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Russia Today considers legal action over Emmanuel Macron ‘propaganda’ comments

“Considering” is the key word in this interview.

Legal warfare is one of Russia’s tools in their Information Warfare toolkit. The threat is often never followed up, as long as the leader talks tough. 

Watch the video in its entirety. Margarita Simonyan gives a rare interview but plainly is playing the Russia is the victim card. 

What in the heck does she mean “Your channel, Channel 4, is also under investigation.  This rolls clearly indicates British Channel 4 News is being rolled into a group under investigation by RT for legal action. How did a British channel suddenly fall into the same category as French President Macron?  Does RT intend to sue every Western media outlet or is Simonyan woofing crap? 

It seems that if a Russian entity is intimidated and feels they will be found guilty, they will attack, claiming victimhood. Sorry, Margarita, it won’t work. There are too many clear-cut cases where RT is found lying, distorting, and inventing false facts out of whole cloth. If needed, I will assist documenting RT’s propaganda, lies, fabrications, distortions, disinformation, and misinformation. 

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 Chief Correspondent

French President Emmanuel Macron has called their journalists “agents of influence and propaganda”. No wonder RT, formerly known as Russia Today, says its mission is to improve Russia’s image abroad. And in a rare interview, Margarita Simonyan , the editor of RT has told this programme that they are considering legal action aginst their French critics. Our chief correspondent Alex Thomson went to meet her at her Moscow office.



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