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ACCS in Media Coverage of New Information Warfare Division

When the Australian government announced on 30 June 2017 the creation of a new information warfare division in the Australian Defence Force, ACCS figured prominently in the news coverage of it. We offer the only Master’s degree in Australia on cyber war and peace, and we have published academic research on cyber war, including Australia’s preparedness and the global cyber war environment.   Here is a list of representative new coverage of ACCS and the announcement of the new cyber warfare division.
Australian Financial Review: New unit dedicated to cyber warfare, 21 June 2017
ABC Online: Cyber warfare unit set to be launched by Australian Defence Forces, 30 June 2017
AM: AM – Australia launches military cyber warfare unit 30/06/2017 – ABC 30 June 2017
ABC News 24: Keyboard soldiers to join front line of defence as Australia invests in … Cyber warfare: Australia launches new military information unit to target criminal hackers 30 Jun 2017
iTWire: Australia to join ranks of cyber warfare warriors 30 Jun 2017
International Business Times, Cyber attacks: Australia launches strikes to shut down foreign criminal networks 30 Jun 2017
SBS News: New Australian military unit will specialise in cyber warfare, 30 June 2017
SBS Arabic: The Australian Department of Defense has set up a new unit to deal with cyber attacks and launch defensive attacks, 30 June 2017
The New Daily: Cyber warfare unit set to be launched by Australian Defence, 30 June 2017
Engineers Australia: Cyber warfare: Australia launches new military information unit, ASD …
Morning Mail: ADF will have a cyber warfare unit – News – Morning Mail 30 June 2017
PrimeNews: China’s big threat to peace in 2030 – Breaking News – PrimeNews …



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