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Alexandr Dugin Appears On InfoWars

There are three different videos here. I have not had time to view all three.  Two are from and the other is from

Appearing is Dr. Alexandr Dugin, who is perhaps, one of Putin’s most ardent supports and a prolific writer about Russian Information Warfare.


I just don’t have time to watch all three.  If this is crap, somebody let me know. Dugin is, on a scale of 1-10, an 11 on the wackiness scale, but he has Putin’s ear – sometimes. He and his pal Dr. Igor Panarin received awards from Putin after the invasion of Crimea, by the way… This is for you to enjoy, I just ate lunch and don’t want to lose it <censored>.

Some of you know how deeply I disrespect Alex Jones and  Lately, I’ve even fielded comments from a few of Jones’ supporters, which have been rather disrespectful.

Aleksandr Dugin: Putin’s Brain Joins Alex Jones, Part I. From

Part II, 8:09. From

The last is the version from, 48:07.



4 thoughts on “Alexandr Dugin Appears On InfoWars

  1. I think the way Dugin works on people’s heads is that the first 3 or four sentences he says are completely coherent, which gets people nodding their heads — then he just starts talking some bullshit mumbo-jumbo and some people who want to seem smart but are too dumb to know it is just sophistry keep nodding. (He’s not always complementary of Putin, some of his writing sounds like he’s molding or shaping expectations for Putin’s behavior from a ‘critical narodnik’ angle.)

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