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The Horror Of Kharkov

Girl trying to unscrew and steal the wheel of the school bus to sell it, buy some food and pay for heating

This whole thing is written in Russian and published on LiveJournal, which is a notorious Russian blog, usually heavily slanted pro-Putin. 

This is a tongue in cheek blog which supposedly shows the “horrors” of life in Ukraine.  The author spares no opportunity to show how propaganda misrepresents actuality.  His titles say ‘this is the horror they must suffer through’, whereas the picture shows beauty, wonderment, and art. 

More than anything else, this pictorama represents the dichotomy of propaganda.  Propaganda is full of lies which misrepresent reality. 

Bottom line, this article shows the beauty that overflows Ukraine. I thought this pictorial so amusing, the pictures of life in Ukraine so beautiful, that I had to share.  Thank you, CD, for sharing this. 

Oh, the agony.

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(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser. If you have a better translation, please send.)

Horror Kharkov …

I decided to write here about Ukraine. The truth-womb. And to illustrate it all with my own fresh photographs taken in the last two months.

If you watch carefully for the Russian media, then you must emerge was a well-defined picture of what is happening now in Ukraine (the country, banned in Russia). Cold, hunger, poverty, depression. People, exhausted by the fact that for three winters in a row in the apartments of 10 degrees Celsius (this is in the best case), the lack of food, exorbitant housing payments when wages only enough to light a payment received from a 25-watt bulb, no longer has the strength to rise to fight and to throw off the hated fascist junta. There’s more that the tires burned for ten years. Bezviz was not Peremoga and zradoy. Only oligarchs can afford to use it. Ordinary Ukrainians are forced to sneak by SBU wade Siwash and “rest” in the cave cities of the Crimea, begging alms from Russian tourists who come there for the tour.

But the reality is a hundred times worse. And now I’m going to prove it to you clearly by the example of his native Kharkov. So, let’s begin. Only clean the screen young children, pregnant women and the elderly. They can not survive this horror.

1 – People are starving. You see in the picture, as the urban economy workers are planted every day in tens of thousands of colors –

By morning, all of them eat the hungry people and everyone has to start all over again.

2 – to somehow save at least part of colors, choose a part of land on the water, it’s not every weakened by hunger Kharkov will reach doplyvet until the middle of the Dnieper Lopan –

In the photo you can see how hungry men stole a boat boathouse and try to get a part of colors for food .

3 – Not all, even on land manage to crawl to the colors. In my eyes the girl fell, reaching the two steps to the flower beds. First on all fours –

4 – I tried to get up and then collapsed completely, her legs were paralyzed. But even half a meter, and it would have been saved –

Passersby look indifferently at the drama played out in front of them, greedily guarding, when she finally dies.

5 – the girl on duty at the entrance to the empty cafe, begging for food from rare visitors oligarchs. Oboratite attention to rugs – girls are in the winter can not in any way to get warm. Girl on the right is happy, her someone made a generous gift – floor patty with cabbage. Now, the next three days with her face not go happy smile –

Another girl beggar vainly waiting for no one –

6 – but this girl is desperate, without waiting for alms, and is going to put in pawn its latest iPhone –

7 – the boy was walking along park and fell from weakness, unable to rise. Only the faithful dog is not indifferent to its fate –

8 – Doctor of Physics and Mathematics has to earn playing the saxophone. He turned as shy of being recognized its foreign counterparts –

9 – The city is raging right sector (organization banned in Russia), forcing all speak Ukrainian Move. If someone speaks in Russian, it just hung on the mouth’s a castle –

10 – Beautiful girls forced to mutilate themselves, wear scary masks to avoid being raped Bandera –

11 – The girls are forced to dress in the colors of the national flag or shirts and a fighters Right sector (organization, banned in Russia) depict a fake joy and shouting “Glory to the heroes! Thank Ukraїni!” –

12 – Right Patrol sector (organization, banned in Russia) in their red-and-black colors (banned in Russia) –

13 – The new police are also rampant. Then they took me for a Western correspondent and pretended to smile at the camera. Within seconds, they will be brutally beaten with truncheons pregnant woman-epileptichku (in the picture left) –

14 – Here are two women dressed in black, even the hair was painted black. They recently buried their dead from hunger relatives –

15 – Another widow with reproach in his eyes silently asks, “How long?” –

16 – Many homes built in order to save on a foundation of cow dung and sticks, leaving the ground –

17 – In order to somehow help the homeless, thrown out for failing to pay the rent of their apartments, the municipality was forced to start building social housing in the ventilation pipes. Warm air coming through the pipes of ventilation, heat the home –

18 – A woman goes home to their social housing –

19 – Homeless girl who did not get social housing, live right on the square, sit and sleep on the dirty pavement –

20 – Bride and the bride came to drown in the fountain, with no means of livelihood –

Mama suitsidnitsa chooses, with some bridge jump –

21 – this staircase elite residential houses –

22 – typical house for the middle class –

23 – There are people of low income –

24 – Nightmare Kharkiv lurks in every alley –

25 – Pohorje Goes “SHO” bureau, they are constantly a lot of work. When they were brought to the next dead man, they asked: “Shaw, again ?!”, hence the name –

26 – Spontaneous market in one of the lanes. To survive, the residents are forced to sell their umbrellas –

27 – In the absence of money for building materials, people are forced to make tables out of the demolished monuments –

28 – Near the Infiniti cabin empty. People have to change Nissans (enemy does not want!) –

29 – But not everyone can afford even the Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Leaf, many thousands of Kharkiv forced to transfer to the bike –

would be in time! The central Deli thrown into the sale of sprat –

30 – In the streets of the city is open touring scam, no one embarrassment –

31 – A lot of armed men –

32 – swollen with hunger cyclist greedily eats left some oligarch pizza –

That this oligarch –

33 – As in all times of turmoil, double flowers bloom witchcraft, occultism and obscurantism –

34 – electronics Supermarket. Sale of computers, smart phones, music centers and cameras –

35 – Girl trying to unscrew and steal the wheel of the school bus to sell it, buy some food and pay for heating –

36 – Typical machines wealthy Kharkov –

37 – The Americans did not hesitate to behave arrogantly, as the rightful owners –

38 – US police displace local –

39 – all flooded cars Americans –

40 -And Americans –

41 – the Pindos even his White house moved from Washington, DC, and set it at the beginning of Moskalevki –

They say the people that are going to rename Kharkov in New Washington and embankment Lopan – Brighton Beach.

I hope that you appreciate the things happening in my horror city.
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