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Russia / Strategy Media Update 9 June 2017

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Western MSM saturated with UK election and Comey testimony. Russia’s new “Oprichniki” possibly the dominant theme (NB bonus history reading today), while CNN present a terrifying report on Russia’s out-of-control self-inflicted HIV epidemic. Other reports detail the ongoing meltdown and crackdown on dissent.

Ukraine has seen a serious escalation of Russian attacks along the Bahmut Track in Luhansk, an important artery straddling Russian held areas. Notable recent Russian KIA losses include former Girkin aide in Slovyansk Sergey Zdryliuk, callsign  “Abwehr”, disowned publicly in mid 2014 by his elderly mother who said she should have killed him as a child. Poroshenko hits Putin over MH17 denials, and NATO debate producing a lot of MSM traffic, magnified by public threats from Moscow. Saakashvili says Chechen and Georgian volunteers in Ukraine will “put an end to” Putin’s regime. Adam Osmayev and his wife Amina Okuyeva receive bravery awards, while captured assassin is said to have fingered key players in Moscow. Good essay on Ukrainian Spetsnaz adopting US practices and equipment. An-132D video. Major debates over gas policy, blame game over gas pricing, and debate over visas for Russians. Megyn Kelly earns the Kyiv Post’s “Order of Lenin”  for failing to challenge multiple false claims by Putin during the interview.

In Syria, USAF F-15E kills Iranian RPV that attempts attack on US ground forces – likely RoE prevented annihilation of the Iranian led ground force unit that deployed and operated the RPV, the appropriate response in such a situation. Qatar dispute continues. Tehran body count from ISIS attack creeps upward. Michael D’Andrea’s posting to Agency Iran desk produces intensive Left MSM reaction.

Japanese concerns about PLAN phibs. SEA concerns about PLAN SSKs and SSNs.

UK election shows the Lasch Effect is live and well in Britain and clearly either not understood or accepted by the Tory leadership.

US domestic MSM is having an orgy around the Comey testimony. NSA leaker indicted, suspected now of earlier leaks.

Russia / Russophone Reports

Russia hacked ‘every day’ from US territory, Kremlin says – On the day the US awaited the testimony of former FBI chief James Comey on the Russian election hacking saga, Moscow said it had observed hacking attempts launched against it from US territory “every day.”

Kremlin vows to counter NATO expansion towards Russian borders – To Inform is to Influence The alternate reality that is Russia, seeped in paranoia about both internal and external threats, is causing some Russians to bluster. This is a TASS article at the bottom. In regards to Ukraine Russia is still pushing the “civil war” concept instead of admitting Russia has invaded Ukraine. Peskov says, “In fact, it is a…Putin Calls U.S. Senator McCain ‘Old World’ But Admires His PatriotismRussian President Vladimir Putin in an interview excerpt released on June 8 said his longtime critic U.S. Senator John McCain is living in the &quot;Old World&quot; but he admires the forme…

U.S. Military Sends Planes Near Russia for Large Defense Drills in Europe The Air Force has sent F-16 jets and B-1 Lancer bombers to join European allies for the Saber Strike and BALTOPS military drills amid tensions with Russia.The New OprichnikiRussia’s National Guard has been compared to Ivan the Terrible’s Oprichniki and Josef Stalin’s NKVD. Just how powerful is Russia’s newest domestic security force?

The New Oprichniki – To Inform is to Influence June 08, 2017 17:15 GMT Brian Whitmore A modern Praetorian Guard. A revival of Josef Stalin’s NKVD. And a 21st-century version of Ivan the Terrible’s Oprichniki. Russia’s National Guard has been called all these things, and not only by its critics. Ever since Vladimir Putin established the guard as a domestic security force last year…Podcast: Zolotov’s ArmyWhat role will Russia’s National Guard play as the country enters a volatile political season? Listen to the new Power Vertical Podcast.

The Morning Vertical, June 9, 2017 ON MY MIND What exactly is Russia’s National Guard and how is Vladimir Putin planning to use it? Is it a revival of Josef Stalin’s NKVD? A 21st century version of Ivan the Terrible’s Oprichniki? Or is it just Putin’s scarecrow? It’s been just over a year since Putin established the guard as a domestic security force and placed it in the hands of his uber-loyal former bodyguard Viktor Zolotov. And the guard has quickly taken on a mystique and a menacing aura, one that its top commanders have eagerly encouraged. As rumblings of protest gather steam and as the elite gets increasingly restless, what role will the National Guard play as Russia enters what appears to be a tumultuous political season? On this week’s Power Vertical Podcast, we’ll look at the National Guard and its controversial leader — and what we should expect from them. Joining me will be co-host Mark Galeotti, a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, head of its Center for European Security, and a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations; and military analyst Aleksandr Golts, editor in chief of Yezhednevny Zhurnal. It promises to be a good show so be sure to tune in later today!

The Russian Army to Be Subordinated to the National Guard in a Crisis – To Inform is to Influence One of the most alarming reports I’ve read about the Russian National Guard yet. The level of paranoia about internal threats within Russia appears to be skyrocketing. </end editorial>  Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 14 Issue: 76 By: Aleksandr Golts June 8, 2017 09:37 PM Age: 10 hours President Vladimir Putin signed a decree late…

The Oprichnina of Ivan the Terrible  The stories associated with the oprichniks range from the grotesque and outlandish, to the equally grotesque and factual. People were impaled and mutilated, while whipping, torture and rapes were common. The Oprichniki Palace features in many tales: Ivan built this in Moscow, and the dungeons were supposedly full of prisoners, of which at least twenty were tortured to death everyday in front of the laughing Tsar. The actual height of this terror is well documented. In 1570 Ivan and his men attacked the city of Novgorod, which the Tsar believed was planning to ally with Lithuania. Using forged documents as a pretext, thousands were hanged, drowned or deported, while the buildings and countryside were plundered and destroyed. Estimates of the death toll vary between 15,000 and 60,000 people. A similar, but less brutal, sacking of Pskov followed this, as did the execution of zemschina officials in Moscow. Ivan alternated between periods of savagery and piety, often sending great memorial payments and treasure to monasteries. During one such period the Tsar endowed a new monastic order, which was to draw its brothers from the oprichniks. Although this foundation did not turn the oprichniki into a corrupted church of sadistic monks (as some accounts might claim), it did became an instrument interwoven in both church and state, further blurring the organisation’s role. The oprichniks also acquired a reputation in the rest of Europe: Prince Kurbsky, who had fled Muscovy in 1564, described them as “children of darkness…hundreds and thousands of times worse than hangmen.” (Bonney, The European Dynastic States, Oxford, 1991, pg. 277). Like most organizations that rule through terror, the oprichniki also began to cannibalize itself. Internal quarrels and rivalries led many oprichniki leaders to accuse each other of treason, and increasing numbers of zemschina officials were drafted in as replacements. Leading Muscovite families attempted to join, seeking protection through membership. Perhaps crucially, the oprichniki did not act in a pure orgy of bloodshed; they achieved motives and aims in a calculating and cruel manner.

