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Ukraine’s PrivatBank Proposes Linux to Replace Compromised Microsoft Platforms

The NotPetya cyber attack didn’t affect the largest bank in Ukraine,  PrivatBank. The bank’s entire computer infrastructure, from ATMs and workstations to servers, is built on Linux operating system. In the wake of the last attack, Privatbank now proposes to help state bodies, institutions, enterprises migrate to Linux.

PrivatBank offered the state secure corporate systems based on PrivatLinux

PrivatBank is ready to provide the state authorities, departments, state enterprises and local authorities with a ready solution of corporate operating systems on the basis of PrivatLinux, which will provide data protection against cyber attacks similar to the one that Ukraine faced on June 27, 2017. This was announced by the chairman of the board of PrivatBank Alexander Shlapak.

According to him, the corporate operating system of PrivatBank showed its exceptional resistance to cyberthreats, since during the period of the virus attack in the PrivatBank network there were no epidemics of infections on more than 20 thousand workstations.

“Today, within the framework of its Privat.Share strategy, our bank is ready to share with the government, authorities, all interested structures and fellow bankers ready for implementation a solution that will protect the data and ensure uninterrupted operation of authorities in the case of such cyber threats,” Alexander Shlapak.“We are ready to help establish PrivatLinux systems, the cost of implementation of which will be minimal in comparison with any other solutions.”

Today, PrivatBank is ready to provide the necessary software product, consulting and installing secure operating systems to all government agencies and enterprises. In addition to the free installation, the main advantage of implementing PrivatLinux-based systems for government agencies and enterprises will be the ability to remotely service all workstations, centralize all stations and create a single repository of available programs.

The installation of new corporate software on the workstation will require only additional training of staff and adaptation of the software, and to support state-owned corporate operating systems, it will be sufficient to attract one middle level devOps specialist for 1,000-2,000 workstations.



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