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Peskov’s daughter mocked after visiting Crimean shipyard to promote ‘patriotic business’

Yelizaveta Peskova uploaded pictures of her visit to Instagram Instagram

Where are Putin’s daughters?

Chicken shit.

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Yelizaveta Peskova claims she ‘didn’t know a single person’ who thinks ships are built by people

Shehab Khan

The Independent Online

The teenage daughter of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman is being ridiculed after she visited a Crimean shipyard to offer business advice, despite her lack of knowledge about the industry.

Yelizaveta Peskova claimed she was there to promote “patriotic business” and said she “didn’t know a single person” who thought ships were built by people.

The 19-year-old studies marketing in Paris and wore a designer dress to the southern Sevastopol shipyard, where she posed for photos with workers.

During Ms Peskova’s visit to the shipyard she gave a speech at a press conference where she said younger Russians needed to be taught that “shipbuilding is not something to be ashamed of”, The Times reported.

Her trip was part of a visit by a pro-Kremlin lobby group, Avanti, who she started working for in July.

Ms Peskova’s appointment has been widely criticised with many claiming it is another example of nepotism in Mr Putin’s Russia.

Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader, wrote: “A new star has finally appeared on the horizon of our government’s feudal personnel policies.”

One Twitter user said: “Our country is falling apart precisely because of things like this. All the real specialists are rotting away, working for 20,000 roubles (£255) a month.”

Ms Peskova is well known for posting glamorous photos on Instagram, where she often shows off her luxurious lifestyle.

But she has now made a move into Russian politics, attending forums and participating in a range of visits and trips.



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