you can read independently in a textual report of the last two days. The court ignored the laws of the Russian Federation, in particular Article 61 of the Code of Civil Procedure, according to which “circumstances recognized by the court as generally known, do not need to prove”. The lawyers brought statements from several authoritative scientific publications confirming that the ISM is a well-known translation of the Bible, but they still had to prove this fact, because the prosecutor’s office claimed that this translation is not a Bible. Of course, the evidence was rejected. For much of what the PNL was banned for, it is possible to prohibit the official Orthodox Synodal translation (SP). The court does not like that the ISM has the name of Jehovah God – it also exists in the JV. Do not like the episode with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah – he is in the JV. Do not like the alleged errors and distortions of the text – they are in abundance are in the JV, in this blog I gave many examples. The court does not like that the ISM is a double translation from English (which is not quite so) – the JV in the Old Testament part is a double translation from the Greek Septuagint, and in the New Testament part it is a translation from the distorted source Textus Receptus. “Experts” are not at all afraid to demonstrate to the court their incompetence, but the court does not care. He is not interested in anything at all. The same experts (Kryukova, Batov, Kotelnikov) previously analyzed a song about blood and vampires. They came to the conclusion that there was nothing extremist about it. In their opinion, “the fascination with horrors is a normal phenomenon in certain subcultures.” But for the Bible, even subculture is not an excuse. In our country there is a place for a subculture of vampires, but there can not be a place for the subculture of readers of some Bible translations. The Bible lost to the vampires. Anton Chivchalov , publicist

Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova: Authoritarianism is spreading like ‘sexually transmitted diseases’ – CNNPolitics

Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda “Nadya” Tolokonnikova, says “democracy is being eroded” by leaders like President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: A Baker’s Double Dozen of Neglected Russian Stories – No. 96

Paul Goble

Staunton, August 19 — The flood of news stories from a country as large, diverse and strange as the Russian Federation often appears to be is far too large for anyone to keep up with. But there needs to be a way to mark those which can’t be discussed in detail but which are too indicative of broader developments to ignore.

Consequently, Windows on Eurasia each week presents a selection of these other and typically neglected stories at the end of each week. This is the 96th such compilation, and it is again a double issue with 26 from Russia and 13 from Russia’s neighbors. Even then, it is far from complete, but perhaps one or more of these stories will prove of broader interest.

  1. Russians Search Online for Porn Three Times as Often as They Do for Putin. A new survey finds that when Russians go online, they search for pornography three times more often than they do for Putin. The study also found important regional differences in the kind of pornography residents of Russia like and in the length of time they spend at porn sites ( The Putin “shirtless challenge” has spread across the Russian blogosphere with numerous people posting pictures of themselves in Putin poses ( And Putin this week was compared with Mussolini and Nicholas II, comparisons he may not welcome ( And it is entirely possible he might have been compared with Chingiz Khan had Russian media not censored the interview with Game of Thrones creator George Martin (
  2. Russians Notice Trump Condemns Everyone Except Putin and Neo-Nazis.  A Moscow newspaper has pointed out that US President Donald Trump is quick to attack and condemn everyone except Vladimir Putin and neo-Nazi extremists, implicitly suggesting a link between the two ( Meanwhile, the Russian media has distorted results from an international poll in order to claim that Trump is now less popular than the Kremlin leader ( and
  3. Putin System Fraying at the Edges.  Various news reports this week suggest that however powerful Putin remains, his system is beginning to fray at the edges with subordinates acting increasingly at odds with what he might prefer or in ways that will only land the Kremlin leader in greater difficulty.  Among these stories are the following: Moscow sought to ignore or at least downgrade any commemoration of the 26thanniversary of the August 1991 coup (, Sakha residents want “against all” brought back to ballots thereby reversing one of Putin’s innovations (, polls show that half of Rusisans think a current high profile court case is nothing but “a show trial” (, Russians are complaining openly that it is hard to get a government job without connections or bribes ( and that the only cuts in staffing are at the bottom of the pyramid and not those near the Kremlin (, the Accounting Chamber has found that more than a trillion rubles (16 billion US dollars) has disappeared without a trace from the government budget (, and most tellingly of all, Putin has been forced to warn government agencies not to think that their internal decisions can take precedence over Russian laws (
  4. A Virtual War has Broken Out Between ‘Last Soviet Fathers’ and First ‘Post-Soviet Children.’Underlying much of what is going on in Russia today, a virtual war has broken out between “the last Soviet fathers” who still rule the country and the first generation of “post-Soviet children” who don’t but who now form an increasing fraction of the population and will soon make up more than half, according to one Russian commentator (
  5. Russians’ Real Incomes a Third Less than Government Says. Russians’ real income is now a third less than the government says not only because inflation is much higher for those who live on their pay than those who don’t ( and but also and especially because wage arrears are accelerating at a rapid rate and Russians aren’t receiving the money they are supposed to ( But even the official figures are bad: last month, Russians’ real income according to the government fell by more than three percent, continuing declines in all but one of the last 33 months, with no end in sight to that trend  (, and Russians have only been able to maintain or even increase spending by living on credit cards or with microloans, something unsustainable for long because of stratospheric interest rates (, and And there is no cushion: a third of Russians say they have no savings at all ( Not surprisingly, they aren’t going out to eat as much as they did or buying as much champagne as a year ago ( and None of this affects the ultrarich, however. Purchases by Russians of London property has risen 30 percent this year over last ( At the macro level as well, the news is anything  but good: Russian economic growth is slowing much faster than expected (, capital flight is accelerating again (, calls to “de-dollarize” the Russian economy only highlight its weaknesses (, and Russian banks are beginning to be cut off from the SWIFT payments system (
  6. Russians’ Social Well-Being Now Below that of Philippinos.  An international ranking of social well-being finds that Russians now rank below the Philippinos on that measure (, not only reflecting real problems in rural areas (, but also in the major cities. Moscow is now on the list of the top five cities of the world where live has become more uncomfortable over the last year ( Social problems are mounting as a result: divorces are now running at more than 60 percent of new marriages ( and Russian women are paid only 72 percent on average what men are ( But Russian companies are taking advantage of all Russians even so: Aeroflot says it won’t charge at least for now for coats being carried onto flights by passengers ( but it has dramatically boosted fares for those travelling from the Far East to European portions of the country (
  7. In Moscow Today, Don’t Drink the Water or Even Breathe the Air.Water and air pollution in the Russian capital is now so severe that it is a health hazard, experts say ( Medical care is also deteriorating, not only because of Putin’s “optimization” campaign which is sparking complaints (7× but also because studies show that Russian doctors are making ever more mistakes in diagnosis and treatment ( Many are turning away from the medical system altogether. Sexually active young people aren’t engaging in safe sex and antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is spreading, although how far is obscured by the failure of the government to keep records ( and Others, no longer able to pay for ever more expensive medications are turning to alternative treatments which often mean they cannot be cured at all ( and Not surprisingly, all this is pushing up mortality rates, and this year, the natural loss of the population has been four times greater than last year (
  8. All Residents of Non-Russian Republics have Moral Obligation to Titular Nations, Chuvash Writer Says. In wake of Putin’s words about language and his decision not to extend the power-sharing accord with Tatarstan, some in the republics are beginning to hit back.  Anatoly Kibech, a distinguished Chuvash writer, says that “every resident” of a non-Russian republic, including ethnic Russians, has “a moral obligation” to support and even defer to the titular nation ( The head of Bashkortostan has announced that no language teachers will be laid off, effectively freezing current instructional requirements in Bashkir ( And in Tatarstan, opinion is radicalizing about relations with Moscow, with some pushing even harder for their rights than they did earlier and thus highlighting one of the risks Putin took in deciding not to extend the agreement (  and Meanwhile, a new survey in the North Caucasus shows that corruption and economic decline are undermining ethnic relations there (, and controversy is swirling over a Russian effort to ban the public performance of the lezginka ( Family violence appears to be getting worse in Chechnya (, imams in Saratov oblast are learning Kazakh because one-third of the residents of that Russian region now are ethnic Kazakhs (, and troubles continue in  two amalgamated non-Russian areas with Buryats from the former Agin district moving in large numbers to Buryatia (, and a road that was never built, despite official promises, in Yamalo-Nenets, now needing repairs, an indication of massive Rusisan corruption  there (
  9. For First Time Since 2012, Demand for Haj Places Exceeds Supply in Tatarstan. In an indication that the economic situation in Tatarstan is not as dire as it was and that interest in Islam is increasing in that Middle Volga republic, for the first time in five years, the number of Tatars seeking to go on the pilgrimage to Mecca this year exceeded the number Moscow had allocated to them ( Meanwhile, in another religion story likely to cast a shadow on the future, Russian nationalists are denying that there was ever a mass murder of priests a the Butov polygon, a place the Moscow Patriarchate has devoted a great deal of effort to present as a monument to the victimization of religion under Stalin (
  10. Talk of Debt-Driven Regional Amalgamation Gains Ground in Urals. There was more talk this week that the mounting debts of federal subjects will force them to amalgamate into larger and presumably more economically viable units, thus restarting in an indirect way Putin’s effort in that regard (  Other regional news included a report that a museum in Pskov ignored the city’s entire history until the time it was absorbed by Moscow (, a second that civil society has degraded in Kaliningrad (, the rapid Ingermandlandization of toponomy in northwestern Russia (, and a third that residents in “New Moscow” will have significantly fewer rights than those living in the original city (  But perhaps the most important report was a fourth. It noted that in the capitals, those the regime doesn’t like are treated significantly less brutally than they are when they are in regions far from the center and thus out of the site of Western journalists and diplomats (
  11. Church and State Begin to Distance Themselves from Anti-Mathilda Movement. Both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian state distanced themselves this week from the leadership of the anti-Mathilda movement, with the former calling for prayers rather than protests and suggesting the movement was harming the church ( and the latter threatening criminal prosecution of protest leaders (  Other protest issues included the outing  of the corruption wealth of Peskov’s son by Aleksey Navalny (, conflicts over a Russian Orthodox cathedral in a Muslim republic (, Kalmyk protests over water shortages there ( ), Cossack protests about land losses in Stavropol (, an attack on a gay pride march in St. Petersburg (, and a convoy by veterans of the Soviet security services in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Cheka ( Two other developments will provide new data in this area, a photo expedition to a GULAG uranium mine ( and a new website,, that promises to post photographs of those charged with extremism.
  12. American Monument Dispute Adds to Russian Monuments War. A call by the mayor of Seattle mayor to take down a statue of Lenin at the same time as statues of Confederate leaders has sparked outrage among some Russians ( But the American conflict is in no way as intense as the Russian one with fights over figures from tsarist grand dukes to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, all of which some say is splitting Russian society irreparably (,  / and But in a lead article, the editors of Nezavisimaya gazeta argue that too much is being  made of these disputes and others about history because Russians today aren’t interested about the past but only about their current problems (
  13. Culture Minister Says Cover Harvest, Construction Projects Not Political Disputes.  Russia’s culture minister has called on the media to stop focusing on political disputes and instead report about harvests and construction achievements, much as the Soviet media did ( Others too seem prepared to go back to Soviet approaches: the head of Ingushetia calls for restoring censorship (, and investigators announced there was no evidence of torture in a Krasnoyarsk prison despite more than 50 complaints from inmates (  Also reminiscent of the past: more journalists were beaten ( as was a Moscow opposition deputy (  The authorities did report one move away from repression: the number of warnings issued to the media for using curse words has declined over the last year (
  14. Putin State No Longer Protecting Its Citizens, Gudkov Says. The Russian government is failing to fulfill its primary obligation to protect the lives of its citizens, opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov says ( Other developments with domestic security implications included: Moscow is allowing the defense ministry to avoid paying for communal services ( and to seize land from the population (, more armed crimes are being committed (, officials often get handguns as rewards (, the security services want officials to drop any use of foreign IT programs (, fights are intensifying over defense ministry spending in the next several years (, the defense ministry has had to concede that it did service some MREs that were contaminated to soldiers (, and reflecting Russia’s demographic problems, women are now in aviation training academies (
  15. Iranian-Russian Military Cooperation Continuing in Violation of UN Sanctions. Moscow and Tehran have continued to cooperate in the military industry in violation of UN sanctions, European papers report ( Meanwhile, India has shown itself ever less interested in purchasing Russian weapons ( And Liliya Shevtsova notes that Russia has suffered the worst possible outcome of the North Korean conflict: it has been completely sidelined and ignored ( That may be one of the reasons that prompted it to push the story, false, that Ukraine supplied missile components to Pyongyang.
  16. More Sports Doping Scandals, Problems with World Cup Venues. More Russian athletes were exposed as having used illegal drugs and suspended or stripped of medals this week (, Russian athletes have also been forced to compete under neutral flags, offending many Russians but approved of by Dmitry Medvedev (, and And there were additional reports that venues for the 2018 World Cup are far from ready ( and To try to get out of the doghouse on illegal doping, Moscow very publicly set up a new national anti-doping laboratory (
  17. Russia Now has More Prostitutes than Doctors, Farmers and Firemen Combined. There are now well over one million prostitutes in the Russian Federation, a figure that is higher than the combined total of doctors, farmers, and firemen, official statistics show (
  18. Russia Viewed Positively by a Majority in Only Three Countries.Moscow devotes a lot of effort to claiming how much support it has abroad, but international polls show that it has a majority positive rating only in Greece, Vietnam and the Philippines. It may also garner that kind of support in repressive countries like North Korea but polls aren’t allowed in such places (
  19. Russia ‘All the Same isn’t an African Country.’Most Russian discussions on where that country fits into the world either stress its uniqueness or its European ties, but a spate of comparisons with some of the most impoverished countries in sub-Saharan Africa, comparisons which often do not show Russia at an advantage, have let some Russians to insist that “all the same, Russia isn’t an African country” (
  20. Lavrov Warns Washington Against Interfering in Upcoming Russian Presidential Vote. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that Washington must not interfere in the upcoming Russian presidential elections or it will face serious consequences.  This has sparked new discussions about American assistance to Boris Yeltsin and his re-election effort in 1996 (
  21. Moscow Warns Russians of Bubonic Plague in US.  Russian propaganda efforts are becoming ever more hyperbolic, with health officials warning Russians against going to the US because of a supposed mass outbreak of Bubonic plague (  Another propaganda creation, one so extreme that commentators have labelled it “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Part II,” circulated a completely made-up interview of a former British intelligence officer (
  22. Russians Favor Increasing Security over Boosting Prestige. A new poll shows that Russians believe that their government should pursue a foreign policy intended to boost their security rather than one that raises its prestige, exactly the opposite view to the one the Kremlin has sought to promote (
  23. Zinovyev’s Widow Says Source of Russophobia is Russia Itself.Olga Zinovyeva, the widow of the novelist and essayist Aleksandr Zinovyev, says the source of Russophobia is to be found in Russia itself rather than in the machinations of elites in other countries (
  24. NKVD Sought Medicine to Make Soviet Leaders Immortal. A new study says that officers of the Soviet secret police sought to produce a drug that would allow Soviet leaders to live forever, a goal many have had and still have including perhaps some of the leaders of post-Soviet Russia (

