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Russian Foreign Ministry Pushing Fake News

Russian FM official, identity hidden

In an interesting twist, or Gazeta VZ, published an article:

This link was shared by a Russian Foreign Ministry official today.

Hmmmm, that’s curious. The new bill sent to President Trump by Congress specifically mentions three countries: Iran, Russia, and the DPRK (North Korea).

I began to wonder if there was a bill being introduced to put sanctions on China.

Short answer, no.

But SouthFront, a notorious carrier of Russian propaganda carried this story, in ALL CAPS, no less.

The South China Morning Post published this.

Pravda carried this.

It refers to a Politico report, but there is no link and after checking, there is no report.

This is bogus, this is fabricated, this is Russia.


5 thoughts on “Russian Foreign Ministry Pushing Fake News

  1. Continuous drumbeat by the IC against all things Russia is disingenuous and dangerous. Russia is not the enemy of the United States and trying to turn it into one with ‘Fake News’ is foolhardy, portraying Russia as our enemy via Fake Intelligence, trying to provoke war, is at least incompetent and a betrayal.

    1. Hi Lyle!
      Please, I invite you to show me one place where the United States, any US government officials, or anything remotely official has called Russia an “enemy”.
      I can and have cited many examples of officials in the Russian Foreign Ministry, and even their illustrious leader, Vladimir Putin, has called the US an “enemy”.
      No, my friend, Russia is overly aggressive and the world is responding.
      …and I’m curious, why do you think the IC is arrayed against Russia? They have only shown the facts and made the assessments of your behavior, as have I.
      Russia is a petulant child, plain and simple. Russia is relatively weak and has no more options left. I’ve predicted what ALL your options might be, and every one comes at a price at which Russia and especially Russians would needlessly suffer. All because Putin has a dream which is unreasonable.

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