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Vladimir Zhirinovsky Threatens All Americans

Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky. Russian: Влади́мир Во́льфович Жирино́вский

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian politician, and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia threatened all Americans in Ukraine.

“Your Americans will die, we will destroy them all, shoot them and hang you all. You are a mean creature, [low/lowly animals/beasts/livestock] “he said.[He is basically calling all Ukrainians cattle], “he said.

Google his name in Russian, the results are very interesting. I believe he’s like a Rodney Dangerfield in the Russian government, but slightly wackier.

Just below is the video where he says this phrase, titled (in Russian) “Zhirinovsky threatened to drown the American soldiers in the Black Sea together with the base in Ochakov”,  no subtitles.

Zhirinovsky appears to be the designee to say outlandish and bizarre things.  In the following video, you can see most of the people, including Putin, laughing at one point, most likely at him, it is a wee bit unclear.

V. Zhirinovsky at the State Council for Culture and Art 24.12.2014

According to InfoResist, Zhirinovsky is disgraceful.

This statement of the scandalous politician was heard on the air of one of the Russian talk shows.

“Nothing will be built! Utopim, there will be a grave! “- Zhirinovsky assured during a dispute with the Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolovskaya.[Utopim = We will drown them].

“We’ll all drown there – in the Black Sea!” And we will destroy the Kiev government, this is the Russian land, “the politician added.

Sokolovskaya replied to Zhirinovsky that any attempts to drown someone or someone would be ruined.

Here, throughout this territory are beautiful complexes” Kolchuga “, which the Americans were looking for in Iraq. Finally, they can see them, they stand here. Here there are radar stations, here the Ukrainian troops are also being pulled. Much more dense here now than in Kharkov, which is a front line, so any attempts to drown someone somewhere – will be drowned in the blood of those who are going to drown … “- said Sokolovskaya. [ throughout this territory are wonderful “Kolchuga” systems]

In turn, Zhirinovsky said that Russia would destroy all.

“Your Americans will die, we will destroy them all, shoot them and hang you all. You are a mean creature, “he said. [You are lowly animals]

According to another expert, Zhirinovsky is a screwball.

Zhirinovskiy is widely regarded to be a crackpot by educated Russians, but has a substantial following among nationalistic Russians, and is seen as a mouthpiece for Putin to float ideas and make statements that would expose Putin to criticism.

In this talk show, Zhirinovskiy gets into a toxic argument with a Ukrainian journalist, the well spoken and adept Yanina Sokolovskaya, former editor of Russia’s Izvestiya.

Zhirinovskiy has just proven the argument put by Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alekseyevich, that the Russians believe they own everything and have no sense of any boundaries.

He is not alone:

  • Dugin advocated publicly genocide against the Ukrainians,
  • Putin has repeatedly claimed they are not a nation, and
  • Lavrov just said that Russia was obliged to invade Ukraine to “defend “the genetic code” of the Russian nation”.

These individuals all belong before a Hague tribunal.

Every Western appeaser of Russia should be publicly exposed for advocating a Russian conquest that could likely lead to genocide, or massive loss of life.

Does Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky speak for the Russian leadership?  Perhaps. Does Zhirinovsky speak for the average Russian?  Probably not. Perhaps he is the designated court jester, his ideas are either laughed at or taken seriously, and the audience knows that.

Perhaps he is the designated court jester, his ideas are either laughed at or taken seriously, and the audience knows that.

Update: Better translation with better nuances.


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