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Russia Damned By North Korean D-250 Reports

A collection of damning stories for Russia.

I’ll translate the headlines and provide a brief synopsis of the story, but the stories are all in Russian.  The last three links are, quite obviously, in English.

This is bigger than Ben Hur, and the Russians are going to wear it big time.

This is looking more and more like a failed active measure campaign by Russia, to blame Ukraine for selling D-250 engines to North Korea. Russia has plenty of D-250 engines available, a motive to blame Ukraine, a motive to sell engines to North Korea, a friendly relationship with the DPRK, and a deep history of doing this sort of operation.  …and failing, too.

“Caught in the garage”: the media was reminded of convicted spies from the DPRK, who hunted for the “secrets” of Ukrainian missiles  Two North Korean spies were convicted in 2012 for attempting to steal rocket engine secrets.  This makes the case that Ukraine was already suspicious of North Korea and was not supplying information or illegal rocket engines to them.

Statements on the supply of missile technologies by Ukraine to the DPRK are based on the testimony of an expert associated with the Russian Federation – IIP Michael Elleman, the expert who, according to media reports, took part in programs on disarmament and dismantling of obsolete Russian missiles, authored the NYT and IISS stories blaming Ukraine for supplying D-250 engines to North Korea. 

Technologies for the production of engines for missiles could not get from Ukraine to the DPRK – Goskosmos The head of theHead of the State Space Agency Yuri Radchenko stated “These technologies and these products could not get from the territory of Ukraine to the territory of North Korea. We comply with all international restrictions on the supply of these technologies. We respect all Ukraine’s obligations to transfer technology to third countries. Until now, space companies have not engaged in the production of military missiles.”

Shameful maneuvers: Tymoshenko removed her “missile” post about the DPRK, and her party declared hacking hacking
 The Secretariat of the Batkivshchyna Party reported in the social network that the page of the political force was subjected to hacking. They deny information about the publication of materials that discredit Ukraine.

Russia has all the bases and opportunities for the supply of missile engines to the DPRK – the State Space Committee  Russia is friendly with North Korea, no longer uses the D-250 engines and has a lot to sell (to North Korea).

In the State Department commented on reports of Ukraine’s supply of rocket engines in the DPRK  The representative of the US State Department noted that Ukraine has a reliable history of efforts in the field of non-proliferation.

Department Press Briefing – August 15, 2017 Two paragraphs apply (video at link): 

One of the things I do want to mention about this is that no single country has done more to curtail these ambitions of North Korea than the United States. There have been a lot of UN Security Council resolutions, and they obligate all nations, including Ukraine, to prevent transfers of sensitive technology to the DPRK.

In the past, I know that Ukraine has prevented the shipments of some sensitive materials to nations that we would be certainly very concerned about. We have a good, solid relationship with Ukraine. As you know, President Poroshenko was over here a couple months ago, meeting with the President, also meeting with Secretary Tillerson. As a general matter, we don’t comment on intelligence reports. Ukraine, though, we have to say has a very strong nonproliferation record and that includes specifically with respect to the DPRK. Tatyana’s Link-in profile has been removed. She was obviously a military linguist, so that says either GRU or RVSN. Currently in the nuke fuels business:

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