Ivan the Terrible, Op. 116: No. 21, Chorus of the Oprichniki (Andante risoluto) – YouTube

On the front lines of Russia’s ‘staggering’ HIV epidemic – Russia has the third-highest number of new HIV infections in the world, and experts say it’s causing another epidemic: one of stigma and discrimination.

On the front lines of Russia’s ‘staggering’ HIV epidemic – To Inform is to Influence This is part of the dirty, nasty world that is the underbelly of Russia.  A trusted friend and colleague commented: One suspects that the policy is driven by animosity to gays and drug users who have always been marginalised and moreso now, but this neglects the observed epidemiology and demographics of the epidemic, which has…

Protesters Detained As Hundreds Decry Plans To Demolish Soviet-Era Housing In Moscow MOSCOW — Police detained at least three people as hundreds protested outside the Russian parliament as lawmakers prepared to vote on a controversial plan to raze thousands of Soviet-era apartmen…

Housing Demolition Protests in Moscow Are Spiralling – To Inform is to Influence Housing Demolition Protests in Moscow Are Spiralling A controversial renovation scheme passed legal hurdles this week, with Mayor Sobyanin claiming overwhelming support June 8, 2017 — 17:30 — Update: 17:42 By Matthew Bodner @mattb0401 If you happened to find yourself in the State Duma on Tuesday, June 6, you might be forgiven for thinking Russia had…

The Daily Vertical: Who’s The Separatist Here? (Transcript) The trial of Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov, which opened this week in Simferopol, is a farce and a travesty. That much is clear. But it is also more than that. It’s part of an elaborate Kremlin PR campaign — a campaign with a human victim. It’s a macabre exercise in guerrilla marketing. It’s part of a mind game and a psy-op designed to legitimize and normalize Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Umerov was arrested by the FSB in May 2016 and charged with “separatism,” because in a televised interview he spoke out against Russia’s armed seizure of his homeland. In August 2016, he was forcibly sent to a psychiatric clinic for a month of tests. WATCH Today’s Daily Vertical Now let’s get something straight here. Something that should be patently obvious. Umerov is a Ukrainian citizen. And according to international law he is located on Ukrainian territory — territory that is being illegally occupied by Russia. He wasn’t calling for the violation of Russia’s territorial integrity, as Moscow charges. He was calling for the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. If there are any separatists here, they’re in the Kremlin. The separatism charge against Umerov is designed to send the message that Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea is a fait accompli. And anybody who questions this will be treated either as a criminal — or as insane. It’s crude. It’s brutal. And for the Crimean Tatars, it’s the new normal.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Brexit Effect — ‘the Worldwide Anti-Elite Wave’ — Could Hit Russia, Minchenko Consulting Says Paul Goble Staunton, June 8 – While the party of power seems to be in total control of elections both in the regions and for the country as a whole, all candidates must recognize that the worldwide anti-elite wave that led to Brexit and other unexpected changes in Western countries could come to Russia and affect electoral outcomes there, according to Minchenko Consulting. Such outcomes are unlikely, the Moscow analytic company says. They are “black swan” events, of course; but they are not impossible and could affect one or more of the 16 gubernatorial races in the Russian Federation this year ( As things stand now, the Minchenko experts say, there is a chance of genuinely competitive elections in only four of the 16 federal subjects were elections are to be held – Buryatia, Mari El, Sevastopol, and Kirov Oblast – largely because of the existence of serious intra-elite divisions. In four others – Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Sverdlovsk and Saratov oblasts – the incumbent is seeking to build on his support; and in the remaining eight, the elections are currently of the “referendum” type. There are no serious competitors and none are foreseen. As a result, voters are being asked simply to reaffirm their support for those now in charge. But things could change in any of these contests, Minchenko Consulting says, promising to provide monthly updates in the run-up to the voting. Among the “black swan” events would be the growth of local protests, the intersection of regional voting and the upcoming presidential election, and the impact of what they call “the Brexit effect.” Because of these risks, the consultants say, no governor can afford to assume that what is true now will be true on election day and rely on the inertness of the population. And they add that there is a particular reason for this: Campaigns without clear alternatives “add nothing to legitimacy, but on the other hand, they raise the level of risk.”

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Putin Hopes to Get Majority of Largely Conformist First-Time Voters, Moscow Analysts Say Paul Goble Staunton, June 8 – The Kremlin plans to make youth policy a centerpiece of Vladimir Putin’s campaign, Vedomosti says today, a reflection experts suggest of its belief that young people see no alternative to Putin but might not take part unless appealed to and its concern that older cohorts may be less inclined to back him. The paper’s Elena Mukhametshina and Olga Churakova describe the discussions in the Kremlin on this issue, drawing on otherwise unidentified participants in them. But their most important contribution may be the comments of three experts about what this Kremlin focus on the young means ( VTsIOM director Valery Fedorov says that the young people are in political play, that many parties will try to get their first vote, but that the biggest challenge will be to get them to show up at polling places. Aleksey Grazhdankin, deputy director of the Levada Center, says that young people are more inclined to support the current system than their elders but at the same time, they are “less politically active” and, because of “demographic circumstances,” are “not a very large group” compared to the others. They can be appealed to both directly and via their parents, he continues, and focusing on the young allows the powers that be to talk in general terms about the future rather than focus on specific problems of the present. And Andrey Kolesnikov of the Moscow Carnegie Center, says that the Kremlin’s focus on the young highlights its apparent “doubts” about other age groups.” What the current regime needs is to “raise a generation of conformist people,” and sociologists say that Russia’s young today are “more conformist and inert” than their elders, despite participation in demonstrations. Young people, he points out, “have seen no one except Putin and want to solve their day-to-day problems. They seek work and, realistically evaluating the labor market, want to work in government structures,” a goal that makes them more likely to be conformist than would otherwise be the case. Some would obviously like to rise in the world outside of government, but social lifts in Russia don’t work very well except for the children of the elite, and so talking about that key concern of young people, Kolesnikov says, could end by creating more problems for the authorities than not doing so at all.

