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Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack

The same arguments will happen, again, but now we have many more dead.  

The arguments always boil down to privacy & freedom versus safety & security.  

The counter-arguments against privacy and freedom always boils down to the need to detect a widespread insidious low-level but a very dangerous threat. The counter-arguments against safety and security always boils down to fascism, over-regulation, intrusiveness, invasiveness, and losing freedoms. 

Pictures of dead bodies will sway the legislatures, however, and more ‘draconian’ measures will be enacted. Searches for “bomb” and so on will result in a notation in a file.  Communications using crypto will be monitored. Anonymous communications to hidden parties will be monitored. Money will be tracked.

At some point, as the British Prime Minister is saying, here, enough is enough. You’ve crossed the line and we’ve been all too forgiving, accepting, and flexible. Our hospitality has been abused.  You refused to assimilate and we are being forced to act. 

Thank you, Theresa May.  Thank you.  We can only hope this applies to propaganda, as well.

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ps. I just wrote this to a close friend…

I’ve been doing this stuff for 20 years. It gets tiresome. Safety and security versus freedom and privacy. I side with safety and security every time, but I am painfully aware of the sacrificed freedoms and privacy. *sigh* I see the same accusations, the same arguments, the same “my feelings”. It’s not that I no longer give a shit, it’s just that we keep hearing that same old crap and seeing the same abuses of the freedoms…
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The Prime Minister said terrorists had ‘safe spaces’ online

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