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Name And Shame: Washington Post Using Russian Propaganda

Tonight I reviewed this two-day old article in the Washington Post. It contained the following headline:

The article starts out this way:

Separatists in eastern Ukraine claimed Tuesday to have founded a new country — Malorossiya, which means “Little Russia” in English — that they hope will eventually overtake Ukraine.

Eight different times in the article it uses the word “separatist” or “separatists”.

Most likely the Washington Post just doesn’t know better. I do not believe they would purposefully echo Russian propaganda.

Washington Post, I understand that it is easy to use this term, but it promotes Russian propaganda. Russia invaded and illegally annexed Crimea. Then Russia attempted to do the same in Donbas. Russian soldiers, Russian generals, Russian equipment, Russian ammunition, Russian artillery, and Russian money started the war, supports the war, and continues the war, and is the sole reason Ukraine is fighting in East Ukraine against these Russian soldiers, Russian mercenaries, and Russian proxies.

Simultaneously, Russian propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and active measures pummeled the world, starting in early 2014, first establishing a reason that they were protecting the Russian language and the Russian people in Crimea. Now Russia is trying to revise history to support their illegal activities.

There are Russian soldiers, Russian mercenaries, and Russian proxies fighting against Ukraine in Donbas.  Anything else is simply Russian propaganda.

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