Russia’s Children: Life Under One Leader, Vladimir Putin From patriotic summer camps to trendy rooftops in Moscow, Yuri Kozyrev photographs a generation that has grown up under Vladimir Putin

Officials: Granddaughter Of Khrushchev Struck And Killed By Train Russian officials say that Yulia Khrushcheva, a granddaughter of the late Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, has died after being hit by a train on the outskirts of Moscow. Details of the June …

Court Orders Scientology Church Leader, Members Detained In St. Petersburg A court in St. Petersburg on June 8 ordered the spiritual leader of the city's branch of the Church of Scientology held in detention for two months. Ivan Matsitsky, the church leader, was amon…

Inevitable History: Russia’s New Compulsory Exam | Intersection Plans for a new compulsory history exam have worrying ideological undertones

How the Soviet Union Transformed Terrorism – To Inform is to Influence Both the Euromaidan Press and the Ukraine Information Army re-featured this article from 2011 today.  It puts a lot of what Russia is doing today into perspective.  This is the textbook example of state-sponsored terrorism. </end editorial> NICK LOCKWOOD DEC 23, 2011 The USSR developed two tools that changed the world: airplane hijackings and state-sponsorship of…

How Much of a Military Threat Does Russia Pose to NATO and the US? – Warrior – Scout How would NATO hold up in an all-out war against Russia? Rand Wargame found that Russian forces could quickly overwhelm NATO forces currently protecting Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

If Russia and NATO Went to War Would It Go Nuclear (And Kill Millions)? | The National Interest Blog Time to think the unthinkable. 

Ethereum Could Change Russian Banking and Government – Bloomberg Putin  has failed to spark a tech revolution, and not for a lack of trying.

Svetlana Aleksievich: Give tanks and weapons to Belarus – and there Catholics will start killing Orthodox June 9 on the Russian television channel “Rain” was live broadcast with a Belarusian writer, Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich. “Our Niva” gives a selection of the most striking quotations of the writer. I have three houses. My mother is Ukrainian, father is Belarusian. And Russian culture is my third home. When I wrote a book about Chernobyl, I realized that national issues are questions of the past. You feel like a representative of a bio-species that can destroy itself. In the 90 years we were romantic, we thought: the Communists will leave tomorrow and another life will begin. But this romanticism was almost a crime, we had to pay for it. It turned out that our democrats and liberals are not ready for change. Freedom is a long way. In vain, we thought that this would happen soon. You can not think that if you know three languages, for example, you are a free person. I met a Russian patriot who knows several languages … It’s just an aggressive animal. When I started writing “The war does not have a woman’s face,” I thought it would be beautiful. But when I started talking with women, I was afraid of our victory. Victory in their time was used to close the topic of the Gulag. And today, when you try to ask how much the victory cost, they tell you – it does not matter, the main thing is that we had a Victory. Man – separately, victory – separately. Victory became a powerful ideological weapon. I’m not a Russian writer. I am Russian today. Belarusian mentality, culture – Russian. Crimea is an occupation. The war that Russia began in the Donbas is on Russia’s conscience. Such a war can also begin in Belarus: give there tanks, weapons – and there Catholics will start killing Orthodox or anyone. A person is a rather imperfect creature, he can put anything into his head. I’m not a church man. Religious fanaticism today is a flight from reality. But as an artist I feel that there is some mystery in this world. The most terrible war that awaits us is not a war between people, but a war with nature that a person has unleashed. Our [Russian] hierarchy is not true. There are a lot of provincial, chauvinistic and antihumanitarian views. If someone remained loyal to the romantic ideals of the 90’s, then they are liberals, whom today it is customary to humiliate. I’m a liberal.

Lukashenka Meets with Putin “On the Sidelines of the SCO Summit” The President of Belarus in his speech at the meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Astana focused on security issues and the need to strengthen the economic dimension in the activities of the SCO. According to the press service of the head of state, Alexander Lukashenko said that the growing social instability in individual countries and regions is closely related to the level of their development. – Frankly speaking: today Europe suffers from the influx of refugees, and so, if Europe did not isolate and destabilize this region, but helped, today it would not have this problem. Xi Jinping’s statement that China will promote the development of states not only of the SCO, but also around the perimeter of the organization, is very important from the point of view of solving this terrible problem of illegal migration that leads to global terrorism. I am convinced that strengthening the economic dimension of the SCO will help solve this difficult issue. And he suggested to think about the development of specific projects (economic, investment, logistics, humanitarian), including with the active involvement of observer states:

IW/IO/Cyber Reports

Hacking in Qatar Highlights a Shift Toward Espionage-for-Hire – To Inform is to Influence By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK and SHEERA FRENKEL JUNE 8, 2017 DOHA, Qatar — The report appeared just after midnight on the official Qatari news agency’s website, and its contents were stunning: The emir of Qatar was quoted as describing “tensions” with President Trump and speculating he may not last in office, recommending friendship with Iran, praising…

Activists have used the vulnerability in the Roskomnadzor and now blocking the wrong sites. How does it work? – To Inform is to Influence (Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser) June 4, some users in Russia have problems with access to the messenger Telegram, and the next three days were not available, and many of the popular public sites – online cinema, “Wikipedia”, “Medusa” and many others. Cause problems lay in the fact that resource owners who…

Former Minnesota governor and wrestler Jesse Ventura to work for Russian TV – CBS News The former wrestler and governor of Minnesota will head the new commentary show &quot;The World According to Jesse&quot;

Jesse Ventura’s new Russian state TV show: ‘I am working for the enemy of mainstream media now’ – The Washington Post “The World According to Jesse” will include interviews conducted by the bombastic former professional wrestler who was once Minnesota’s governor.