25.  First Load of Nuclear Waste Arrives in North Russia. Ecologists are worried that Russian actions to store nuclear waste in the Far North will have serious environmental consequences, a fear exacerbated by the fact that there are more than      18,000 nuclear objects left over from the Soviet period at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean ( and

  1. Moscow Inspectors Thought They’d Find a Courtroom; Instead, They Found a Pool Hall.Inspectors from the Russian Accounting Chamber thought they would be inspecting a new court facility in the Yamal peninsula, but instead, they discovered that the money had been spent to build a pool hall (

And 13 more from countries in Russia’s neighborhood:

  1. Last Lenin Statue Falls in Ukraine.Kyiv has declared victory on one segment of its struggle with the communist past: the last statue of Lenin has been removed and either destroyed or sent to the dump( ).
  2. Ukrainians Unfurl Largest Ever Independent Chechen Flag. Ukrainians and pro-independence Chechens joined together to unfurl the largest flag of Ichkeria in Kyiv’s Maidan Square, a symbolic act of support for the Chechen national cause and something certain to infuriate Moscow (
  3. New Crimean Tatar Radio Begins Broadcasting. A new Ukrainian-backed Crimean Tatar station, Radio Hayat, has begun broadcasting to Russian-occupied Crimea from unoccupied Ukraine, thereby helping to break the information blockade the Russian authorities have sought to impose (
  4. Russian Occupiers of Crimea Run Out of Gas – Literally. The Russian occupation forces in Ukraine’s Crimea have almost completely run out of gasoline for their vehicles, a symbolic indication of the problems those forces face in controlling the peninsula all the hoopla about it notwithstanding(
  5. Lukashenka Wants to But Can’t Double Belarus Population. Alyaksandr Lukashenka says that he would like to see the population of Belarus double in the coming years, but the Belarusian leader is unlikely to be able to achieve his goal. Not only are many Belarusians seeking to escape his authoritarian rule by fleeing abroad, but fertility rates in Belarus are dropping rather than increasing as would be necessary (
  6. Lukashenka Plans to Put Teachers in Uniform.The Belarusian leader is more likely to succeed with another of his projects: he wants to put teachers in his country in uniform, yet another authoritarian return to the past (
  7. Alexiyevich Says Belarusian National Idea is Independent State with Its Own Language. Belarusian Nobelist Svetlana Alexiyevich says that the national idea of Belarusians is to have an independent state which uses its own language rather than the language of another(
  8. Moscow Again Tries to Make an Issue of Latvia’s Latgale.Despite indications that it won’t be successful in doing so, Moscow appears to be again focusing on the impoverished region of southeastern Latvia, Latgale, whose people speak their own dialect or Russian rather than formal Latvian, as a possible wedge to be used against Riga (
  9. Some Armenians Want to Block Andranik Migranyan from Entering Their Country. A group of Armenians offended by the statements and actions of Andranik Migranyan, an ethnic Armenian who has become a Russian nationalist spokesman more Orthodox than the Patriarch in both Russia and the West, are seeking to have him put on a list of those who are not allowed to enter Armenia (
  10. Four Latin Scripts for Kazakh Now Under Active Consideration. Scholars and officials in Astana are studying four possible Latin-based scripts for Kazakh which is now written in a Cyrillic alphabet but is slated to go over to Latin in the coming years ( Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has sought to calm Russian fears about this: he said this week that the alphabet change will affect only Kazakh and not Russian (
  11. Uzbekistan Opens Consulate in Vladivostok. Reflecting the increasing flow of Uzbek gastarbeiters not to Moscow and St. Petersburg but rather to the Russian Far East, Tashkent is opening a consulate general in Vladivostok (во-владивостоке-откроется-генконсул.html).
  12. Collapse of Social Lifts, Not Foreign Agents, Behind Islamist Radicalism in Central Asia.  Russian and Central Asian experts say that economic problems and the lack of possibilities for upward social mobility among young people are playing a bigger role in the rise of Islamist radicalism in Central Asia than any combination of foreign influences (
  13. Moscow Thinks Returning Migrants Can be Soft Power Resource for Russia in Central Asia.  Russian observers are suggesting that Central Asians who have worked in Russia and then return to their homeland can serve as an instrument of “soft power” for Moscow because of their knowledge of Russian and Russian life ( That contrasts with the observation of many that such returnees having been exposed to Russian xenophobia are even more hostile to Russia than they were before working there.

