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The theory of influence – a systematic approach, which is essential in the promotion of

For this reason, the impact of the goal of communication is in all the humanities. This advertising and public relations, it is a theory of communication, it is journalism, it’s all business approaches, but it is also literature, art and cinema.

Influence has two goals – a stabilization of this state, or transition to a new state. Stable state has its end pole of stagnation, which is also trying to avoid. West, by the way, the Reformation to separate the church from the state, creates a structure with a large number of centers of power, which was better for the economy. Protestant countries are leading in the economy for this reason.

And running is not only direct but also indirect influence. That’s what told Academician Sakharov: Do you think I had a full immunity from Soviet propaganda ?! When it all the time poured into the ear accidentally, on purpose, because you look after all the program “Time”, something remains. Only now, and I end up letting go of this darkness ” .

Another example of indirect influence can be recognized song flash mobs, which are held at stations Ukraine, starting from Zaporozhye. Since Soviet songs are performed, they immediately activate the Soviet master narrative.

These two examples clearly indicate that even small effects can have big consequences. All this begins to work harder, when implemented in the right place at the right time.

Influence has the content and form of this content. The mold is then received in one implementation of the three spaces: physical information, virtual. . Differentiation of hard and soft power J. Nye (example: tank forces, Harvard or Hollywood attracted) lies in the same contrasting physical space – information or virtual. By the way, and hybrid warfare is built in the same type of opposition, when hard power starts to hide under the guise of soft power (Example: green men). In this case, it all still different types of influence.

Lie is also the type of influence, because it mimics a truth, served as a communicator of truth, although such is not. Can we say that Khrushchev or Gorbachev lied when they said that “the current generation of Soviet people will live under communism” (Khrushchev) or “every Soviet family will receive a separate apartment” (Gorbachev)?

Rather, it turns out that there is a truth in every point in space and time. This truth is often used for the transformation of society. When a society is dissatisfied with one truth, he is offered another. The transformation of society is in transition from one truth to another, and on the way society is changing.

Sometimes as a driver of change young people selected. Such a system is developed, for example, in Muslim countries, where many young people has grown out of work, in what was one of the causes of the Arab Spring.

Interestingly, the historian V. Buldakov saw the same reason for the instability of the situation in pre-revolutionary Russia. He says: “For Russia the existence of patriarchal huge mass of restless landless uneducated rural youth has become a real disaster. Indication of imbalance of the system is the fact that the Russian village was suddenly filled with idle youth hooliganism and at the beginning of the XX century the problem even discussed in the Council of Ministers. It is interesting that after the revolution, since the 1920s, was already inclined to urban youth to unmotivated hooliganism (the same Komsomol). “

He saw the events in Russia from the standpoint of the information revolution of the time. This is understandable, since the information revolution provides a choice from more true than it was before.

Boldakov himself wrote the following: “Almost a hundred years ago, on the eve of 1917, it was a kind of information revolution. The beginning of the XX century – it is a huge number of different newspapers across the world, plus the telegraph. Today, the rapidly developing social networks. And every socially significant news often appears in an exaggerated way. All large-scale shocks due to rapid changes in the field of information – communication can clearly be seen, although it is, of course, not the only factor. “

In fact the destruction of the old behavior and the introduction of a new automatic behavior, we can see many historical events. It was in 1917, it was in industrialization, it was in the period of repression in ’37, it was the restructuring, it occurs during the color revolutions.

In all of these points before the man put the only possible choice, with another option, in some cases, such as in 1937, was life-threatening. In the event of a traumatic event such as September 11 situation, understanding other options generally become impossible. How to find, for example, political psychology, the “war on terror” can be replaced by another term only with the help of some other traumatic event.

We are led to certain types of behavior constantly. It acts as a social pressure when a certain way all begin to behave as well as some “pioneer” breakthrough in the form of fashion or new art schools. The latter also come into fashion and capture the mass consciousness. And we all like the blind, we begin to go down given someone downstream.

Young filmmaker B. Beck wondering said: “The painting” The Geographer Drank His Globe Away “, for example, although it is good today may not be successful, because Knightley hero” complex “. He was thin, They reflect, feel and experience – it’s good, but it does not work, and refleksiruet. This is such Volodinsky hero. The hero of the past, inevitably associated with those who seemed lost, who gave birth to the twentieth century. And just want to say: “We are not, we do not want” “ [Beck V. Civilization – the result laid down in our genetic errors. Interview // Look (Tallinn). – 2015. – N 30].

person busy programming everything from churches and schools to the university and the army. Everywhere offers the only correct behaviors. Most hidden do Literature and Art, where a model of behavior is adopted due to immersion in a virtual world.

The virtual world has become a major training ground for testing and introduction of new types of behavior. His appeal to the mass consciousness forces us to spend in front of screens 4 to 6 hours daily. It is interesting that he never tells us that the truth is in front of us. It turned out that we are not particularly need the truth. We need a spectacle, even without bread.

Spectacle grown so that now we need a guide to the world of spectacles. Take us seriously trying the creators of films and television series. But every kind of movie or video game is a kind of instruction to change our behavior. And we have one after the show should switch to another. The relevant department Netflix’a works 140 people, who know how to switch our interests or what, where and in what series man switched on view until the end of the series.

From this perspective V. Rubanov, the former head of the KGB of the Analytical Control, looked at algorithms promote films : It is possible for network viruses and modifications of consciousness to run. For example, today an active demand is the technology of video on demand ( “movies on demand”) subscribers, as a rule, do not want to waste their time on masterwork search, and developers of video streams management programs may have their own “unobtrusive service” through the promotion of a particular video programming thus the consciousness of users. Such funds – already precisely not from the arsenal of information and epistemological confrontation . “

If the propaganda of the past kept the consumer in place by ideology or religion, the propaganda of this day as a movie keeps the viewer’s interests. Today’s promotion in business or in the case of political technologies came to the knowledge of a particular individual, which facilitated the impact on it (see., This method in the case of Trump [see. Here and here ] Obama and [see. Here and here ). This method, which came out of the business relying on big data, called mikrotargetinga.

Man ceased to be an unknown quantity. British School of Information Operations in general focuses on is the knowledge of the target audience [see. here and here ].


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