Ukraine Reports

“This is confession”: Poroshenko on Russia’s attempts to block creation of MH17 int’l tribunal By blocking the creation of an international tribunal into the crash of the MH17 passenger liner downed over Donbas, the Russian&nbsp;authorities in fact&nbsp;recognize their guilt in the tragedy, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told a joint press conference with President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite in Kharkiv. News 09 June from UNIAN.

Backlash: Russia Will Not Sit and Watch NATO Edge Up to Its Doorstep Russia is worried by NATO’s continuing enlargement and is making every effort to restore the power balance in the region, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Ukraine targets Nato membership despite Russian warnings Moscow believes Nato’s growth threatens its security, vows to take necessary measures

Klimkin says Ukraine now works as element of NATO’s eastern flank Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin says that Ukraine has already started working as an element of NATO's eastern flank, according to TV Channel 112 Ukraine. “We have now set a new signpost, and we’re moving towards membership of NATO. Why so? Because NATO today is the only system of security that has been built not only on interests, but on values too,” he said, Channel 112 Ukraine reported. “And I am absolutely sure that we are now starting to work as an element of the eastern flank of NATO,” the minister said. He stressed: “Many have forgotten that it was at the Warsaw summit of NATO, which took place not long ago [in July 2016], that we clearly decided we’ll introduce all standards in security and defense dimensions by 2020.” According to the minister, all the allies are aware that Ukraine can make a unique contribution to common security. “Everybody has seen perfectly well what we’ve done in those three years, which army we’ve built, and which security sector we’ve developed here, and we’ve shown that we are capable of fighting for ourselves and for freedom, which means we can fight for values,” he stressed. “The values are NATO, and I am sure we will follow our way, we’ll succeed, and so will NATO,” he added. As was reported, the Verkhovna Rada has set NATO membership as a key goal for the country’s foreign policy in the No. 6470 bill, passed on June 8, replacing the non-aligned status. The bill was backed by 276 lawmakers in the 450-seat legislature. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he wants to meet NATO entry requirements by 2020 and has promised to hold a referendum on joining. In turn, NATO said it had taken note of the decision by the Verkhovna Rada on NATO membership and stressed that reforms remained a priority for Kyiv.

Ivan Medynskyi: What can Ukraine offer NATO? | KyivPost On June 8, the Ukrainian Parliament restored Ukraine’s course towards NATO membership. While most Ukrainians (44 percent) are sure that joining NATO is the best way Ukraine can achieve national security, Ukraine’s membership is still on the very distant horizon. We decided to take a look at what Ukraine can offer NATO with the help of an article written by the Institute of World Policy. Read more here.

Poroshenko says too early for Ukraine to apply for NATO membership Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko considers premature the move to apply for Ukraine's accession to NATO as the country is yet to live up to the high criteria required to qualify for membership, according to&nbsp;an UNIAN&nbsp;correspondent. News 09 June from UNIAN.

NATO membership criteria similar to EU criteria – Grybauskayte President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskayte has said that for today it is necessary to focus on reforms to achieve NATO standards by the country. “The president of Ukraine has correctly noted that the main agreement on NATO clearly states that only democratic countries that respect the rule of law and respect human rights can file the application to become a member of NATO,” Grybauskayte said at a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kharkiv on Friday. According to her, the Alliance unites states that follow democratic values, and these criteria are similar to the criteria for membership in the European Union. “We are not only talking about filing an official application, we are talking about the implementation of those reforms that are important. For instance, it took another ten years of very complicated reforms for Lithuania after filing an application,” Grybauskayte said.

Ukraine’s NATO Membership Becomes Key Foreign Policy Goal – YouTube As of today, Ukraine’s primary foreign policy goal is to deepen ties with NATO in hopes of eventually joining the military alliance. The Ukrainian Parliament…

‘We’ll Put An End to Putin’: Saakashvili Praises Chechen, Georgian Fighters In Ukraine The former Georgian president and ex-governor of Odesa, Mikheil Saakashvili, has praised Chechen and Georgian fighters who are helping Ukrainian government forces battle Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. In an exclusive interview with RFE/RL’s North Caucasus Service on June 7 in Vienna, Saakashvili said Chechens and Georgians who had joined the conflict were fighting for freedom and would “put an end to” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime. (RFE/RL’s North Caucasus Service)

White House Says Russia Sanctions To Remain Until Ukraine Crisis Resolved A spokeswoman for U.S. President Donald Trump says sanctions against Russia for its interference in Ukraine would remain in place until the crisis is resolved. Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders o…

‘Ukrainians’ social media platform gains 100,000 users in 5 daysUkraine’s ‘Ukrainians’ social media platform, which was developed by a Canadian start-up incubator with assets in Ukraine’s StartupSoft, has gained 100,000 registered users in five days. The service has announced new features, which will be rolled out in the coming days. Co-founder of the platform Oleksandra Strumchynska said on June 22 Ukrainians plans to add a search system and a friend-adding system, and on June 30 to roll out publication and content-sharing functions. Currently, the platform only allows users to register and change their profile pictures. “StartupSoft is currently bankrolling the project, but we are looking at the possibility of attracting investment in the future,” Strumchynska said. StartupSoft is a Canadian start-up incubator founded by natives of Ukraine’s Ternopil region in western Ukraine, where its headquarters are located. About 30 people work for the company. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on May 15 signed a decree blocking access in Ukraine to popular Russian social media platforms, including, Yandex and VKontakte.

Canada mulling over arming Ukraine – Ambassador Waschuk Canada's Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Waschuk says his country is considering arming Ukraine after the Canada-Ukraine Defense Cooperation Arrangement was signed in April 2017, according to an UNIAN correspondent.&nbsp; News 08 June from UNIAN.

Ukraine Awards Female Chechen Sniper Who Foiled Assassination Attempt – YouTube Chechen fighter Adam Osmaiev and his wife Amina Okuieva who both fought against Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine have been awarded for bravery …

Interior Minister Avakov on attempt on Osmaev: Chain leading to certain Russia leaders recorded 09.06.17 16:35 – Interior Minister Avakov on attempt on Osmaev: Chain leading to certain Russia leaders recorded The suspect in the case of attempt on Osmaev is able to testify. View news.

uacrisis on Twitter: “Timelapse of Russia-backed militants’ attacks in ATO zone since June 1.”

