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Russia’s Comical Response To US Sanctions

The US House passed a bill calling for new sanctions on Russia in response to its election meddling in the US 2016 election by an overwhelming margin of 419-3.

TASS just published an article in response, “Putin: new US sanctions – ensuring its economic interests with a “special cynicism“.

My first excerpt is the subtitle.

Russia reacts with restraint to the actions of the United States, but it’s impossible to tolerate rudeness all the time

Speaking of rudeness, the world has endured illegal invasions of Ukraine, twice, and Georgia, twice. Speaking of rudeness, the world has tolerated overwhelming amounts of propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation emanating from Russia. Speaking of rudeness, the world has endured legions of professional Russian trolls inhabiting Twitter, Facebook, the comment sections of many public websites, and anyplace else commenting is allowed. Speaking of rudeness, the world has tolerated Russian warplanes and warships approaching sovereign airspace and waters in attack patterns countless times. Speaking of rudeness, Russia has done all these illegal, immoral, unethical practices and denied them all, and when confronted, responds with “prove it”.  Speaking of rudeness, the world has endured your active and open interference in presidential elections in the US and France, probably Brexit, and probably countless other referendums. No, Russia, your behavior is rude.

“We have not yet seen the final version of [the draft law on tightening sanctions against the Russian Federation], so we do not have final opinions on this matter,” the Russian leader said, responding to a question about Moscow’s reaction to new sanctions.

Translation, we are generating options but we have almost nothing with which to counter.  We will feign umbrage, we will claim to victimhood, and we will cry about Russia not receiving the respect it deserves. In the end, what we will do will be mostly symbolic, a complete display of our new status – neutered.

“We, as you know, behave very restrainedly, patiently, but at some point we will have to answer, it is impossible to endure endlessly some rudeness towards our country,” Putin stressed.

I hate to interrupt your self-aggrandizing platitudes, but no, Russia has not behaved in any sort of a restrained manner, you’ve behaved absolutely without patience, and your behavior has been beyond rude. Your response has been mostly against your own citizens and you’ve restricted their freedoms, declined them a quality of life, and denied them the basic human right of access to read or speak freely.

…we see simply the growth of anti-Russian hysteria…

Perhaps the West has been too patient in its response to Russia and Russia neglected to notice. Russia has become accustomed to a lack of a punitive response from the West to Russia’s overbearing actions and only now is about to receive harsh treatment. After 17 years of Putin’s growing authoritarianism, he is seeing a response both domestically and from much of the rest of the world.

I laughed when I read these. Russia always claims to be the victim, is never at fault, and always says they are unerringly good.  Perhaps they should also claim to never tell the truth, even about telling the truth.


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