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Propaganda video published by Ahrar Al-Sham shows their military camp in central Syria

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (7:20 P.M.) – Syrian islamist movement, Ahrar Al-Sham, published a 12-minute-long video footage taken in the military camp in northern Homs countryside.

Video shows militants involved in the intensive physical and combat training, including close combat practice, knife fighting, storming operations, defensive warfare, et cetera:

In addition to that, video demonstrates jihadists practicing their main storming tactics, namely attacking enemy positions by mobile tactical groups supported by armoured vehicles and pickup trucks mounted with automatic anti-aircraft guns.

While it is hard to say how many militants are being trained in the camp, those who appear on the video are notably well equipped which may imply that islamists in northern part of Homs province are not experiencing problems with supplies – or, at least, they are trying to make such an impression by their video.

The camp shown on the video is called Ahmad Al-Omar. Ahrar Al-Sham commanders announced that the fighters who completed training course in the camp, are now ready to fight against Syrian government forces and their allies.

Northern Homs countryside is a long-standing islamist heartland, which has been under control of the militants since 2012.

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