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Lenin’s Corpse As A Cake

In The Now, hosted by RT’s Senior Political correspondent Anissa Naouai out of Moscow headquarters every Sunday, shared a video today on Facebook with the following comments:

Kids take a bite out of Soviet Union’s Vladimir LeninKids take a bite out of Soviet Union’s Vladimir Lenin
But don’t worry! It’s only a cake – not the embalmed body 😜
 — feeling hungry.

The video is disgusting, with children taking slices out of what looks like Lenin’s body, which is already disgustingly displayed in Lenin’s tomb in Moscow. Then the kids eat it…

Comments include:

  • This is disgusting! Too bad I can’t unsee this.
  • need a vomit emjoji
  • 🤮
  • How do I unsee and imagine and unthink this disgusting idea?!

Russia. Jeez.

But there is one slight twist to this whole story, which I find interesting.  Lenin is referred to as “Soviet Union’s”, where Stalin is known as Russian in many references…  Stalin’s reputation is actively being repaired by the Russian government. Why not Lenin?


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