“Russia now has more prostitutes than doctors, farmers and firemen combined” and other neglected Russian stories | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press |

There are now well over one million prostitutes in the Russian Federation, a figure that is higher than the combined total of doctors, farmers, and firemen, official statistics show (

Anna Alexeeva | “Going into the entrance, looking back so far.” Violence against sex workers

“Going into the entrance, looking back so far.” Violence against sex workers The court is preparing to consider the case of Vyacheslav Datsik, nicknamed the Red Tarzan: a nationalist and a former fighter without rules broke into brothels and forced prostitutes to go to the police naked. Do not be Tarzan, so as not to hold prostitutes for people: deputy Vitaly Milonov also called for them to be thrown out and handed to the police. “Snob” talked with sex workers and learned how they are protected from violence. “I’ll work for free – I’ll let go, no – I’ll cut it” Яна, 27 years old, Kemerovo: I got into this business at the age of 22. Registered on the dating site Mamba, and I wrote one guy about the work. At first I was frightened, but the next day I decided. I grew up in a family with a modest income. Father was not long ago, one mom. In all, we had three girls working for him, all like me, without experience. Has become friends with them, till now we communicate well. We worked only on departure, in saunas and hotels. To the owner we gave 40% of earnings, and he protected us, good, there were connections with the major of one branch. He had a firm before, but there the girls-drug addicts worked, and he dismissed them. Clients rarely visited us, mostly his friends and acquaintances, including my future husband. At first he did not attract me, because he drank and smoked all sorts of rubbish. But a few months after our acquaintance, he again called me to the sauna – it turned out that he had changed his way of life. We fell in love with each other and began to meet. He was very attentive to me, cared for, knew how to do something romantic, which I so missed then. His parents were very decent people. He did not raise my hand on me even once, he did not even swear, he treated me with respect. He seemed such a reliable person! And in the intimate terms with him it was good. Two months later I moved to live with him, a month later we got married. And six months later he returned to his bad habits. It got to the point that he began to lower the last money for a packet of spices, which then cost 600 rubles. Due to constant stress, I had a miscarriage, I left my husband and returned to work in the same company. It was very difficult: I studied at the same time and could not wake up for school because of working at night. She also worked in the school, conducted a piano class, I’m a music teacher by profession. By the way, my education helps me to find a common language with almost any man. They are like children: be interested in something, pay special attention to his desires – and everything will be in order. After graduating from university, I worked as a teacher for a year at the school, I received 5300 plus 1,000 rubles extra as a young specialist. I even had a higher scholarship at the university. And “at the firm” came out 60 thousand a month. Soon I moved to my mother – she was diagnosed with cancer. I took off my apartment and started to work. On the second day, a man came. Looked in the peephole – like everything is fine. Opened it. He goes in, takes off his shoes. The facial expression is adequate. Goes ahead of me into the room – and unfolds already with a knife in his hand. His eyes are furious, he looks from under his brow: “If you work out an hour for free, I’ll let you go, and if not, I’ll cut it.” Million prostitutes According to official data in Russia, a million prostitutes and pimps are more than doctors, farmers and firemen combined. The story of Yana from Kemerovo is typical, but only the bravest prostitutes turn to the police, and only the most horrible stories get into the media. Unemployed single mother Marina left Tver for work in Moscow. December 16, 2016 a man who introduced himself as Dima, bought it for the whole night, put him in a car and drove to the dacha, lied about the exact address. They arrived at a mansion surrounded by a high, remote fence. In the kitchen, Dmitry began to drink vodka “to create a mood,” he said that he fought in “hot spots”, where he was concussed. Then suddenly he hit Marina several times in the face. She fell, he began to beat her with legs. An hour later the girl managed to crawl to the toilet and call the police. However, the address was incorrect, so Marina did not wait to help. Seeing the phone, Dmitry again beat the girl. The next day he put Marina in a taxi and told her to get out. She woke up already in the hospital – her skull was broken in several places. The personality of the sadist was established quickly: he was the father of two children, Mytishchi lawyer Dmitry Kuvaev. When Marina lay in the hospital, a priest came to her room, a friend of Kuvayev’s. He began to tell the girl that she is a sinner, but she can atone for her sin by forgiveness. He asked to take the application, because Kuvaev had a family and children. As a result, Kuvayev admitted his guilt, paid the victim, who became an invalid of the second group, 1.8 million rubles. The court sentenced him to 3.5 years probation and deprived him of his status as a lawyer. Marina returned to Tver. Now she is preparing for an operation to implant a metal plate into the skull. In March 2017, the “Silver Rose” – an organization that protects the rights of sex workers – was addressed by Anna Stavropol, a woman working without a pimp, the so-called “individual”. The client came to her, gave money and went to the shower, but went out dressed. Then three men broke into her apartment, said they were from the police, and they demanded that the girl stop prostituting. Dragged into the tub, got a hair clipper and offered to choose – or they would mutilate her face, or do it nalyso. The girl began to fight back. The men twisted her arms, scratched her face, eyelids, shaved her bangs and brow. Then they left, threatening to return if she did not leave town.

According to Russians, security is the main goal of foreign policy

More than half of Russians (59%) believe that the authorities should first of all ensure the peaceful and safe existence of the country in the implementation of foreign policy. The corresponding results of the survey are quoted by Levada Center. Almost every second respondent (49%) stated that the authorities need to restore the authority of Russia on the world stage. 41% of respondents chose to protect Russian manufacturers as a priority of foreign policy. Also, according to Russians, in foreign policy, the authorities should maintain friendly relations with the most developed countries (27%), resolve conflicts in “hot spots”, and counter terrorism with other countries (21%). 19% of respondents said about the need to resist the expansion of the West and the growth of American influence, while another 14% of the survey participants believe that Russia should expand the borders of influence in the world. Previously , the results of a survey of the Pew research center, according to which almost one in every three residents of 37 countries called Russia one of the main threats to their state.

Dr Lilia Shevtsova | What is happening now is a real blow to the spine of the Russian autocracy

Can the power endure the ignore? What is unbearable for a state that has made it powerful, as an embodiment of greatness and power, a way of its survival? Hostility, envy, fear, aggressiveness of the world? Of course not. For the country’s most painful – when it is ignored. Do not pay attention. Just recently, Russia was the main hero of the world conversation, as a suspect in undermining the American system. Yes, of course, it’s unpleasant to get a sanction “rebuff”. But there is always hope to find a way to get around it with the connivance of Western partners. As it was almost possible with the Siemens turbines, when Siemens was looking prudently in the other direction. In addition, such troubles can fuel a powerful pride – that’s how we do them !! Turn the suspicion and fear of the surrounding world into a factor of statehood (since other signs of strength are not enough) – can also be considered a victory. But what is happening now is a real blow to the spine of the Russian autocracy. Not only did the world tackle the North Korean crisis, and Russia disappeared from the agenda. More importantly, for Moscow there was no place at the table, after which the question is solved: whether to be a war or not! And, at the borders of Russia! See for yourself. A Moscow-recognized guru and frequent guest of President Putin, Henry Kissinger, offers his recommendations on how to resolve the North Korean crisis. And he does not find a word for Russia; It just does not exist in his plan. “The most important prerequisite for an exit,” says old man Henry, “is” mutual understanding between the US and Beijing. ” Like this. Moreover, he warns Washington: there are no attempts to make China “an American” subcontractor “for the realization of US interests. America and China should be equal partners. This means a new “bipolarity”, which until recently was built on the “axis” – Washington-Moscow (at least in the Russian sense). So now you can forget about Moscow. It seems to be here and positive – why should Russia interfere in this total hell and the skirmish of Trump and North Korean Kim. But this is only the beginning, and soon another place will take Russia’s place in the foreground. And we know which one is China. Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping already phoned and chatted. And, as the press says, it was C, who inspired Trump and taught him “responsibility.” Here’s what it came down to. Not Putin teaches Trump – and Si! If the new US-Chinese tandem succeeds in neutralizing the North Korean dictator (most likely succeeds), this will be another step towards a new reality. It’s not easy to talk about a new bipolarity, which already exists. Although not formally marked. The point is that the vacuum that began to form when America began to reduce its global obligations will gradually be filled with Chinese influence. How the Kremlin was happy that the era of the West and America is coming to an end. And here you are – UPPSS! – A gift. Celestial in the role of a global power that will be interested in the whole world, and not just in its backyard. This is something new. And for Russia it’s not at all fun. It will be necessary to remember America more than once – and its naivety, unwillingness to aggravate, and readiness to support our state visibility. Of course, because of pragmatic calculation, so as not to bother with our self-affirmation. It is interesting how the American press, comparing Trump and Si, puts the latter as an example of his own, as a more “weighed and predictable” politician. And what? Against the background of Trump and other leaders, C gets points. Russia has two scenarios to cling to the proscenium, with which it is pushed out. The first is to become a responsible global player who offers real, not imaginary solutions. The second is to continue to beat the glass, trying to attract attention to itself through intimidation. The second always turned out better.

Russia ‘Filters’ Out The Competition In Regional Elections

Yevgeny Roizman, a political maverick and mayor of Russia&rsquo;s fourth-largest city, doesn&rsquo;t hedge when assessing his electoral chances in his region&rsquo;s upcoming gubernatorial election -…

The revolution Putin wants to ignore – To Inform is to Influence

By Emily Parker Updated 8:08 AM ET, Tue August 15, 2017 Emily Parker is the author of “Now I Know Who My Comrades Are: Voices From the Internet Underground” and a former member of the Policy Planning staff at the US State Department. The opinions expressed in this commentary are hers. (CNN)Russian President Vladimir Putin would rather…

Russia criminalizes more religious worship in occupied Crimea – human rights activists

Eighteen Jehovah&rsquo;s Witness communities in Russian-occupied Crimea have just&nbsp;been formally banned&nbsp;as supposedly &lsquo;extremist organizations,&rsquo; Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group reports.&nbsp; News 19 August from UNIAN.

Alchemists of the NKVD fought over the recipe for the immortality of the leaders of the USSR

