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Russia’s Last Gasp: Withdraw Money From US

A Russian Foreign Ministry official posted this link today on Facebook.

The article is intended to show that Putin spoke firmly and with conviction.

It was accompanied by this picture.

This little darling of a statement was included in the article. The common document refers to the Statement by the Russian FM in response to the US passage of additional Russian sanctions.

The common document Editor says that “the United States, under the absolutely contrived pretext of Russia’s interference in their internal affairs, is aggressively pursuing rude anti-Russian actions one after another.”

Notice Russia is still denying interfering in the US election.

Then there is this little Russian inflation of word meaning. See if you can find which word we definitely did NOT use, but it fits Russia’s narrative.

He, I remind you, does not just extend restrictive measures and actually makes them eternal, but also declares Russia an enemy of the US – puts it on a par with North Korea and the regime of the ayatollahs in Iran. This means that we become monsters in the eyes of Americans.

Here are the original words if you Russian speakers want to see it.

Он, напомню, не просто расширяет ограничительные меры и фактически делает их вечными, но и объявляет Россию врагом США — ставит ее в один ряд с Северной Кореей и режимом аятолл в Иране. Это означает, что мы становимся монстрами в глазах американцев.

Yes, sir, Russia is using a word we never used, “enemy”. That is a remarkable inflation of the language in the bill.

Then the statement from Russian President Putin makes a personal insult:

–  It seems to me that the Russian leadership has finally become convinced that Donald Trump is not a full-fledged president, and is not able to conduct an independent foreign policy.

Now Putin becomes a wee bit incomprehensible, blame the translation but he seems to be mixing conspiracy theories with personal insults and some pure conjecture.

I note that it is difficult to predict the behavior of this “deep state”. He is neither a leader nor has a staff. In fact, it is a conglomeration of various US structures that behaves not as a political organization, but as an unconscious being. At the same time, the goals of the “deep state” are sufficiently clear – to ensure a regime change in Russia according to the Ukrainian model.

He manages to project, once again, that the US is going to instigate a coup in Russia.

But now Putin tells us the next step that Russia will take.

I can assume that one of the Kremlin’s key countermeasures will be the withdrawal of Russian money from US securities. Now it is obvious that in the conditions of political war these investments are not safe.

However, right now it is impossible to announce this. Otherwise, it will inevitably lead to problems in the financial markets, and Russia will lose substantially on American securities. It can not, moreover, exclude that in response to Moscow’s actions, the American “deep state” will try to freeze part of Russian investments. I think, given this perspective, the Kremlin will withdraw money from US securities very gradually, and will begin this operation not earlier than six months later.

 Then the article ends.

Putin’s only option is to withdraw Russian money from American banks and bonds.

Putin did not wave a finger in the air and remind us “we have nukes”, that appears to be his absolute last option.

Russia is going to SLOWLY withdraw their investments in the US, so slow we will not notice. Except now he’s told us that is what they are going to do.