Ukraine reports 45 enemy attacks, 1 KIA, 6 WIAs in last day Russia's hybrid military forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in Donbas 45 times in the past 24 hours, with one Ukrainian soldier reported as killed in action (KIA) and six as wounded in action (WIA), according to the press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters. News 09 June from UNIAN.

Ukraine’s army repels major assault in Luhansk Oblast, heaviest clashes in 2017 reported | KyivPost Fighting continued along the front line in eastern Ukraine on June 8, with serious clashes between the Ukrainian army and Russian-backed forces being seen in Luhansk Oblast for a second day. “The hostilities observed now have already exceeded the level of intensity seen in January-February 2017, during the battle of Avdiyivka,” Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense spokesman Oleksandr Motuzyanyk said on June 8. Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian positions have been targeted by as many as 900 mortar shells, 130 artillery rounds and 25 tank rounds, Motuzyanyk said, adding that at least half of the artillery strikes were delivered some 2 kilometers southeast of the town of Krymske in Luhansk Oblast.

Ukrainian army gains ground in Donbas – War news | UNIAN As a result of the battles for the village of Zholobok, the 93rd Brigade&nbsp;advancedin&nbsp;the area of Slovianoserbskiy Curve, Ukrainian military&nbsp;journalist&nbsp;and editor-in-chief of Censor.NET Yuriy Butusov wrote on Facebook. News 09 June from UNIAN.

Russian mercenaries killed in Donbas war recently. VIDEO 09.06.17 17:03 – Supporters of Pax Russica in Ukraine and Russian mercenaries regularly report on social media of their comrades being killed in fighting in Ukraine. As reported by Censor.NET, the geography of ‘cargo 200’ delivered from the Donbas to the Russian Federation in the past several weeks is quite wide: Yekaterinburg, Arkhangelsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Kursk, Moscow. Among the casualties is well-known mercenary Sergey Zdryliuk (callsign Abver), who was the right hand man to terrorist Girkin. Abver was killed on May 23.

One Ukrainian soldier killed, six wounded, seven border guards traumatized, - ATO HQ 09.06.17 12:40 - One Ukrainian soldier killed, six wounded, seven border guards traumatized, - ATO HQ The fighting in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area in the east of Ukraine claimed life on one Ukrainian military yesterday, June 8. Six fighters were wounded, and seven border guards traumatized. View news.

Teenager wounded as Russian militants shelled Kamianka in Donetsk region, - National Police 09.06.17 12:03 - Teenager wounded as Russian militants shelled Kamianka in Donetsk region, - National Police A child born in 2002 was wounded in militant shelling of Kamianka village of Yasynuvata district of the Donetsk region. View news.

Bakhmut police detained gang terrorizing local residents. PHOTO 09.06.17 16:07 - Bakhmut police detained gang terrorizing local residents. PHOTO The criminals were demanding valuables from locals and threatening them. View photo news.

Official hints at links between deadly blasts killing journalist Sheremet in Kyiv, SBU operative in Mariupol Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, MP Anton Gerashchenko&nbsp;has suggested that the female suspect who planted an&nbsp;IED in the car of &nbsp;SBU Colonel Oleksandr Kharaberyush&nbsp;in Mariupol may be the same one who earlier set a bomb under the car of a journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kyiv, according to&nbsp;an UNIAN&nbsp;correspondent. News 09 June from UNIAN.

Ukrainian Spetnaz's Weapons and Gear May Show an American Touch - The Drive A key part of the fight against Russian-backed separatists, Ukraine's spetnaz starting to look more and more like their Western counterparts.

Ukraine’s medical care improves at war front | KyivPost POKROVSK, UKRAINE — Svitlana Ivantsova, a resident of the Ukrainian-controlled stronghold of Pokrovsk, approaches the checkpoint in the city of 64,000 people near the war front some 600 kilometers southeast of Kyiv. Ivantsova, leading her elderly mother by the hand, tells a young soldier that a doctor is needed right away. The soldier calls for one from the mobile military hospital that has been saving soldiers lives since the start of Russia’s war in 2014. “The doctors here never refuse health care for civilians,” Ivantsova explains. “And I’ve been told they don’t charge for checkups. We’re not rich, so asking the military is the best treatment we can get in our city.”

TV in breakaway Ukraine has a distinct Soviet tint to it - The Washington Post Choreographed news reports highlight the rebel state’s wisdom and generosity.

Across the frontlines in Eastern Ukraine | Europe | DW | 05.06.2017 A survey taken on both sides of the Eastern Ukraine frontline has surprised researchers in Berlin. A reflection of the complex conflict landscape, the results contain messages for both Kyiv and Moscow [PROPAGANDA WARNING!]

Amid Russia tensions, US Army continues to build up Ukrainian forces, training center The U.S. Army is working with Ukrainian forces on developing a combat training center.

Ukraine's Iconic Antonov Aircraft Manufacturer Unveils AN-132D - YouTube Ukraine's world-famous aircraft manufacturer Antonov has unveiled a new transport plane. _ Follow UATV English: Facebook: Twi...

UkrOboronProm to unveil its new An-132D transport and special mission aircraft at LE BOURGET 2017 | Defence Blog Ukraine’s Antonov, which is a part of Ukrainian defence industry holding company UkrOboronProm, will officially unveil a new An-132D transport and special mission aircraft at the International Paris Air Show “LE BOURGET 2017”. According to UkrOboronProm officials, During the exhibition demonstration flights of An-132D – as well as presentation of other “Antonov” programs – are planned. UOP delegation is headed by the Director General of the State Concern Roman Romanov. the An-132 is essentially a modernised version of the Soviet-era An-32 ‘Cline’ transport aircraft that features a number of Western systems, including its Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A turboprop engines. Once development is complete, the aircraft will be jointly manufactured in both Ukraine and Saudi Arabia, with the latter expected to field up to 80 of the type (though the Royal Saudi Air Force has to date only committed itself to buying six, with four to be used for search and rescue and two for electronic warfare). In addition, 10 UKROBORONPROM enterprises will represent their products and projects in France.Concern invite you to visit Ukrainian expo (Hall 6, Stand A54), to learn more about offers and products of the SC “UkrOboronProm” and communicate with UOP representatives.