The special group “Androgen”, in question, was the same as the German “Anenerbe”, a highly classified scientific organization. And about its work and the results of research its leader, Academician SA Saveliev, reported personally to Iosif Vissarionovich. Send to OGPU Unlike the same “Anenerbe”, the special group “Androgen” was created one and a half years before its German counterpart. And closely supervised by special services. In particular – first by the United State Political Administration under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR, and then – formed by the NKVD of the USSR in 1934. It was the order of the chairman of the OGPU for SNKVYacheslav Rudolfovich Menzhinsky for the number 28 / “C” of February 2, 1933, that was given a start in the life of this secret organization. Formally, a certain Boris Mikhailovich Zubakin was in charge of Androgen, who independently selected and appointed suitable scientists (and, in general, any necessary specialists) in the special group’s staff. As a rule, they were employees of the Main Directorate of Scientific, Scientific and Artistic and Museum Institutions – the so-called Science Sector or the General Science Department under the People’s Commissariat of Education. In fact, it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that Zubakin was an employee of the same OGPU. After all, all the scientists and specialists selected for work in the Androgyne were seconded by his orders to the special apparatus of this formidable organization. Moreover, all the personnel of the group were obliged to give the oath and, accordingly, a subscription of non-disclosure. But, at the same time, put a solid (and, apparently, quite decent) salary. Not without the participation of Zubakin was chosen and the base, which conducted their experiments, scientists – a quiet village of Kraskovo near the Moscow region Lyubertsy: and a place not crowded, and to Moscow to give. Moreover, at the disposal of “Androgen” at any time of the day “under the pairs” was a car dedicated to this case from the special OGPU. And after the actions of scientists day and night watched Eugene Sergeyevich Vlasov, “especialist” from the NKVD, also part of the group. But scientific researches of Androgen’s employees, which initially included only a few people, were supervised by Academician S.A. Saveliev. «Special mission number 18» Already two weeks after Menzhinsky’s order near Lyubertsy, the base was built, and, quite simply, the laboratory – in a large two-story mansion in the village of Kraskovo, where all the necessary special equipment, equipment, inventory, as well as materials, chemical elements, reagents, minerals, precious metals , Acids and other substances. By the way, the mansion itself was also on the balance of the ubiquitous OGPU and was held in the internal documents of the Office as “Spetsdacha No. 18”. What was the main goal of the Androgen group? As already mentioned above – occult research, with the help of which it was possible to unravel the secret of obtaining a catalyst in a laboratory way, and in other words – of a philosopher’s stone. And for this, scientists from the special services analyzed ancient alchemical tracts, manuscripts and old documents that could shed light on the ways and methods of achieving the tasks assigned to the scientists by the government. Moreover, the members of the special group from time to time could travel to Europe and other parts of the world for these purposes, where they studied the necessary literature on a given topic, where they hoped to find (and, apparently, found) specific formulas for obtaining the desired philosopher’s stone, and also densely communicated with local Specialists in the field of alchemy and gerontology. But why such secrecy and the desire to create what they tried to do hundreds of years ago? According to the researcher of this topic, Nikolai Subbotin, the answer is simple – to ultimately obtain the elixir of youth or, as it was called, the elixir of life. This was the main and fundamental task of the special group “Androgen”. At all times, the powerful of this world have longed for immortality. Or, at least, always wanted to live longer and strived for it, making every effort and money. The Soviet government and the party leaders were no exception. And here we need to make a small digression. For the first time, the elite of the country’s councils took care of this problem, seeing firsthand how he suffered from the disease in his last years, and then died in the prime of life (only in his 54th year), the leader of the world proletariat, Comrade Lenin. It was then, in 1926 (two years after his death), from the presentation of Vladimir Ilyich’s best friend – his party comrade and secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) Stalin in Moscow (for the first time in the world), the Institute of Blood Transfusion was established. “He cheated, you rascal!” The first director of this scientific and practical institution was a comrade who was verified and devoted to the cause of the revolution, a veteran of the party from 1896 (since 1905 he was already a member of the Central Committee), Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bogdanov. Despite the fact that it was a major ideologue of socialism, Bogdanov, among other things, was also a scientist. But most importantly – He was a doctor who believed in the rejuvenating effect of blood transfusion, for example, a mature or elderly person from a younger patient. Trusting Bogdanov with the newly established institute, Iosif Vissarionovich, apparently, was already aware of the practical experiences of his party comrade, and also knew well the effect of rejuvenation, to which his scientific and practical research leads. Therefore, most likely, having secured Bogdanov’s promises about the guarantees of giving Stalin “eternal youth” to which Malinovsky’s experiments lead (this is the real surname of the hematologist), the Boss appointed Alexander Aleksandrovich a director. Bogdanov did not just believe in his ideas, but also Repeatedly proved the effectiveness of the effect of youth, producing experiments on blood transfusion on himself. And indeed, after such “sessions” he felt an extraordinary burst of energy, a rise in mood and a feeling that he, to some extent, became younger for several years: his workability increased significantly for some time, wrinkles on his face were smoothed (this was noticed by many in the Including Stalin), there were other signs of the desired effect, including increased libido. Ten times Alexander Alexandrovich made blood transfusions. However, being a romantic and a science fiction writer (that is, a person of daring ideas and extraordinary solutions), Bogdanov at that time could not know (in fact, like the whole world medicine) about That there is not one blood group, but four. And not in all cases the donor’s blood is suitable for the patient. And the mistake, the discrepancy of one group of another can lead to a fatal outcome, which happened during the eleventh session of the transfusion. Apparently, the donor of the doctor was a man with a completely unsuitable blood group for him, and Bogdanov passed away. Having learned about this, Comrade Stalin said: “He deceived the scoundrel!” Androgen brings results. Therefore, in 1933, Iosif Vissarionovich (at that time he was already sixty years old), burdened by a number of diseases, and ordered to organize work to find the elixir of life . And, judging by further events, the special group for less than two years managed to achieve encouraging results. And such that in late 1934 Academician Saveliev received from the head of the NKVD secretariat Comrade Bulanapismo, in which he instructed the scientist to prepare for the members of the Central Committee and for Stalin personally personally a corresponding report within three days. And he also hinted to the academician that on the basis of his special group in the near future an entire institute could be formed. After a short correspondence with the bickering of the scientist, Saveliev nevertheless carried out the order and made a report before the Boss. Eight pages of the text of his report on the work completed with a short summary, in which the academician summarized the performance of the task of the party and claimed that through a long chemical process the group still managed to get an elixir of youth at the exit. With the help of this final product of the debilitating work of scientists, it was possible to suspend the destructive effect on the organism of diseases, and completely cure any ailment altogether. But most importantly – the drug significantly prolonged the period of the active phase of human life. True, the report did not specify who acted as “guinea pigs” and who these people were. However, the final phases of the process of obtaining “living water” are described in sufficient detail. So, after numerous repetitions (animation) of the process, it was necessary to produce it again, but already – without adding acid. And further: “We open the bottle, add another two hundred grams of” Milk of the Virgin “(apparently, this is a certain reagent – author) and digest it for three months until we see a bright red stone of solid consistency. The procedure should be repeated twice … Thus, when combined with May dew, this philosopher’s stone forms “living water” – the elixir of life. “Carte blanche or oblivion? After the report of Academician Saveliev, the Central Committee of the Party decided to allocate a whole complex to the special group for work and scientific research Buildings at the station Mamontovskaya. And the actions of “Androgen” were already monitored by a man not from the OGPU-NKVD, but from the Central Committee of the CPSU (B) – Comrade Minenkov. Moreover, the People’s Commissariat of Finance was obliged to allocate to the group for scientific research in necessary quantities the gold and silver of the highest sample and rare minerals and metals. And this document was signed personally by Stalin. What did the whole idea with the special group end? In all likelihood, nothing. Because, as we all know well from history, in 1953 Stalin was no more. Not helped by “living water”, not all sorts of elixirs … Most likely, Stalin, in the end, felt a dirty trick. And he did not allow anyone to deceive himself. But what happened to members of the Androgen group? Who knows who knows…

Political scientist Olga Zinovieva: The source of Russophobia is not in the West, but in Russia

Why does a Russian person take hatred towards his homeland? About this with the widow of the famous writer and philosopher Alexander Zinoviev our columnist Galina Sapozhnikova talked. How simple it would be if your ideological enemy looked like a bourgeois on an old caricature and was recognized from afar. And here – your fellow countryman with a Russian passport comes to meet you in some Riga or Prague, your hand presses – and how your mouth opens, releases such snakes and toads to your homeland that all the news issues of CNN at once seem like a kindly girlish songwriters … Russophobia among Russians is a unique phenomenon. Almost none of the people have it. Where did it come from and why did it appear? Why do some of our former fellow citizens hate the homeland with hatred and can not forget even when they leave? And what they will get for this dislike in the end? The answer is known to the widow of the famous writer and philosopher Alexander Zinoviev – Olga Mironovna Zinovieva (president of the international society “Russia-Germany”, head of the International Intellectual Club “Zinoviev”). She lived with her husband in Germany for 21 years during the “frosty” times of the Cold War and personally watched Europe’s way from hatred to love for Russia and back. HATE AT HAPPINESS – Who, in your opinion, would win today in the competition on the topic “Who hates Russia more?” Citizens of Europe and the United States, whose brains are washed daily by Western propaganda? Or are our people, former or current compatriots, trying to “improve” Russia by watering it with slops? – The roots of Russophobia should not be sought abroad. You look in Russia: Russophobia grows everywhere. Take the Tretyakov Gallery, which allows that in its halls there appear girls in dirty linen (meaning “performance”, which was organized in May 2017 by the ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk, Alexander Donskoy, “improving” Malevich’s “Black Square” girls in soiled underpants – Author). Is this not Russophobia in relation to those masters who are exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery? This is a meanness in relation to culture and to the task that culture must bear in relation to the people and the country. How could they allow this? – I understand you very much: every year in Prague, by the forces of our liberal compatriots, an annual festival “Kulturus” is held, within which, for example, an exhibition of prison Russian food is held. The Czechs try the balance and rejoice. All for fun … – They want to reduce Russia to the level of the most vulgar nesting doll. The Western world needs to reduce everything that was created for centuries by the great, outstanding, creative Russian culture and science to the primitive. We have to prove that we are people of the second, and maybe even of the third grade. “We will sell our homeland. CHEAPLY ” “Inside the country, we can experiment as much as we like, but here’s the question: why all this garbage to take beyond it? Why shambler at Russia, running back to a safe distance, as some of our emigrants do? -Tradition to go abroad and muddy your country, alas, is not new. I watched for 21 years of life and not the same … When the representatives of our glorious Soviet dissident emigration turned out to be abroad, for some reason, for some reason, they first began to water the country with mud. Alexander Zinoviev refused to do this from the very beginning, categorically and demonstratively. “I think it all started much earlier.” Note how differently Russian emigrants behaved differently during the Second World War. One part began to finish off Russia, the other – desperately to help her, swallowing offense. “Whether we like it or not, in this case we have to turn to human nature. If you do not have an inner core – ethical, moral, spiritual, a feeling that you are responsible for your words to your country and your people, if you do not care what or whom to sell … You remember what anecdote went in the early 90’s Years? “I’m selling my homeland. Inexpensive. Such a phrase could not have been born in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s. People who are ready to betray and sell, are and have always been. A ring of disgusting, completely unbridled Russophobia is really narrowing around Russia right now. And it is necessary to struggle not with consequences, and with the reason. – And where is the line of what is permissible? I, for example, just run out of the current situation in Moscow, in which everything is inordinately overhauled. We can easily discuss this with you live in a Moscow studio. And if I start talking about this, for example, in Estonia – I will do a step toward Russophobia, or will I still remain in the field of reasonable criticism? “” I believe that you have the intelligence, intelligence and ingenuity to understand with whom and what you can talk about. Talk freely, openly, from the heart to the heart and from heart to heart, you can only either with very close people, or with those you want to convince. I will give an example. My husband Alexander Zinoviev spoke in Brussels in the Palace of Congresses. The hall was full, and we were warned that excesses are possible. He was offered – can he refuse the lecture? He said – no, I will perform. And so he goes on stage – the hall is buzzing, screaming, yelling … Zinoviev stands and waits. Finally the hall fades, and he begins to speak in a low voice. The lecture was designed for an hour. He talked with this audience three, and almost in his arms they carried him out of the hall. That’s the way to work with the crowd. CODE ACCESS- It is known that when the country collapsed in 1989, the West used special technologies. As if pressed by fingers on the weakest zones – the tendency of the Russian people to self-abasement, the recognition of a sense of endless guilt. Neither the Poles who evicted Ukrainians during the operation “Vistula” in one night, nor the Czechs who drove the Germans from the Sudeten, do not suffer from such complexes for actions for which the Russians have already apologized ten times, sat down and cried … Under the influence of which our predisposition to such Self-hatred? “” I want to correct you: not “when our country collapsed”. It did not collapse, it was destroyed, and it was destroyed not so much from outside as in the USSR. We were called to make us repent. And still call. This corresponds to the Russian character, the Russian religion. There were weak links, which were methodically beaten, knowing the specifics of the national character and the Russian mentality. “But does this mental code not change under the influence of circumstances?” The Russians have experienced so much in more than thirty years of post-perestroika years … “” I’ve changed. ” The turning point was the Crimea, around which people gathered. On the Crimean question, the strength of the Russian character and its unpredictability came together and manifested itself. I’m not sure that if people start a new road in the Far East, the people would be so united. And the Crimea turned out to be the connecting link, the brick that holds the arch. Crimea – this is the very brick. And the arch is Russia. “BURATINUM” BRAINS. This “technology” in relation to Russia is felt even now. I’ve watched with my own eyes what work is being done among Russian students who study abroad. Three or four years will pass, and these young people either continue to kill their homeland from afar, or return poisoned and aimed at action … Almost the same schemes travel from country to country, like 30 years ago, the famous theory of nonviolent revolution, Gina Sharpa .- This is a systematic work. In these “buratinovye” brains you can put any balls. And the fact that they are so easily manipulated is a reproach to their parents and a payment for the last 20-odd years, when everyone took so-called freedom as much as they like. But why do not these students or emigrants with experience understand that everyone Their poking against Russia as a result will be turned against them themselves? That this work will not be counted for them? – This question would make sense not to ask me, but to them. For 21 years of emigration, we did not say a single bad word about the country that drove us out. Because they understood that the homeland remains homeland. And the children were brought up in this spirit. Nobody bought us, and we did not sell to anyone. And those who sell and betray, getting their pieces for this and crawling into their holes, I do not envy. Because they will not be able to answer the questions of their grandchildren – what happened to the country once? And what exactly did you do to save her?

