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Russia Increasingly Promoting Stalin

A Russian Foreign Ministry official posted this on his Facebook page today. 

Acceptance of this mass murderer in Russia is being pushed by Putin and his administration is helping sell the idea. 

The survey was conducted by VTsIOM.  I wasn’t familiar with them, being more familiar with the independent Levada, so I looked them up. 

Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) (Russian: Всероссийский центр изучения общественного мнения – ВЦИОМtr.Vsyerossiǐskiǐ tsentr izučenija obščestvennogo mnenija – VTsIOM), established in 1987, known as the “All-Union Center for the Study of Public Opinion” until 1992, is the oldest polling institution in post-Soviet Russia. It is one of Russia’s leading sociological and market research companies. The state-owned and government-run institution reports to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The key is they are state owned and government run, so the results of their survey are automatically suspect. 

This story was published by Vesti.Ru by Russia-24, which is also state-run and a self-admitted propaganda outlet. 

What lead me to investigate the source was the label on the page source: BBC News, yet there is no mention of this by the BBC.  The nearest article to this subject on the BBC website is definitely not something the Russian Foreign Ministry would want to be shared.

The rectangular plaques are small and simple. Etched into the metal there is a name, date of birth and occupation: radio technician, journalist, student.

Then come the dates of arrest and execution.

Fixed to buildings across Russia, the nameplates are gradually restoring the memory of some of the millions of victims of Joseph Stalin’s political repressions.

The initiative of a group of activists, it is also a direct challenge to the growing number of Russians who see the Soviet leader in a positive light.

I stopped digging at this point. I am disgusted by the obvious intent to generate propaganda directed at the Russian people using every office in the Russian government as a means to a disgusting end.

My opinion, this is very suspect from beginning to end. Obviously, this article intended for a Russian audience, the Russian government is attempting to change public opinion and soothe any misgivings. 

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(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser. If you have a better translation, please submit.)

Nearly two-thirds of Russians support the installation of Stalin memorial signs

According to VTsIOM, 62 percent of Russians support the idea of setting in a public place memorial signs telling about Iosifa Stalina success, while 65 percent are opposed to the installation of monuments that have been reported about his crimes.

33 percent participated in the survey, which was conducted July 7-8, would not show any emotion when placing Stalin memorial sign on the house next door. Would positively react to this event 42 percent negative – only 21 percent, according toTASS

In this case, in the opinion of 59 percent of respondents to a memorial sign is not necessary to place the neutral character of the information that would tell about the visit of the city, make a speech, and so on.

More active than others “for” vote on all matters of the younger generation, while older people tend to disagree with the idea of installing signs glorifying Stalin.

“Negative against Stalin steadily waning in recent years, but it is not accompanied by denial of his mistakes and errors. The majority of Russians are not opposed to the installation of various memorials dedicated to Stalin. Once again, we emphasize that in this case we are not talking about idealization of the past, which is also confirmed by our other studies, “- so appreciated the results of the survey the head of practice of political analysis and advice to VTsIOM, Mikhail Mamonov.


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