Cons and pros of visa regime with Russia - News about politics | UNIAN Thinking in terms of peace time, many of Ukrainian citizens will have issues with the introduction of the visa regime with Ukraine by the Russian Federation. For many it will create inconvenience because plenty of Ukrainians visit Russia quite often - someone has relatives there, someone does season work or owns real estate. So a peacetime introduction of visa regime would definitely be a bad move. However, Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine is ongoing. In such circumstances, the comfort of citizens is secondary to national security and protection of these very citizens, who fail to understand that they keep traveling to a country that respects neither its own legislation nor international law. We see that the arrests of Ukrainian citizens continue as well as provocations against them. We should recall Ukrainians detained in Crimea or a "terrorist," perhaps as dangerous as Osama bin Laden, the director of a Ukrainian library in Moscow… These are today’s realities. The introduction of a visa regime with Russia, above all, will lead to financial and organizational issues for the Ukrainian foreign ministry, SBU security service, and other agencies tasked with setting up an appropriate communications system that would allow the authorities to filter out those whom the country needs and those who are unwelcome. In particular, this requires training for Ukraine’s consuls. At the same time, the foreign ministry is in a constant stress anyway. It sees underfunding; lack of available qualified diplomats, for whom accommodation should be found right away, if necessary; plus, the need to increase the number of Ukrainian diplomats in the country’s missions in the Russian Federation (the Embassy in Moscow, consular departments, and the Consulate General). So, of course, the first few months after the introduction of a visa regime will definitely bring a huge load on the ministry, create inconvenience and conflict situations. Moreover, I believe Russian security forces and intelligence will be trying to provoke even greater tensions.

Visa regime with Russia to cause more problems than benefits – Poroshenko's rep in Rada The introduction of a visa regime with the Russian Federation will cost Ukraine about UAH 1.5-2 billion, which is not practicable for today, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's representative in Ukraine's parliament and member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) faction Iryna Lutsenko has said.

EU opposes Poroshenko’s idea to issue non-biometric passports to residents of occupied areas The European Union does not support the initiative by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to issue non-biometric (old-type) passports to the residents of the occupied Crimea and the occupied areas of Donbas, Head of EU Delegation in Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli said at an opening of a caricature exhibit in Kyiv&rsquo;s Taras Shevchenko City Park, titled &ldquo;Ukraine&rsquo;s path toward visa liberalization. News 09 June from UNIAN.

Better skilled workforce essential to boosting Ukraine’s economy - World Bank Ukraine needs to improve people&rsquo;s skills to boost productivity and make the country more competitive, according to a new World Bank report &quot;Skills for a Modern Ukraine&quot; launched in Kyiv on Thursday, June 8. News 09 June from UNIAN.

Canada, Ukraine Share Celebration and Free Trade - YouTube Canadian Ambassador Roman Waschuk talks about Canada's 150th birthday. And he discusses the opportunities opened by the Ukraine-Canada Free Trade Agreement. ...

More Swedish companies (even IKEA) eye Ukraine | KyivPost Several big Swedish companies are, for the first time, closely looking at opportunities in Ukraine. This is becoming evident as the 6th Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum, organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine in Kyiv, approaches on June 15. The companies that will visit the forum for the first time are Assistanspoolen, C5 Gruppen AB, Mindmancer AB, SWEDAERO, Guang Sweden and IKEA. They represent a wide range of industries: construction and property management, clothing, security camera systems, personal assistance services and aviation industries.

Poroshenko insists on political liability for 2009 gas contract with Russia Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko insists that the natural gas contract signed with Russia in 2009 must entail political liability, according to the presidential administration. News 08 June from UNIAN.

Stockholm court proved Ukraine's interests were surrendered in 2009, - Poroshenko on Russia gas deal 08.06.17 18:08 - Stockholm court proved Ukraine's interests were surrendered in 2009, - Poroshenko on Russia gas deal The decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court on the 2009 gas agreement proves that the signatories from the Ukrainian side surrendered the interests of the state. They should be held responsible for this. View news.

Ukraine says prepared to negotiate with Gazprom outside Russia | Reuters Ukrainian state energy firm Naftogaz is prepared to attend talks with Russian gas giant Gazprom provided negotiations are not held in Russia, Naftogaz said on Thursday.

Ukraine, Poland Plan Gas Hub To Cut Russian Dominance | In an effort to combat Russian dominance, Poland and Ukraine plan to build a regional gas hub on the Poland-Ukraine border

Poland, Ukraine develop gas hub for independence from Russia | Fox News Poland and Ukraine say they are taking steps toward developing a regional gas hub that would end Central and Eastern Europe's dependence on Russian supplies and keep prices in line with European standards.

More Than a Breadbasket: Ukraine Is Becoming a World Agricultural Leader - YouTube Ukraine's best customer for agricultural products is the European Union. And sales to the 28-nation bloc are only increasing. This year, they're up 10 percen...

To Prevent Terror, Increasing Discontent Ukrainians Need Constructive Outlet - YouTube  Follow UATV English: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Medium: ht...

