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China, Russia to further strengthen media cooperation

Before anybody panics, the source of the news report is People’s Daily Online, not exactly a hardcore propaganda outlet.  On the other hand, China prefers its official propaganda to be much more subtle than does Russia.

Yes, both TASS and the People’s Daily Online are state owned and both tend to publish some highly skewed pieces, but neither is as far out there as RT or Sputnik.  

Still, be sensitive to any articles appearing in one source will either mirror, echo, or a derivative will appear very similar in the other outlet. 

Now if the Chinese Foreign Propaganda Office and some office in the Kremlin had a similar arrangement, then I would be worried.

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(People’s Daily Online)    08:47, July 05, 2017

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Tuesday witnessed the signing ceremony of media cooperation agreement in the Kremlin in Moscow.

The agreement, signed between the President of People’s Daily Yang Zhenwu and Director General of Russia’s Tass news agency Sergey Mikhaylov, states that both sides to strive to exchange comprehensive cooperation. Both sides are to jointly form comprehensive strategic partnership under the principles of equality and mutual trust and reporting.

2016 and 2017 have been tapped as the China-Russia Media Exchange Year, designed to create new opportunities and impetus for media cooperation between the two countries. Media exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia have been seen as high priority by the two heads of state. In June 25, 2016, both leaders attended the launching ceremony of Sino-Russian Mainstream Media Joint Interview Activity in Beijing.



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