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Trevor Noah Calls Out Media For Reporting On Donald Trump ‘Gossip’

I am shocked this comes from Trevor Noah. I am even more shocked this comes from Huffington Post. Both firmly embrace fairly extreme liberal perspectives. 

I’m not totally convinced this is truthful, however. This was under the Comedy category at Huffington Post. 

This, however, is what needs to be said about the mainstream media in the US.  It is rumor based, espousing innuendos and conjecture, and even I have lost faith in the press being fair and objective. 

There are a few bright shining examples of professionalism, however.  Reuters, AP, and few others. 

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Finally, something “The Daily Show” host and President Donald Trump can agree on.


Trevor Noah is used to roasting President Donald Trump nightly on “The Daily Show.” But on Tuesday’s episode, he turned his attention to Trump’s so-called “enemy” ― the mainstream media.

Noah took issue with reports claiming the president was considering firing Robert Mueller, the former FBI director the Department of Justice appointed to lead the investigation on the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

The host said that he understands why the media would want to cover that story ― because “it’s fun to gossip which, if we’re honest, is at this point all the story really is.”

The reports were based on a “PBS NewsHour” interview with Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a friend of Trump, in which he suggested that the president is “considering perhaps terminating the special counsel.” Such a decision would, as NBC News’ Kristen Welker pointed out in a clip that Noah replayed, amount to “political suicide” for Trump.

“Look, I know it’s exciting to think about Trump sabotaging his presidency but this is a rumor ― no more, no less,” Noah said. “Why waste energy on speculative crazy when there’s so much actual crazy to focus on?”

There is more pressing crazy news that deserves the the media’s attention, according to Noah. Like House Republicans voting to pass a bill last week that would roll back strict regulations placed on banks after the 2008 financial crisis.

“Yes, finally, Republicans standing up for the white working class banks,” Noah said.



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