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Russian Warlike Words Versus Reality, But Wait, Bad Machine Translation!

© RIA Novosti / Natalia SELIVERSTOVA

I read the following alarming headline in, part of the official Russian propaganda outlet, RIA Novosti.

Moscow is the enemy of Washington, said the head of the US Joint Staff

This I found fairly alarming, especially coming from General Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. Such warlike words are beyond merely adversarial, passing belligerent in nature and approaching downright hostile. I wanted to verify this information.

I popped Dunford and Russia into Google News and found the following in Reuters, a neutral, apolitical, and reliable source.

No indication Russia wants positive relationship with U.S.: Mattis

The following words are attributed to General Dunford, from the article.

Joseph Dunford, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, added that the United States had an adversarial relationship with Russia.

What a dramatic difference in just the headlines.  The article is much less confrontational, but whoever made the headline certainly intended for the maximum shock effect.  Most people don’t read beyond the headlines; they also usually base their final opinion on their initial impression.

Clearly, since this is an official Russian publication, Russia wants the Russian people, because this is a Russian-language news site, to perceive that the United States regards Russia as an enemy.  This is a lie, not true, false, fake, call it what you may, it is clearly wrong.

Why you may ask?  Because Russia is trying to create the environment for the Russian people in which they will support warlike actions against the West, as a result of a probable provocation, which also may or may not be true. If the Russian people continually hear, read, and see indications that the West regards Russia as an enemy state, they will feel it justified to “strike back” or perhaps to launch a pre-emptive attack – a first strike and not wait for an American or Western attack on them.

This is the reality in Russia of which we in the West need to be aware.


I felt uncomfortable with the machine translation, so I put the original Russian headline into Google Translate and Bing Translator as well.

Original: Москва является противником Вашингтона, считает глава генштаба США
1. Moscow is the enemy of Washington, said the head of the US Joint Staff
2. Moscow is an opponent of Washington, the head of the US General Staff
3. Moscow is the adversary of Washington, and considers the head of the United States

Just for your edification, the first is from my Chrome browser, the second is from Google Translate, and the last is Bing Translator.

A Swedish expert in Russian Information Warfare conforms my suspicions.  The opponent/adversary translation is most correct.



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