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Too Embarrassed To Admit To Being Ethnic Russian?

In the 2001 Census, 17.3% of Ukrainians self-identified as ethnic Russian. The most recent survey, even if not a census, has the number down at 5%. Even accounting for Crimea, and occupied Donbass, this says ethnic Russians are denying their heritage.

Should we be surprised given the Putin doctrine of using resident ethnic Russians as an excuse to invade?

Another way of looking at this is that Russia attacks Ukraine indiscriminately. The heritage of the victims is not of importance, it is ‘just’ Ukraine to Russia.  Russia’s behavior is an embarrassment. Russian ‘creep’ into other countries is an embarrassment. Russian corruption is an embarrassment. Russian provocations are an embarrassment. Russian bravado, bluffing, buffoonery, and braggadocio is an embarrassment.  Russian revisionism is an embarrassment.  Russia’s propaganda is an embarrassment. Russia’s war against the West is an embarrassment.

Ukraine has risen proudly, like a phoenix, out of the ashes. Against all odds, Ukraine has prevailed. Identifying with being Ukrainian is a matter of national pride. We have irresponsible and immature Russian behavior to thank for that.

Admitting to being Russian is an embarrassment.


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