CTOvision Assessment On The Megatrend of Cybersecurity

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There are seven key megatrends driving the future of enterprise IT. You can remember them all with the mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for Cloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceMobilityBig DataRoboticsInternet of ThingsCyberSecurity.

In this post we dive deeper into the trend of enhanced Cybersecurity.

We can make a prediction with absolute certainty: In the future, cybersecurity will be like watching a rodeo. Sometimes the rider will ride and sometimes the rider will be thrown. We know there will be times when adversaries will surprise even the most well defended organizations. History just makes that totally clear.

We can also say this about the future of cybersecurity: When organizations are led by leaders that care they can make a huge impact in mitigating risks. Cybersecurity professionals know how to configure existing technology in ways that raise costs for adversaries and can also engineer things to make it easier to spot when an adversary has been successful. Experienced professionals know how to mitigate risks in ways that reduce risks, but what is sometimes missing is support from the most senior executive and/or peers to the security leadership. If the executive team does not really care, the security program will be sub-optimized. That is just a fact.

Cybersecurity is especially important because of the newfound complexity arising in our systems. All the megatrends we review here, and everything we see in doing assessments in the market, point to dramatically enhanced complexity. And all indications are that tricking future systems will become easier not harder. Bottom line here: No organization should think they can handle their security needs by themselves. We will all need help.

A snapshot of the trend right now indicates:

  • Some of humanity’s greatest thinkers, business leaders and computer scientists have struggled to enhance cyber security. Their approaches are not working.
  • Cybersecurity will have to advance or none of the other megatrends we review will be optimized.
  • Cybersecurity is especially important because of the newfound complexity arising in our systems.
  • Behavioral analytics is seen as a promising approach to enhancing our response
  • Machine learning and advanced analytics are also seen as promising approaches.

Open questions decision-makers should track include:

  • Is humanity sleepwalking into a preventable catastrophe?
  • Will it be easier to trick future systems?
  • Will any organization be able to defend itself without help?
  • What is the role of behavioral analytics?

Books we appreciate for their contribution to understanding cybersecurity include:

Follow this link to track the highest ranked, enterprise ready Cybersecurity Companies.

For deeper considerations of the impact of the cybersecurity trends it is important to track all seven Megatrends and consider them together. Dive deeper into all the trends and examine their impact on your organization via a CTOvision Pro membership, available for enterprises and individuals.

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You can launch your examination of the MegaTrends through the categories menu at CTOvision, or directly via these links:  Cloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceMobilityBig DataRoboticsInternet of ThingsCyberSecurity.

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