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Russian Reaction to New EU Sanctions Against Russia: Waah!

The EU placed new sanctions on Russia after Russia was caught sneaking new Siemens turbines into Crimea. Russia pulled a bait and switch on Siemens.

From a good friend:

If you know Russian well, this is very much worth reading. (The statement has not been translated into English yet.) Russia’s Foreign Ministry is basically whimpering in the closing paragraph. That feels good.

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(Translation by my Chrome browser. If you have a better translation, please send it.)

4.08.17 19 : 52

Russian MFA Information and Press Department Commentary Regarding New EU Sanctions


Brussels’ decision to include a number of Russian officials and firms in the EU sanctions list as a retaliatory measure for allegedly “illegitimate” supply of gas turbines to the Crimea by the Siemens concern is deeply regrettable. We consider this step, undertaken on the initiative of Berlin, as unfriendly and unjustified. One gets the impression that the German colleagues have adopted the practice of expanding the interpretation of sanctions restrictions, which directly contradicts both international law and the principles of international relations in general.

Responsibility for this decision, including the possible economic costs of Siemens and other German companies, as well as European companies operating in Russia, lies entirely with the EU and the German government . The reasons for introducing a new portion of restrictive measures against our country are absolutely contrived and we reserve the right to retaliate.

Disappointed to the absurd politicization of the issue, which in fact is an ordinary commercial dispute of economic entities. We also strongly reject attempts to use it as an example of the alleged dishonesty of Russian companies.

Despite the emerging situation, we reaffirm our interest in preserving and progressive development of economic cooperation with Germany and the EU. We remain faithful to all previously assumed obligations. They are aimed at overcoming the negative consequences of the sanction toolkit.



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