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US Accused of Stealing World’s Largest Plane Design By Pravda: Disinformation

StratoLaunch, 2017

I just stumbled across this peach of a report as part of a much larger report. If true, the US stole plans from the USSR and produced the world’s biggest plane. That’s ballsy.

But, then again, Pravda in Russian means truth, and lying is normal for them.

Now… I’m guessing, because there is absolutely no proof whatsoever in the report, this is a total fabrication – disinformation.  I will admit some things look similar to the old pencil drawing, but that’s pure genius at work – borrowing good ideas. It’s not as if Russia’s space shuttle was independently designed, after all. 

Notice all the expert opinions sans evidence – plans. Anybody can make up quotes from an expert, but certainly this plan they are referring to can be produced and the technical specifications to which they refer can be shown?  No?  

Pravda keeps calling their version of this plane the Hercules, but it was called Heracles or Molniya-1000.  

A cursory glance shows no second wing. No horizontal stabilizer on the tail attached the two vertical stabilizers.  Where is the frontal airfoil?  The Soviet model was clearly labeled a Tri-Foil, why would the US use only one if they were stealing a design?  

I reached out to an aviation expert.  His response:

I have never seen the Russian proposal before. May be true, may not. The US has a long history of twin boom designs, Russia very few.

From another perspective, whoever wrote this story for Pravda threw in a lot of spurious details. What’s with the mention of the MiG-105, except to distract the reader? Why mention the BOR-4, C-200, S-400 or a GPS?  I am, of course, referring to both this story as well as the English version. See how easy that was to provide a link, Pravda? 

Thanks, Pravda.  Whoever wrote this story makes this story look like a fabrication, pure propaganda.  The story contains no facts, provides no evidence, contains way too many spurious details which do not contribute anything, and provides no links, no references, and no citations to authoritative sources.  Better luck next time.  I hereby declare this story hogwash and utter disinformation intended to smear. 

I just apologize for the poor translation from Russian to English in the following article. You just can’t get good help for free these days.  <joking>

</end editorial>

(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

USA’s Stratolaunch aircraft appears to be ripoff of USSR’s Hercules project


Another US space development, followed by the alleged new shuttle and analogue RD-180, was plagiarized from the old Soviet Union projects, which experts say is not just the similarity, and the total coincidence of technological solutions.

Soviet “Hercules” (also known as “Lightning-1000”) was planned to create as a triplane, capable of lifting up into the sky a payload of 450 tonnes. However, in connection with the restructuring and the collapse of the Soviet project shestidvigatelnogo supersamoleta not reached the production and was forgotten.

Here are just forgotten it was Yeltsin’s government, not our sworn “partners.” After rolling out Stratolaunch and all of its characteristics, the experts pointed out that the ships are not only similar in appearance; they are the same and range (3400-3500 km), and the height of the launch. Even the type and amount launched missiles (one to three) – and those same. That’s just instead of 450 tons of Soviet American Stratolaunch preparing to lift into the sky only 340 tons.

However, this is not the first case of this “borrowing.” Like a lazy student of their course, the United States have written off from the Soviet analogue and supposedly innovative and breakthrough shuttle Dream Chaser.

New stratospheric US missile stolen from USSR

“The outlines of the ships were hastily recorded on film during a test flight and descent of the Soviet ship, but to repeat the mechanization of the wing, landing system, on-board electronics of the Soviet machine specialists American SpaceDev have not been able only thing that managed to American specialists, -. It again aerodynamic design and wing configuration, even though this problem was made with gross errors “- experts talk. They also add that the BOR-4 was first tested in 1982, but the American counterpart has appeared only 30 years later.

Specialized portal Ars Technica has in 2016 reviewed and analyzed the files and then record as saying that “the prototype of Dream Chaser are Soviet Bora”. Someone might say: the Soviet Union was not able to run the drills and the United States were able to? Do not believe, one of the “Borovo” (namely – the MiG-105) was tested at an altitude of 100 kilometers in the Soviet Union, and it happened in 1969.

New stratospheric US missile stolen from USSR
Photo: AP

“They stole the entire structure up to the elements as evidence -. Similar in all the parameters of the final product it is not achievable in a given situation all cases..” In parallel developed a complex system, not stealing from each other, “show that it does not happen in principle Here. we see virtually identical design (crudely modernized by contemporary realities), with the same key objectives and parameters “, – says the IT-expert and journalist Ruslan Karmanov.

New stratospheric US missile stolen from USSR

Photo: AP

He also explains that the people working on the same problem as the other 30 years ago, to the same decision not to come within a few decades. Because the aviation industry develops, and if now doing combat aircraft from the ground, he does not look like a clone of supermodernizirovannym aircraft thirty years ago.

“It is impossible to develop a process of forging and accidentally coincide with the old technologies with modern metallurgy is impossible in today’s networks to develop a network protocol and a chance to get IPv4 Therefore, the appearance of this unit, with such details -.. Yes, take old documents, and through it, upon the importance of minimum, made “, – said the expert.

“Look at the speed of progress in the same systems geolocation and guidance. How different are C-200 from the S-400. How many came with intelligent charge and guidance. What is now schemes jamming GPS and interceptions. All this 30 years ago, it was not simple, because they do not make sense “, – adds his pocket.

Read the article on the English version of Pravda.Ru



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