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Will Roper & Nicholas Thompson: The Future of Warfare – SXSW 2017

Dr. William Roper Director, Strategic Capabilities Office at Office of the Secretary of Defense

I HATE to watch videos (but not as much as I hate audio recordings) because they normally drone on or are consumed with something, but this was quite interesting.

Will Roper, the director of the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office, speaks with WIRED editor in chief Nicholas Thompson about the ways that robots, artificial intelligence, and new weapons will shape the future of warfare. They discuss the latest inventions to come to the Defense Department, as well as the changing moral and strategic choices that advanced weaponry will present us.

As I watched this, I couldn’t help but think of the information applications.  Botnets, how they are applied, how they can be manipulated.  How to seize control of a botnet from someone else.  What’s the future in that?  
I did not and do not see a feedback mechanism, however, in the information environment, that says ‘you’re doing it wrong for too long. Here is how to fix it.’  I’ve had serious heartburn about some information programs that are done based on years of experience doing it the wrong way, and they don’t know they are doing it wrong. This is where Measures of Performance continue to mask what Measures of Effectiveness or Measures of Impact would reveal. Contributing to the problem is that “it’s too difficult” has been the mantra for decades for not mandating MOE.  It’s in the books but not in the actual application.

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