Euan MacDonald: Ukraine’s Friend & Foe Of The Week | KyivPost Perhaps it’s a little harsh to name Megyn Kelly Ukraine’s foe of the week, but the TV journalist did no favors to Ukraine and her career during her June 4 interview with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Ukraine, against whom Russia has been waging war since 2014, did not come up once. Putin walked all over her figuratively in the mismatch as Kelly joined Charlie Rose and Larry King among American journalists who could not hold their own with Putin. Kelly, who quit Fox News, has been praised for her combative interviewing style. But was out of her depth against Putin, who sneered his way through the 11 minutes aired by NBC News. She also showed she knew little about his destructive 17-year rule. She got the interview because she was in St. Petersburg, Russia, for the June 1–3 International Economic Forum. When she asked him about meetings between U. S. President Donald J. Trump’s campaign officials and Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak, Putin lied, saying there had been no meetings. When Kelly asked about Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Putin dodged, just as a trained KGB officer would do. He even engaged in the favorite Kremlin “whataboutism,” suggesting the Nov. 22, 1963 assassination of U. S. President John F. Kennedy was a special operation of America’s “deep state” security services. Putin’s combative lies are familiar in this part of the world. When the Kremlin sent its troops in unmarked uniforms out of their bases in Crimea to seize the peninsula in late February 2014, Putin just lied, saying the troops were “local militias” who had purchased their Russian regular army-issue uniforms and equipment “in a shop.” The interview brought no insight. It benefited only Putin, who went unchallenged in his message to Western living rooms Just like the country he rules, Putin should be frozen out of civilized international discourse until he learns how to behave. French President Emmanuel Macron on May 29 showed how Putin should be dealt with in public when the Russian leader, visiting France, was called out for interfering in France’s democracy via his Sputnik and RT state propaganda media. Putin had to stand silently and listen, and was not given the opportunity to spew his lies and false excuses. It may be unfair to use the phrase “useful idiot” in conjunction with Kelly, but interviewing Putin was a smart move only for the Kremlin leader, who would never allow himself to be grilled by knowledgeable and independent journalists. So this air time only helped Ukraine’s worst foe. This week’s Order of Lenin goes to Kelly, shared by the unknown yet dumb network boss who thought this ...

Russia / Iran / Syria / Iraq / OEF Reports

U.S. shoots down drone in tense battle for no man's land in Syria - LA Times Islamic State erased the border between Iraq and Syria. The fight for who will own it has turned into an international conflict.

US Shoots Down Pro-regime Drone that Fired Upon Coalition Forces in Syria It is first time pro-regime forces have targeted US forces in tense al-Tanf area

U.S. aircraft shoots down pro-Syrian government drone, Pentagon says - The Washington PostIt is the third strike on pro-Syrian government forces in as many weeks.

US led-coalition permits pro-Syrian airstrike in unusual move - US aircraft shot down an Iranian-made drone that fired on coalition forces patrolling with partner forces in southern Syria, a coalition spokesman told reporters on Thursday.

Iranian-Backed Militias Employ Drone Against U.S. Forces in Syria | Foreign Policy Iranian-Backed Militias Employ Drone Against U.S. Forces in Syria « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

Drone War Heats Up in the Skies Over Syria The U.S.-led coalition’s downing of Iran’s Predator-sized Shahed-129 steps up a drone war that is only likely to intensify as ISIS crumbles in Syria.

Iranian Drone Shadows U.S. Forces In Syria Day Before Attack - Washington Free Beacon

At remote desert garrison in Syria, a US-Iran confrontation is brewing - The Tanf garrison used by the US coalition to train militias to fight ISIS sits on a highway Iran would like to control for its strategic advantage. Forces are gathering and shots have been fired as fundamental interests clash.

Death Toll In Tehran Attack Rises; Iranian Official Calls U.S. Response 'Repugnant' : The Two-Way : NPR At least 17 people have died in Wednesday's twin terrorist attacks. President Trump expressed condolences but said "states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote."

In Syria, Iran and the Islamic State are mutually dependent

Saudi Arabia's Coalition Could Accidentally Unleash Iran | The National Interest History reveals that attempts to contain Tehran will achieve just the opposite.

Saudi Sets 10 Conditions For Normalcy With Qatar – To Inform is to Influence In a series of ten tweets, Faisal Edroos, a Journalist at AJENews revealed the ten conditions Saudi Arabia has set for a return to normal relations between Qatar and the seven Arab countries who have severed all ties. Immediate severance of diplomatic relations with Iran, Expulsion of all members of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas from…

Why Iran will emerge as the real winner in the Qatar crisis | TheHill OPINION | A failure to bridge the gap between the Gulf states is preventing the formation of a counter-balancing alliance against Tehran.

C.I.A. Names the ‘Dark Prince’ to Run Iran Operations, Signaling a Tougher Stance - The New York Times The appointment of Michael D’Andrea, a.k.a. the Dark Prince, is one of many moves inside the agency that signal a more muscular approach to espionage and covert operations.

At CIA, a convert to Islam leads the terrorism hunt - The Washington Post For six years, the head of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center has been architect of the agency’s drone campaign, and he led its pursuit of Osama bin Laden. Surly and profane, he has outlasted three CIA directors and served two presidents.

Trump Is Sending a Murderer to Do a Diplomat’s Job | The Nation Trump just put Michael D’Andrea—the man who invented so-called “signature drone strikes”—to head up intelligence operations in Iran. 

Trump’s Tweets Could Put U.S. Base, Arms Deals At Risk | Defense content from Aviation Week Middle East analysts urge White House not to take sides in Gulf nations’ spat with Qatar, despite alleged support for radical groups.

JOHN MENADUE. We need to better understand terrorism – how we got here and how best to respond. | John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations The terrorist attacks in Manchester and London have received a deluge of media coverage. However, terrorism is much worse in the Middle East and other countries. Terrorism is a vivid political act, but deaths from gun violence, car accidents drugs, domestic violence and climate change are far more significant. We need to admit how we…

Australian counter-terrorism police conduct raids after fatal siege | Reuters Australian counter-terrorism police conducted raids in the southern city of Melbourne on Friday and questioned three men they said were suspected of providing weapons used in a deadly siege this week claimed by the Islamic State group.

Melbourne siege: Police raid homes over gunman's weapons - BBC News One man is held after the suspected terror incident, but he is not "of national security interest".

DPRK / PRC Reports

China’s amphibious capabilities stoke Japan concern over Senkaku Islands - Concern is rising in Japan the Chinese military may be training for a future mission in the disputed Senkaku Islands.

Pakistan, India Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization ASTANA -- Pakistan and India have become full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), expanding the regional security grouping into South Asia. The presidents of the SCO membe...

Submarines - a silent risk in Asia's waters, Opinion News & Top Stories - The Straits Times Amid simmering tensions in the East and South China Seas, Korean Peninsula and the Taiwan Strait, many of the contending rivals operate submarines - with new, more capable ones entering service within years. Moreover, the proliferation of submarines also motivates Asia-Pacific navies to acquire countervailing capabilities against the growing undersea threat.. Read more at

Foreign Policy Reports

Theresa May Loses Overall Majority in U.K. Parliament - The New York Times Voting returns threw her government into uncertainty less than two weeks before the start of negotiations on withdrawing from the European Union.

