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Yats: Keeping Out the “Medieval Empire”

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Former Ukrainian PM and now de facto ambassador at large Arseniy Yatsenyuk yesterday posted some photos of the new Cold War style border defences Ukraine is constructing to keep the Russians out.

Curiously, the language he uses in his English language version of this posting is dumbed down, compared to the Ukrainian version – he clearly appreciates that Western MSM would have no understanding of why he is labelling Russia the “Medieval Empire”, despite the obvious efforts the Putin regime is making to medievalize Russia’s system of government, and reattach the Orthodox Church to the Russian state. It shows how badly the Western MSM have dumbed themselves down, requiring a European political leader to dumb down the English language version of his communication for an audience with no concept of Russia’s cultural and political regression to the medieval.

The photographs (likely taken near Kharkiv where the border defences have been completed) are noteworthy in showing the typical flat steppe terrain which is found along most of Ukraine’s very long border with Russia, running from Belarus down to the Azov Sea. This is textbook “tank country”, largely devoid of natural obstacles. In fact, the region immediately north of Kharkiv and Sumy is the location of the famous WW2 Kursk tank battle between the Soviet Red Army and the Wehrmacht / Waffen SS. Needless to say, a fence and an anti-tank ditch will not stop a full strength Russian Tank Army, but would present a major challenge for the kind of infiltrators, irregular forces, and other “hybrid assets”  the Russians employed during the opening phase of the 2014 Invasion of Donbass Campaign.
Ми вперше за всю історію Незалежності України почали будувати справжній кордон з російським агресором. Сьогодні слідом за Украіною за аналогічним проектом інженерно-технічне облаштування східного кордону почали наші сусіди з НАТО – Балтійські держави і Норвегія. Надійний кордон з середньовічною імперією – це вимога часу, гарантія безпеки України і всієї Європи.

For the first time in the history of Ukraine’s independence we started to build a real border with Russia. Our NATO partners – the Baltic nations and Norway – follow our example and strengthen their eastern frontiers as well. The border with the Russian aggressor should reliably guarantee the security of Ukraine and Europe.

16.06.17 17:59

 “Reliable border with the medieval empire is imperative of these times,” – Yatseniuk on the Wall project. PHOTOS

Leader of People’s Front Arsenii Yatseniuk says reliable engineering of the Ukraine-Russia border during the time of Russia’s aggression is necessary.

Censor.NET reports citing Yatseniuk’s Facebook.

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“For the first time since Ukraine’s independence we started constructing real border with the Russian aggressor. Following Ukraine’s example, out NATO neighbors – Baltic states and Norway – started technically enhancing their eastern borders. Reliable border with the medieval empire is imperative of the time, the guarantee of security for Ukraine and entire Europe,” Yatseniuk wrote and published pictures of the “European Wall.”

Battle of Kursk Map



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