Knife Attacker Wounds Seven In Siberia, IS Claims Responsibility

A knife-wielding man went on a stabbing rampage in the Russian city of Surgut on August 19, wounding seven people before he was shot dead by police, investigators say. The extremist group Islami…

3 Years of Sanctions Changes Russia’s Food Market | Best Countries | US News

The import ban of Western produce has left many scars for consumers, farmers and restaurateurs.

Anton Mardasov | India has ceased to like Russian tanks. Yes, and planes, too

According to the media, in the breakdown of technology, Russian developers are to blame. The Armed Forces of India team started the tank biathlon competition at the Army international games in Alabino, but did not reach the finals because of the breakdown of the “outdated” T-90 Russian design, which could be a problem for the army, the Indian edition of the Hindustan Times writes. In the competition from India, two T-90S Bhishma tanks of Russian design and Indian assembly and three crews, 21 in all, participated. In the midst of the race for reaching the final, both armored cars – the main and spare, went out of order. As a result, the Indians were removed from the competition. According to sources Hindustan Times, the cause of the breakdown of the first (spare) tank was the fan belt, the second (main) – the leakage of engine oil. As a result, China entered the finals with the Type-96B tank, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan – with “various variations of the T-72”. The publication notes that the Indian army should carefully look at the “not the best performance” T-90S, which are the main battle tanks of the Indian Land Force. Allegedly and earlier their military complained that tanks can not work for a long time at high temperatures in the Indian desert of Tar (Rajasthan) – because of problems with the radiator. As a result, notes Hindustan Times, India will need to spend money on the modification of tanks.The Armed Forces of India team started the tank biathlon competition at the Army international games in Alabino, but did not reach the finals because of the breakdown of the “outdated” T-90 Russian design, which could be a problem for the army, the Indian edition of the Hindustan Times writes. In the competition from India, two T-90S Bhishma tanks of Russian design and Indian assembly and three crews, 21 in all, participated. In the midst of the race for reaching the final, both armored cars – the main and spare, went out of order. As a result, the Indians were removed from the competition. According to sources Hindustan Times, the cause of the breakdown of the first (spare) tank was the fan belt, the second (main) – the leakage of engine oil. As a result, China entered the finals with the Type-96B tank, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan – with “various variations of the T-72”. The publication notes that the Indian army should carefully look at the “not the best performance” T-90S, which are the main battle tanks of the Indian Land Force. Allegedly and earlier their military complained that tanks can not work for a long time at high temperatures in the Indian desert of Tar (Rajasthan) – because of problems with the radiator. As a result, notes Hindustan Times, India will need to spend money on the modification of tanks. Indian media referring to military sources are not the first time criticizing Russian technology: – In 2014, the Indian Audit Office CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) presented a report in Parliament accusing the government of continuing to license the T-90S tanks. The aforementioned reason – the delivered tanks were not equipped with air-conditioners or used equipment that was not technically suitable for the region; – In 2015, Indian journalists reported that the CAG auditors had submitted a report to the Parliament of India, which spoke of the low level of operational readiness of the Russian multifunctional Su-30MKI fighters; – In 2016, Indian oversight agencies published a report on the state of the armed forces of the country, noting in particular numerous problems with the newest Russian-produced MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB deck fighters associated with the airframe, the RD-33MK engine and the electric remote control system (EMF). Now the Indians have blamed the Russian equipment for the unsuccessful performance on tank biathlon. How justified are their claims? In addition to the Chinese in the semi-finals, all participants of the competition went on Russian-designed tanks, and no one had any insurmountable problems, and the Indians now – “flowed”. Of course, the technology has the property of breaking down, but everything depends on the qualifications of technicians and crews, says Andrei Frolov, research officer at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, editor-in-chief of the magazine Export of Arms. – Theoretically, we can assume that there was a production defect. But just on two samples? Which, in addition, should serve the best professionals, given the prestige of the country in international competitions and participation in the biathlon of your opponent – the PRC. The reasons for the failure of technology, in fact, can be a huge amount – a crew error, an oversight of the technicians, something is flooded and stuff. “JV”: – If we assume that the problems are in hardware, then hypothetically they can be explained by the Indian assembly of tanks? – Armored vehicles were collected from vehicle kits, but in fact the engines are Russian. Another thing is that without any special commission, you can not check who is to blame and why the tanks actually got up. It is indiscriminate to blame Russian hardware, simply because it is Russian, to put it mildly, incorrectly. By the way, on this occasion in social networks joke, they say, you want “aircraft and tanks”? Then “let’s sing and dance about it!”. “JV”: – That is, publications with a clear hint that Russian tanks are being broken for various reasons, can be initiated specifically? – Yes. Something to lobby, somewhere to bargain. You see, your equipment is refused, but we buy it anyway, so make us a discount, etc. It is clear that such articles have little effect on specific business negotiations, nevertheless, they create a background for possible trade and revision already seemingly Agreements. It’s no secret that there was information about the promotion of T-90MS to India and the possible signing of a contract to replace engines with thousands of Indian T-72s. In any case, Indians are very fond of criticizing their partners, and not only Russia. Then they are given bribes, then low-quality goods are supplied. And then it turns out that they were negotiating with Ukrainian companies that, through front companies in different countries, were trying to purchase Russian UTD-29 engines for later resale to India – in order to replace the old UTD-20 powerplants with Indian BMP-2. Also The Indian media themselves wrote with reference to the report of the inspection of the military department that at least 18 Su-30MKI fighters, assembled under a license at the Indian HAL corporation, installed AL-31FP engines that had already been in operation. abelnyh MiGs, in principle, a problem with them could really be. Another thing is that the Indians bought 45 cars in two batches. But if everything turned out so badly, then probably there was no need to take the second batch … Problems with the Indian tanks in the semifinal – the fault of the technicians who service the armored cars, Vladimir Shvarev, deputy director of the Center for the Analysis of the World Arms Trade (CAMTO), is sure. “It is clear that the implementation of sufficiently intensive Exercises during the competitions require increased attention to the state of armored vehicles. For example, Russian specialists rather quickly solved the emerging issues with T-72B3 tanks. Another thing is that the biathlon standards require a clear passage of the stages of the distance, and the real training of the crews and, accordingly, the technicians is already revealed here. India first took part in tank biathlon, and, naturally, is annoyed by this result, although the Indian crews performed quite successfully. But here it is not necessary to translate the arrows, but to evaluate the work of their specialists, who apparently did not look after the state of the main and reserve tanks in the heat of the competition, or did something wrong, that two cars got up at once. During the relay race, three crews are to be replaced in the car, and each of them must perform a whole complex of combat training tasks. As far as can be judged, the reserve tank stopped at the rise on the hill. Then the Indians switched to the main one, which had already rolled back. It seems to have joined again in the race, but then he died. By the way, Iran and Venezuela in general competed on “master” Russian tanks. In general, such publications of Indians can not stand any criticism. They quit the competition – look for the reason, and if there are any complaints, then you present them specifically, on the case and without the extra hype. But, apparently, the mentality plays a role, it’s not a secret that in terms of procurement of arms – announcements of tenders, coordination of details of contracts – Indians are considered to be one of the most difficult negotiators in the world. They often overplay agreements that, it would seem, have been agreed upon for a long time, and as a result, the signing of the contract is stretched for years. Well, stuffing in the media in order to bargain, have already become common practice.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: ‘Occupation?’ ‘No, Just Visiting’ – Russian Tourists Again Flocking to Baltic Countries

