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Is NPR A Russian Tool?

Is NPR a Russian propaganda tool?

Tools are used hard, then put into a kit box and only used again when needed.

NPR, using that definition, is and was used by Russia as a propaganda tool.  Plain and simple.

Here is an article, published by NPR yesterday.


Vladimir Putin insists Russia doesn’t want to annex separatist enclaves in eastern Ukraine, but many residents, who already use the Russian ruble and depend on Russia in many ways, wish he would.

With this simple title and introduction, the author, , echoes Vladimir Putin’s propaganda. ‘We didn’t want Crimea, either, but since they’re of Russian blood, speak Russian, and Ukraine used to be Soviet which is now Russia, we’re just helping them out.’ We’re investing billions of rubles just to support them in doing what they want to do. So what if they live in another sovereign nation and this is the definition of creating and supporting an insurgency in another country?

The interview starts with


An update now from eastern Ukraine, where, for the last three years, Russia has fueled a separatist war. Vladimir Putin insists he wants only to protect ethnic Russians there. He hasn’t annexed the region as he did Crimea. And Russia hasn’t even officially recognized the independence of Ukraine’s breakaway regions. But Russia is where the sympathies of many people there lie.

Melissa, there is nothing “separatist” about this. This is a low-level Russian invasion sponsored by Russia, the action is led by Russian generals, Russia supplies ancient Soviet equipment, augments this with Russian troops and state-of-the-art Russian equipment, even Buks used to shoot down MH17.  Some of the ‘soldiers’ are local volunteers, some are paid mercenaries, and many are Russian regular soldiers.

One of your statements is so flat-out wrong, you obviously did not do your research. “Russia hasn’t even officially recognized the independence of Ukraine’s breakaway regions.”  Russia recognizes DPR and LPR passports, the only country to do so.

Sure, there are pockets of people who miss the order and authoritarianism of the Soviet Union. Sure, they’re of Russian blood.

Is Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson an unwitting or a witting Russian agent?

But, please, tell us about all the people forced out of Ukraine under the Soviet rule and were forcibly replaced with Russians. There was a name for it, Russification. But enough with the “whataboutisms”.

Tell us about Russian Spetsnaz in the DPR and LPR, working to build support for Russian destabilization efforts in East Ukraine. That is called guerilla warfare, but today it’s being called hybrid warfare for some inexplicable reason. Guerilla warfare with new tools?

Bottom line at the bottom, NPR. This is absolute horse ca-ca Russian propaganda. Russia is trying to invade another sovereign country, has signed pacts promising to respect those borders, and has now de facto stolen Crimea and is attempting to do the same in Donbass. You, NPR, are being used by Russia to support this highly illegal activity. Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, you are nothing but an unwitting or perhaps witting Russian agent.


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