UK General Election: Political turmoil awaits after shock results - UK Prime Minister Theresa May's future is looking uncertain after her election gamble appears to have backfired. The opposition Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has performed far better than polls indicated and has cost May her majority in the UK Parliament.

Theresa May's Biggest Mistake - Bloomberg U.K. voters threw out the script. Let that be a lesson.

Election results 2017: Young voters deliver Labour gains - BBC News Labour takes a clutch of English constituencies while the Liberal Democrats also make gains.

Election results: Theresa May 'no intention of resigning' after losses - BBC News Theresa May signals her intention to carry on despite losing her majority, while Jeremy Corbyn says he is "ready to serve".

Editorial: Speak Up, Pay Up On NATO | Defense content from Aviation Week His Twitter storms are legend, but sometimes it is what Trump does not say that is alarming.

Juncker Calls For Greater EU Cooperation On Defense PRAGUE -- European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said the United States is &quot;no longer interested in guaranteeing Europe&rsquo;s security&quot; and that the European Union must pus...

EU Launches Defense Fund - YouTube The European Commission announced that it has launched a European defense fund. The goal is to boost EU defense capabilities. _ Follow UATV English: Facebook...

US Domestic Policy Reports

Timeline of Russia Investigation(s) – To Inform is to Influence As most of you are aware, I try to avoid any semblance of partisanship in US domestic politics.  Try.  Because the news is so saturated with fabricated news, conjecture, and opinion pieces posing as actual fact, it is a constant struggle. The situation is made nearly impossible with the conflation, by the press, of supposedly…

Comey testimony takeaways: The real news is about Russia (and guess what, Trump isn't truthful) | Fox News Former FBI Director Jim Comey’s hearing on Thursday made one thing abundantly clear: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s influence in the 2016 American elections is undeniable.

Comey Testimony: How Russia Won the Day | If the Russians wanted to sow chaos and distrust in American democracy, Thursday’s testimony from dismissed FBI chief James Comey helped.

Trump Claims 'Vindication' After Comey Testimony U.S. President Donald Trump has asserted on Twitter that he received &quot;total and complete vindication&quot; from former FBI chief James Comey's testimony in a Congressional probe into allege...

James Comey Hearing: Full Transcript of Ex-FBI Chief's Testimony - NBC News James Comey's much-anticipated testimony on Capitol Hill included some riveting exchanges with lawmakers

Comey testimony guts CNN, ABC, NY Times stories; shows former FBI director admit leaking memo | Fox News If you believe the news media, today’s hearing with former FBI director James Comey was the Super Bowl of scandals.

Donald Trump Russia Investigation & James Comey Everything to Come Out | National Review President Trump wanted 'everything to come out' about Russia investigation ...

John McCain: What, exactly, was he asking James Comey? - The strangest moment of the nearly three-hour Senate intelligence committee hearing featuring testimony from fired FBI Director James Comey came at the very end. And it came courtesy of a somewhat-unlikely source: Arizona Sen. John McCain.


James Comey Senate appearance: How the blockbuster moment unfolded - BBC NewsEx-FBI chief James Comey's Senate testimony was prime Washington drama, Rajini Vaidyanathan reports.

The Shocking Medieval Execution Story Referenced by James Comey - History in the Headlines It’s not every day that 12th century feuds are brought up in the U.S. Senate. Former FBI director James Comey in a testimony before the U.S....

'Happy St. Comey's Day': Late night jokes about James Comey's testimony - Jun. 9, 2017 Late night hosts like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers joked about former FBI chief James Comey's testimony Thursday.

Comey: Russian U.S. Election Meddling 'A Big Deal' Former FBI Director James Comey said there was no question Russia meddled in 2016 U.S election campaign, saying that it was "as unfake as you can possibly get." Testifying before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee in Washington, D.C. on June 8, Comey agreed with U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich that Russia had committed a "hostile act." Comey was fired in May by U.S. President Donald Trump while overseeing a criminal investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow. (Reuters)

Former FBI Director Comey Says He Was 'Defamed' By White House 'Lies' Former FBI Director James Comey has suggested that President Donald Trump lied in describing the bureau as having major problems and said Trump’s behavior compelled him to compile detailed notes on their meetings.

Michael Flynn Had a Plan to Work With Russia’s Military. It Wasn’t Exactly Legal.The former national security adviser had a long-standing desire to get closer to the Russians. One newly revealed step in the plan may have stepped beyond the bounds of the law.

Michael Cohen Pitched Investors For A Powerful Ukrainian Oligarch’s Company The oligarch has been investigated for money laundering and the FBI has tied three of his employees to the Russian mob. When he and his partner wanted to build an ethanol factory, their company sought

Russia threatens US government properties in new tweet - CBS News Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a new warning against the US on Twitter

U.S. will not respond to Russian 'threats,' but says talks ongoing - ABC News US will not respond to Russian 'threats,' but talks ongoing

U.S. spy agencies probe another flank in Russian hacking | Reuters Russian hacking of the 2016 U.S. election included sophisticated targeting of state officials responsible for voter rolls and voting procedures, according to a top secret U.S. intelligence document that was leaked and published this week, revealing another potential method of attempted interference in the vote.

Reality Winner Indicted By Federal Grand Jury Over NSA Leak : The Two-Way : NPR A judge denied her bail after prosecutors suggested she may possess more secret documents. The 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor allegedly gave classified material to a news outlet.

N.S.A. Contractor May Have Mishandled Secrets Before, Prosecutor Says - The New York Times Some evidence against Reality Leigh Winner, who pleaded not guilty to charges that she leaked classified information, was portrayed by a prosecutor as “frightening.”

NSA Contractor Accused of Leaking Russian Election Report Held Without Bond Over 'Disturbing' Notes Reality Leah Winner pleads not guilty to the charge of leaking a classified report to a media outlet.

NSA contractor Reality Winner wanted to 'burn the White House down,' federal prosecutors say - ABC News NSA contractor wanted to 'burn the White House down': Prosecutors



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