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Ukrainian Sources Using Russian Propaganda – Name and Shame

I have problems with a few of these articles as I reviewed them in my latest Russian update from my anonymous expert.  

I wanted to specifically bring attention to Ukrainian news sources helping contribute to the problem. You are part of the problem by perpetuating Russian propaganda. 

These were the latest offending articles.  

All the above articles use the word “Militant” in the articles, which is a regurgitation of Russian propaganda.  This is Russian-initiated, Russian controlled, and Russian-sponsored, bought paid for and supplied, unconventional warfare started specifically to destabilize Ukraine. These are Russian troops and Russian mercenaries. Period, full stop.

So, the following are named and shamed for promoting Russian propaganda in the articles above. 


It has been easy to use those words, but consider this. Are there really Ukrainian militants fighting guerilla warfare against Ukraine in a popular uprising?  Are they not simply soldiers paid by Russia to fight against Ukraine?  Does Russian supply them weapons?  Does Russia supply them armored support?  Doesn’t Russia fire artillery from Russia and from the Donbass to help support these troops?  Didn’t Russia just admit to fighting in Ukraine? 

Why are you supporting Russia in this propaganda war?  Because you’re lazy and it’s easy to do?  Stop it. Soldiers are dying to save Ukraine. The least you could do is to support them by not helping Russia in the information war. 

You know better.  


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