Paul Goble Staunton, August 20 – Perhaps the most beloved anecdote in Estonia since its recovery of independence in 1991 is about an Estonian border guard who asks a Russian his “occupation” to which the Russian replies that no, he is “just visiting,” a joke that takes on a whole new meaning now that Russians are again flocking to what in Soviet times they called “our abroad.” Rising prices, a weakening ruble, and terrorist incidents in Western Europe and elsewhere have led ever more Russians to decide that “the Baltics have become closer than the dacha” and thus to take vacations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, according to Mikhail Bely, a journalist for the news agency ( According to the journalist, the number of Russians going from St. Petersburg to Tallinn and Riga jumped 11 percent and seven percent respectively between the summer of 2015 and the summer of 2016. This year, Moscow specialists on tourism observer, the increases may be even larger. “The Baltics always have had their segment of tourists,” Roman Bobylev, an expert on tourism in the Russian Social Chamber for Tourism. “For Rusisans, the Baltics always were ‘the closest point of Europe,” and to go from Moscow to Riga by air takes only an hour, less time than to reach one’s dacha. “In this sense, the Baltics are simply a mecca for Europe fans.” Russians dominate the tourist market in the three Baltic countries, he continues, because even though there are tensions between those countries and Russia, relations at the individual level are fine. Other Russian experts confirm this and also point to the fact that many Russian tourists are now buying property in the Baltic countries. Moscow political analyst Oleg Ivanov says that in addition to the absence of a language barrier – most restaurants and hotels in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have staffs who speak Russian – these three countries have become increasingly attractive destinations because they are stable, without the kind of terrorist incidents observed elsewhere. Nikolay Mezhevich, an economist at St. Petersburg State University says that no one should confuse tourism with emigration even if Russians buy property in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. According to him, Russians don’t see good economic prospects for themselves as residents of the three but do see them as attractive places to spend their summers.

Media-Savvy Mayor Of Magadan Becomes A Meme

MAGADAN, Russia — It isn’t unusual to see the face of the mayor plastered all over towns in the Russian provinces. But the portraits of Mayor Yury Grishan that have appeared in recent days in th…

Belarus Reports

Fears grow Russian military drills in Belarus are Moscow’s next Crimea

There are growing concerns large-scale war games planned next month by Russia with its neighbor Belarus could be a cover for something more sinister.

Transnistria / Moldova Reports

US Preparing Moldova Forces for Likely Transnistria Conflict – Russian Deputy PM – Sputnik International

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Monday that the US Navy’s plans to construct facilities for urban military training in Moldova are an indicator that the United States has started preparing Moldova’s special forces for a potential military conflict with Transnistria.

Transnistria: World War Zero being reloaded to provoke Russia – PravdaReport

Russia needs to realise that any form of military intervention in Transnistria would mean a strategic defeat for the country.

Romania – High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and Related Support and Equipment | The Official Home of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency

WASHINGTON, Aug. 18, 2017 – The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Romania for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and related support and equipment. The estimated cost is $1.25 billion. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on August 17, 2017. The Government of Romania has requested the possible sale of fifty-four (54) High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) Launchers, eighty-one (81) Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS) M31A1 Unitary, eighty-one (81) Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS) M30A1 Alternative Warhead, fifty-four (54) Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) M57 Unitary, twenty-four (24) Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems (AFATDS), fifteen (15) M1151A1 HMMWVs, Utility, Armored, and fifteen (15) M1151A1 HMMWVs, Armor Ready 2-Man. Also included with this request are: fifty-four (54) M1084A1P2 HIMARS Resupply Vehicles (RSVs) (5 ton, Medium Tactical Cargo Vehicle with Material Handling Equipment), fifty-four (54) M1095 MTV Cargo Trailer with RSV kit, and ten (10) M1089A1P2 FMTV Wreckers (5 Ton Medium Tactical Vehicle Wrecker with Winch), thirty (30) Low Cost Reduced Range (LCRR) practice rockets, support equipment, communications equipment, sensors, spare and repair parts, test sets, batteries, laptop computers, publications and technical data, facility design, training and training equipment, systems integration support, Quality Assurance Teams and a Technical Assistance Fielding Team, U.S. Government and contractor technical, engineering, and logistics support services, and other related elements of logistics and program support. The total estimated program cost is $1.25 billion. This proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by helping to improve the security of a NATO ally that has been, and continues to be an important force for political stability and economic progress within Europe. The proposed sale of the HIMARS system will support Romania’s needs for its own self-defense and support NATO defense goals. The Government of Romania intends to use these defense articles and services to modernize its armed forces and strengthen its homeland defense and deter regional threats. This will contribute to Romania’s military goal of updating its capabilities while further enhancing interoperability with the United States and other NATO allies. Romania will have no difficulty absorbing this system into its armed forces.

Ukraine Reports

Poroshenko’s press service officially confirms upcoming Poroshenko-Mattis meeting on August 24

The Ukrainian presidential press service confirmed on Saturday that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is going to hold negotiations on August 24 with U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis, who will pay a visit to Kyiv to attend celebratory events on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day. “The first visit of the U.S. defense secretary to Ukraine in the past ten years will take place in accordance with preliminary arrangements with the U.S. side reached during the president’s visit to the United States this June,” it said. The Pentagon’s website said on August 18 that Mattis would visit Kyiv. “During these engagements, the secretary will reassure our Ukrainian partners that the U.S. remains firmly committed to the goal of restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as strengthening the strategic defense partnership between our two countries,” it said. In addition, Mattis’ upcoming meeting with Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak was announced.

The meeting of President Petro Poroshenko and Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak with the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, can positively affect the future of anti-Russian sanctions – Visit of Mattis may affect sanctions against Russia and situation in Donbas and Crimea –

The meeting of President Petro Poroshenko and Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak with the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, can positively affect the future of anti-Russian sanctions

Journalist and editor of Internet portal Yuri Butusov in interview with Gordon shared his view on Donbas conflict and Ukrainian corruption, explains why Maidan is still a victory for us and why Russian propaganda is so professional – ‘What we doing now is not reforms, but attempt to create independent state’ –

Journalist and editor of Internet portal Yuri Butusov in interview with Gordon shared his view on Donbas conflict and Ukrainian corruption, explains why Maidan is still a victory for us and why Russian propaganda is so professional

Orbulin suggests that Surkov released the leaders of “DNR / LNR” to swim freely

20.08.17 01:22 – Advisor to the president of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Surkov, who coordinates the activities of the leaders of the terrorist groups “DNR” and “LNR”, could allow them to make some decisions on their own. According to Tsensor.NET, such an assumption was expressed by Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Advisor to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Gorbulin in the material for ZN.UA. “Those chaotic movements that are observed among the leaders of the” DNR “and” LNR “militants suggest that the main organizers and ideologists of the formation of these entities (in the person of Vladislav Surkov) threw these citizens into the will of the intelligence and counter-intelligence community of the Russian Federation,” he writes. . “The desperate attempt by Zakharchenko to talk about Little Russia again was so incoherent that it caused a tough reaction even in Moscow, which, however, does not mean that this amateur activity will not be used by the Kremlin against Ukraine in the long run: although the topic was” preserved “now, however In case of necessity, it can always be re-launched, especially since these abstract talks about “restarting the project of the Ukrainian state” guess the reincarnation of one of the Kremlin’s old strategies: the imposition of both the Ukrainian and the borders To the international community the idea of “the struggle of two states”, claiming the same territory, with different pictures of the future “, – emphasized Gorbulin. “Zakharchenko does not need to think, but to voice what he is told, and the political curator of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Surkov, is quite capable of thinking a few steps in advance, even assuming he has let go of the leaders of the” DPR / LNR ” In free swimming “, – added the expert.

24 hours in Donbas: 30 attacks, one Ukrainian soldier wounded – 24 hours in Donbas: 30 attacks, one Ukrainian soldier wounded –

In the last 24 hours, the militants in the Donbas conflict zone attacked Ukrainian positions 30 times. One Ukrainian soldier was wounded, according to the Ukrainian Army HQ on Facebook. By night the militants intensified attacks along the whole front line. In Donetsk sector, since 7 pm until midnight, the terrorists were firing with grenade launchers and heavy machine guns at the Ukrainian strongholds in Avdiivka industrial zone. They also attacked near Kamianka, Pisky, and Verkhnetoretske. In Luhansk sector, the militants used grenade launchers near Novotoshkovkse. In Mariupo sector, the mercenaries attacked the Ukrainian Army neat Starohnativka with mortars and 152-mm shells.

Russian proxies attack Ukraine 30 times, 1 WIA in last day

Russia's hybrid military forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in Donbas 30 times in the past 24 hours, with one Ukrainian soldier reported as wounded in action (WIA), according to the press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters. News 20 August from UNIAN.

Militants use incendiary weapons, burn down civilian houses in Zaitseve – Militants use incendiary weapons, burn down civilian houses in Zaitseve –

No casualties happened

Scorched earth tactics: militants set fields on fire along contact line

Russian-backed militants in Donbas are deliberately setting fire to the fields and forest areas on the line of demarcation in order to push back the Ukrainian forces, said the speaker for the Ministry of Defense on ATO, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk. News 19 August from UNIAN.

Militants use incendiary weapons in Donbas: a few civilian houses burned down – Militants use incendiary weapons in Donbas: several civilian houses burned down –

In Luhanske, Donetsk Oblast, the militants have used incendiary weapons. They intentionally set on fire fields and woods on the front line, having caused fires. The Ukrainian Military TV posted a video of the fires on Youtube. It is noted, that a few civilian houses were burnt down in the fire. As of now, the fire has been extinguished. The Ukrainian army says that the terrorists are employing the “scorched earth” tactic.

