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Russians Torture Syrian Prisoner With Sledge Hammer 2017

It took me less than two seconds to find this on YouTube after someone shared it in the article below. 

Allegedly the language is authentic, the uniforms are authentic, and I can verify the behavior is typical for Russia/Soviet Spetsnaz.  The only problem I have is that these alleged Spetsnaz guys are not at all athletic and are actually uncoordinated.

I post this here because this may well be one of the better propaganda videos that can legitimately damage the Russian reputation, as bad as it already it. 

Caution, the video is disturbing. They mash the guy’s hand – once – and swing and miss his feet.  The screen shot above is at the :45 second mark, just before his hand stops looking like a hand.

Yep. Children. Russian.  Vile, filthy creatures in this video.

In case they take down the YouTube version, it will be found here.

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first published on June 30, 2017 by 

A Syrian man is laying on the ground, surrounded by apparent Russian troops. Then they start beating him with a sledge hammer.

In a leaked video from Syria, Russian soldiers can be seen torturing a Syrian man by beating him with a sledge hammer. At several points in the video they refer to the man as a member of ISIS, and they continually beat him. They have him surrounded on all sides, and at several points they outstretch his hands and feet and pummel them with a sledge hammer.

Looking at the footage with an eye for detail can tell us a few things. One, the men conducting the torture are speaking Russian. We have had multiple sources confirm that the individuals are indeed speaking Russian. A direct quote from the video clearly stated in the Russian language, “Let’s start, fucking ISIS.” Second, the uniforms and equipment of the troops are actually in line with what we have seen members of the Russian Special Forces in Syria using in previous videos. Also, there is this patch that is clearly seen in the video, which reads “I’ll just make you really, really hurt.”

sledge 1

As more information becomes available about this video, and the situation, we will continue to make updates.

Warning: This video contains extremely disturbing content that may be unsuitable to some viewers. Scenes of graphic violence are present in every single second of this video. Viewer discretion is advised.



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