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Russian Embarrassing Billboards Removed In Hamburg For G20

In Hamburg faded posters of fighters ATO who posted Ukrainian crisis media center at the entrance in the building where the G20 summit is being held. This was reported by the photographer and journalist Lisa Piesek in  Facebook , reports Liga.novosti.

On the poster read: “Look at these faces Ukrainian soldiers defending the borders of civilization.”.

The evening of June 7, it became known that the poster was gone from the billboard.

Later it turned out that the mass advertising of Hamburg, which was, on the other hand, remained. Most likely, the poster of the Ukrainian military removed the firm, despite the fact that he was paid until Monday.

The police say that this is not involved and do not rule out the crime, but asked to wait for some kind of statement to make firm.

Project the image of the military, doctors, volunteers had to remind world leaders that Ukraine in 1994 has received guarantees of security under the Budapest Memorandum, when given the third-largest nuclear arsenal.

Initially the action looked like this:

Earlier IC group reported that on the eve of the G20 summit in Hamburg appeared billboards with portraits of the Ukrainian Heroes.

Source: http://sprotyv.info/ru/news/kiev/g20-v-gamburge-tainstvenno-ischez-plakat-napominanie-o-voyne-rf-protiv-ukrainy-foto


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