Донеччина у вогні: бойовики спалюють оселі мирних мешканців – YouTube *Dniester in the fire: militants burn the settlements of civilians)

Донеччина, с. Луганське: російські найманці, застосовуючи запалювальні боєприпаси, навмисно підпалили поля та лісосмуги на лінії розмежування сторін, через щ…

24/7 OSCE patrol starts working in Stanytsia Luhanska – 24/7 OSCE patrol starts working in Stanytsia Luhanska –

Seven members of the mission will stay at the base 24/7

Seth J Frantzman | Ukraine’s slow war of attrition still rumbles on | Coffee House

Ukraine’s slow war of attrition still rumbles on on Coffee House | Towns on Ukraine’s ceasefire line are marking three years since some were retaken by…

76-year old activist detained in Crimea released – 76-year old activist detained in Crimea released –

In the annexed Crimea, 76-year-old Server Karametov, who was arrested for 10 days for a one-person rally, was released, as reported by Krym.Realii. Crimeans from various cities and towns of the peninsula came to meet him, including the activists of the Crimean Tatar national movement: Nariman Dzhelial, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatars Ilmi Umerov, and the coordinator of Crimean contact group on human rights Abdureshit Dzhepparov. As it was reported earlier, the so-called “Simferopol rail court” detained 76-year-old Crimean Tatar Server Karametov for 10 days for “resisting the police officers”. Earlier Karametov went on a one-person rally supporting Akhtem Chyigoz, carrying a banner saying “Putin, our kids aren’t terrorists”. The man was also fined $160.

Cowardly final brutality as Russia releases jailed 76-year-old Crimean Tatar Karametov – media

Server Karametov, the frail, seriously ill, and courageous pensioner whom a court in Russian-occupied Crimea jailed for peaceful protest, was released on Saturday evening after 10 days' imprisonment. It had seemed that the occupation regime could sink no lower, yet it found a way, according to Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KhPG). News 20 August from UNIAN.

Russia Bans 18 ‘Extremist’ Jehovah’s Witness Communities in Crimea – YouTube

In Russian-occupied Crimea, 18 Jehovah’s Witness communities have been labeled as ‘extremist organizations’ – and are now banned. This is according to a Khar…

Mudslide in Crimea: video of the aftermath –

A video from bird’s eye view shows the results of a heavy rainfall that happened on the night of August 19 in annexed Crimea

Петро Порошенко – Main Battle Tank T-72A has become better protected and more effective [VIDEO]

Kiev Armour Tank Factory.

The court upheld the head of the military unit of NGU Matolo, accused of espionage for the “DPR”

20.08.17 11:25 – СThe court abolished the verdict of the Major of the National Guard Romanu Matolo convicted for the transfer to Russian mercenaries of the terrorist organization “DNR” of information on the movement of senior officials of Ukraine, the location and movements of aviation in the front zone of the ATU. According to Tsensor.NET, referring to the “First Instance”, it became known from the decision of the Kyiv Appeal Court dated June 29, 2017, placed in the Unified Register of Judgments. The Appeal Court considered a complaint by Roman Mathola’s lawyers who requested the cancellation of the Shevchenkivsky Court’s verdict on September 2, 2016. With this verdict, a native of Donetsk, a former deputy commander of the air squadron of the National Guard, Chief of Staff of the military unit No. 2269 Major Roman Matola was charged with the assistance of the terrorist organization “DNR” (Part 1 of Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). He was sentenced to five years in prison last autumn, although they were replaced by a probationary period, depriving him of military rank. See on “Tsensor.NET: SBU has expounded on Chernigiv region a worker recruited by special services of the Russian Federation. VIDEO The defender requested the cancellation of the sentence and the closure of the criminal proceedings, since his client allegedly has no relation to the charges advanced in the assistance of the terrorist organization “DPR”. He argued that “the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic” was neither recognized in Ukraine nor in other countries of the world as a terrorist organization, and the evidence directly investigated during the trial does not confirm that the so-called “DPR” is a terrorist organization. ” Also, the lawyer of the convicted person noted that the person to whom the Major of the National Guard Matala transferred data about the forces of ATO is not a member of the terrorist organization. Like, it was not established in the court of first instance, as well as that it contributed to its activities. The lawyer also noted that during the investigation, experts on secrets investigated the information that Major National Guard sent to the militants through an intermediary. They supposedly came to the conclusion that this information was not a state secret and its leakage could not harm the national security of Ukraine.

Reports: Man Sentenced For French Bank Scam Arrested In Ukraine

A Frenchman sentenced in absentia for a scam that tricked dozens of French banks and businesses out of millions of euros has been arrested in Ukraine, according to French media, judicial sources, and the man’s lawyer.

Ukrainian Climber Dies In Attempt To Scale Mont Blanc

A 42-year-old climber from Ukraine has died on Mont Blanc in the Alps during an attempt to scale Western Europe's highest peak, rescue teams say. Officials on August 19 said the man had becom…

Ukrainians quite often admit the use of lies and violation of the law in their quest for good and justice. Western mentality does not accept this. – Why Ukrainian society has no chance to fit into European values? –

Ukrainians quite often admit the use of lies and violation of the law in their quest for good and justice. Western mentality does not accept this.

Czech Ambassador: We are opening opportunity to supply military equipment to Ukraine – Czech Ambassador: We are opening opportunity to supply military equipment to Ukraine –

Find out interview with Czech Ambassador to Ukraine Radek Matula

Evidence of removing coal from Ukraine uncontrolled areas could be reason for filing claims to intl courts

Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons Heorhiy Tuka has said that if there is evidence of shipping coal from the Ukrainian temporarily uncontrolled areas in Donetsk and Luhansk regions to Russia, this could be a reason for filing lawsuits to international courts.

The smoke clears as Ukraine pulls itself back from the brink

Reform has become a dirty word in the post-financial crisis politics of many countries, a euphemism for painful austerity.

Volunteers From Abroad Help Ukrainians Restore Destroyed Heritage Sites – YouTube

Volunteers from across the world came to Ukraine to help restore an old museum. This is Celin, a French citizen, first time in Ukraine. And, for her first ex…

Ukrainian Cats With Actual Jobs You Might Want – YouTube

Just like the cat in Ivan Franko’s Mykyta the Fox folktales, this handsome orange beast is called Murlyka. He’s not just a cat. He works as a caretaker in th…

Russia / Iran / Syria / Iraq / OEF Reports

IS conflict: Iraq launches ground offensive in Tal Afar – BBC News

The northern city, one of the last held by IS, has been a target since the fall of Mosul in July.

Media learned about the supply of Iranian weapons to Russia in defiance of UN sanctions

Iran supplied to Russia for maintenance components of heavy weapons in violation of the UN Security Council resolution. The delivery was part of the expansion of military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran, the German newspaper Die Welt Air base Khmeimim (Photo: Vadim Savitsky / AP) Iran and Russia violated the UN Security Council resolution, which prohibits the supply and maintenance of Iranian heavy offensive weapons for the UN. This is reported by the newspaper Welt am Sonntag with reference to sources in the Western special services. Welt writes that in June of this year Iranian planes landed twice at the airport in Khmeimim, Syria, where the Russian aviation group is stationed. Iranian aircraft delivered components of heavy weapons, which were then transported by truck to the Mediterranean port of Tartus. In Tartus they were loaded onto the Russian ship “Sparta III”, which arrived with a military cargo to Novorossiysk. The German edition has a photograph on which, according to his information, an Iranian airplane was taken to Khmeimim. The photo is published on Twitter. The time when the picture was taken is not specified. According to VesselFinder service , the Russian cargo ship “Sparta III” left Tartous on August 5 and reached Novorossiysk on August 13. The German edition claims that Russia and Iran violated UN Security Council resolution 2231, which was adopted in July 2015. The resolution enacts the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (VCPD) to address the Iranian nuclear issue. The document prohibits, without the approval of the Security Council, “the direct or indirect supply of … … for the use in Iran or in its interests of any combat tanks, armored combat vehicles, large-caliber artillery systems, combat aircraft, combat helicopters, warships, missiles or missile systems.” ..> or related materiel, including spare parts. ” The text of the resolution is available on the UN website. In its material, the newspaper does not specify which components of which heavy weaponry Iran delivered. Welt am Sonntag in the material calls the described supply route a “new smuggling route”. According to the newspaper, it will become part of a new closer interaction between Moscow and Tehran. Welt notes that in August, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin visited Tehran and, at a meeting with Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehgan, signed a “preliminary agreement on strengthening military technological cooperation” between the countries. The agreement is seen as a response to US sanctions. On August 5, the TASS source in Rogozin’s office reported that in Tehran the vice-premier will meet with Dehgan to discuss “issues, including those concerning new supplies of Russian arms”.

Finnish police: Main suspect in Turku attack is 18-year-old Moroccan | Yle Uutiset |

The main suspect, an 18-year-old Moroccan man, remains hospitalised in critical condition after being shot in the hip by police. Police took four other individuals into custody overnight.

Moroccan asylum seeker ‘targeted women’ in Finland knife attack

A Moroccan man who was arrested for killing two women in a knife rampage was an asylum seeker who appeared to have targeted women in Finland’s first terrorism-related attack, police and a Red Cross official said on Saturday.

Trump says ‘decisions made’ on Afghanistan strategy – The Washington Post

The president met with a dozen aides to discuss plans to send 3,800 more troops to the United States’ longest-running war.

Trump’s Afghanistan Huddle Ends Without Decisions Announced – Bloomberg

President Donald Trump said decisions have been made, but none have been announced so far on the future U.S. role in Afghanistan following an hours-long retreat Friday at Camp David.

Trump studying options for new approach to Afghan war – The Salt Lake Tribune

Washington — President Donald Trump is “studying and considering his options” for a new approach to Afghanistan and the broader South Asia region, the White House said Friday after the president huddled with his top national security aides at Camp David. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a brief statement saying Trump had been briefed extensively on a new strategy to “protect America’s interests” in the region. She did not specifically mention Afghanistan. “The president is studying and considering his options and will make an announcement to the American people, to our allies and partners, and to the world at the appropriate time,” she said.

It’s Time to Make Afghanistan Someone Else’s Problem – The Atlantic

A full withdrawal will force Iran, Russia, and others, to step up.

Erik Prince’s Plan to Privatize the War in Afghanistan – The Atlantic

President Trump is meeting with his aides on Friday at Camp David—and some unorthodox ideas are on the table.

Trump would be bonkers to listen to Blackwater founder’s plan to use mercenaries in Afghanistan| Trudy Rubin

Hiring a mercenary army outside Pentagon control violates everything America stands for. – Trudy Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News


North Korea warns of ‘merciless strike’ ahead of US, South Korea drills – CNN

North Korea warned Sunday that the upcoming US-South Korea military exercises are “reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war.”

  1. Korea raps Seoul-Washington joint drill

North Korea on Sunday lambasted an annual joint military exercise to be staged by South Korea and the United States this week as an act of “adding fuel to the fire” on the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula.  In an editorial, the Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the ruling party, said the US moves to place the worst-ever sanctions on it and launch military provocations have made the situation on the pen…

Remarks With Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono, and Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera at a Press Availability

Remarks Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Dean Acheson Auditorium Washington, DC August 17, 2017 The United States will honor our treaty agreements with Japan without reservation, whether in times of peace or in the face of conflict. We will also cooperate to advance trilateral and multilateral security and defense cooperation with other partners in the region, notably the Republic of Korea, Australia, India, and other southeast Asian countries. We also discussed our concern about the security environment in the East China Sea and South China Sea. The United States and Japan oppose any unilateral action that seeks to undermine Japan’s administration of the Senkaku Islands, and we reaffirmed that Article V of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty covers these islands. We also oppose militarization activity in the South China Sea. Maritime disputes should be settled peacefully and maintain the freedom of navigation in accordance with the United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea. We maintain our unwavering commitment to the 2015 Guidelines for U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation, and we have instructed our staff to accelerate their implementation. We also will explore new and expanded activities in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance training and exercises, research and development, capacity building, and joint or shared use of facilities. Our conversation stressed the critical role that U.S. extended deterrence plays in ensuring the security of Japan, as well as the peace and stability of the Asia Pacific region, and we plan to deepen our engagement through the extended deterrence of dialogue. Both the United States and Japan are committed to the realignment of U.S. forces in Japan, which seeks to maintain operational and deterrent capability while limiting the impact on local communities. I welcome the resumption of the plan to construct the Futenma replacement at the Camp Schwab Henosaki [1] area and adjacent waters, as this is the only solution that addresses operational, political, financial, and strategic concerns, and avoids the continued use of the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. We hope to avoid further delays that will impede our ability to provide peace and security to Japan and the region. We do express our sincere appreciation to Okinawa for hosting U.S. military personnel and for playing a central role in the U.S.-Japan alliance.

What to watch for as war games begin between US, South Korea – News – Stripes

Tents have gone up and rows of computers are in place as the United States and South Korea gear up to begin joint war games Monday despite the growing nuclear threat from the North.

Contrary to all expectations, young leader of North Korea is a tough nut to crack – Meet Kim Jong-un, a crazy genius –

Contrary to all expectations, young leader of North Korea is a tough nut to crack

Kim Jong-un blackmails Donald Trump using military force and makes it clear that if he does not completely change his policy toward the DPRK, then the US will become the target of North Korean military aggression – Pearl Harbor on Guam – fatal mistake of North Korea –

Kim Jong-un blackmails Donald Trump using military force and makes it clear that if he does not completely change his policy toward the DPRK, then the US will become the target of North Korean military aggression

Commentary of Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel in connection with the NYT publication of a report on alleged supplies of missile engines from Ukraine to DPRK – Who could supply rocket engines to DPRK? –

Commentary of Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel in connection with the NYT publication of a report on alleged supplies of missile engines from Ukraine to DPRK

If it turns out that Ukraine or Russia transferred the engines for ballistic missiles to the DPRK on an official level, then the corresponding country can receive sanctions – UN to investigate which country supplied missile technology to DPRK –

If it turns out that Ukraine or Russia transferred the engines for ballistic missiles to the DPRK on an official level, then the corresponding country can receive sanctions

Ukrainian rocket engines in DPRK – what exactly the NYT wrote – Ukrainian rocket engines in DPRK: what exactly NYT wrote –

The report by Michael Elleman, the expert of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, published by the New York Times, does not contain the avowry that the DPRK received the engines RD-250 directly from the government of Ukraine or Ukrainian manufacturer

Engines in N.Korea missiles intended only for Russia: Kiev | AP Video

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Foreign Policy Reports

Israeli PM Netanyahu Plans Visit To Sochi To Meet With Putin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to Russia on August 23 to meet with President Vladimir Putin, the Israeli leader&rsquo;s office says. Netanyahu's office on August 19 sai…

500 Neo-Nazis Rally in Berlin, and Meet Strong Opposition – The New York Times

The neo-Nazis, who gathered to observe the 30th anniversary of the death of Rudolph Hess, were outnumbered by counterprotesters, who blocked their attempt to reach the prison where Hess died.

Berlin: neo-Nazis, counterprotesters take to the streets – CNN

Neo-Nazis marched in the streets of Berlin on Saturday as counterprotesters assembled to meet them, a week after a white supremacist rally turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Deputy head of the ultra-right political force “Alternative for Germany” Alexander Gauland, who is going to stand for Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, considers it necessary to lift sanctions from Russia by recognizing the annexed

Deputy head of the ultra-right political force “Alternative for Germany” Alexander Gauland, who is going to stand for Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, considers it necessary to lift sanctions from Russia by recognizing the annexed Crimea as Russian territory, reports Die Welt. According to him, anti-Russian sanctions do not give a proper result, and Germany should recognize Crimea as part of the Russian Federation. Gauland believes that this way it will be possible “to return Russia to the European order.” “Crimea will never return to Ukraine, sanctions will not change anything. Russia is a state in Europe, and we must integrate it into the European order. We must stop its opposition to NATO,” he said. As previously reported, the leader of German liberals Christian Lindner suggested for an indefinite period to forget about the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia, calling for starting to build relations with Moscow. In his opinion, the problem of Crimea should be “separated” in order to make progress in other areas. Lindner noted that sanctions against Russia shouldn’t be maintained until the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, and positive steps should be encouraged by the gradual removal of restrictions.

Crimea as – Candidate for chancellor of Germany: Crimea should be recognized as part of Russia –

Deputy head of the ultra-right political force Alternative for Germany Alexander Gauland, who is going to stand for Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, considers it necessary to lift sanctions from Russia by recognizing the annexed Crimea as Russian

Strategy / History / Capability Publications

This Video Proves Russia’s Attack Submarines Can Hit Any Target On The Globe

Yesterday, the Russian Navy released a video of K-560 Severodvinsk.

Researchers find wreckage of lost WWII warship USS Indianapolis – The Washington Post

The cruiser was found in the North Pacific 72 years after it was sunk by a Japanese submarine.

Wreckage From USS Indianapolis Located In Philippine Sea | Paul Allen

Paul Allen research vessel and crew locate final resting place of USS Indianapolis, 72 years after it was torpedoed and sunk by Japanese in the final days of

Sweden Was a Military Giant—Until It Invaded Russia | The National Interest Blog

400 years ago, Sweden was a major military power. Indeed, it was even an empire. Until a fatal mistake ended it all.

IW/IO/Cyber Reports

Russian fake news sites pose as reputable media outlets by copying domain names – To Inform is to Influence

August 19, 2017 13:26 SGT By Mario Manlupig, Jr Some of the world’s biggest news organisations, such as the Guardian and Al-Jazeera, have been the targets of illicit URL twinning to make fake news sites look like legitimate media outlets. These bogus sites were discovered to be operated by a group of Russians aiming to propagate…

Mrs. Miniver – The Film That Goebbels Feared – To Inform is to Influence

I was watching Turner Classic Movies with my wife this afternoon when the story of the actress Greer Garson came on.  The story about her was mesmerizing, especially because I had never heard of her before. The narrator then told the story of a movie she had starred in, Mrs. Miniver.  The narrator shared a quote…

General Staff chief reports Facebook intrusion attempts – news portal

General Staff chief reports Facebook intrusion attempts. He calls on “frenemies” to leave the page alone and go to church. Political – news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

Ukraine removes all 1,320 statues of Lenin | World | The Times & The Sunday Times

Statues of Lenin were once a common reminder of Ukraine’s Soviet past. At least one stood in every village, town, or city. Three years on from the revolution th

Robert W. Merry | Stop Poking the Russian Bear | The National Interest

Western intrusion into traditional Russian spheres of influence, areas under the sway of Moscow for three centuries or more, represents a highly provocative and destabilizing policy.

Graham Allison | America and Russia: Back to Basics | The National Interest

However demonic, however destructive, however devious, however deserving of being strangled Russia is, the brute fact is that we cannot kill this bastard without committing suicide.

US Domestic Policy Reports

Report of Ukraine Witness to DNC Hacking Stirs Confusion | Political News | US News

PARIS (AP) — A report that a cooperating witness has emerged out of Ukraine to help the FBI’s inquiry into the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee is drawing confusion and denials in Ukraine. A front-page story published by The New York Times says a malware author linked to the hacking of the DNC’s servers had turned himself in and was cooperating with authorities, citing Ukraine’s Cyberpolice. But Ukraine’s Cyberpolice said Saturday the unnamed individual had no established links to hacking and that it isn’t clear that the man is even a malware author. The Times’ story has since been revised to eliminate the reference to a DNC link. A Ukrainian lawmaker has been quoted as saying that the Times misidentified the hacker entirely. Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Calls for FBI to investigate Dana Rohrabacher’s meeting with Julian Assange grow –

More evidence reveals how Julian Assange is a tool of Vladimir Putin VIDEO

Political opponent wants FBI to investigate Rohrabacher in wake of Assange meeting – The Washington Post

Harley Rouda, a Democrat running against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) in 2018, has asked the FBI to probe the Republican congressman’s “political and financial ties to Russia.”

Did a Mole-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Leak Plot to Elect Trump?

A brave lawyer defending people the Russian government accuses of treason says the case of cyber experts charged with working for the CIA is about the toughest he’s seen.

British spy behind Trump-Russia dossier could be forced to talk after US court ruling – ABC News

A U.S. District court judge put a former British spy one step closer to facing questions about the funding and sourcing behind the controversial dossier he authored.

GOP Rep: Bannon ‘had to go’ after undermining Trump | TheHill

It looks like Bannon’s efforts to oust Trump’s national security adviser completely backfired | Business Insider

Allies of White House chief strategist Steve…

Newt Gingrich Defends Embattled National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster

Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich published an op-ed this week defending embattled National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

John McCain Just Finished His First Round Of Chemo And Radiation Treatment

“His resilience & strength is incredible,” his daughter tweeted.

The ‘Three Amigos’ Reunite After John McCain Completes Treatment

Sen. John McCain shared a sweet pic with Sen. Lindsey Graham and retired Senator Joe Lieberman after receiving first round of radiation and chemotherapy

Neo-Nazis excluded from military service by policy, but concerns persist – News – Stripes

Longstanding concerns about right-wing extremists in the military include such groups seeking to infiltrate the services to gain tactical knowledge and about troops’ radicalization after they’ve joined.


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