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Mainstream Media Bias And Discrimination, Re: NSA Leak and Russians in US 2016 Election

Want to see a black and white contrast between mainstream media and conservative media?

Look for anything in the mainstream where the headline shows a contradiction between what Obama said about there being no Russian interference in the election and the leaked NSA Russia-voting document. Nothing, zero, zip, nada. The mainstream media only says the document was leaked and chastises a bad contractor. Only the conservative media accurately points out that Obama said nothing of the sort happened. 

Either Obama was naive to the extreme or he lied. At the very least, this brings doubt about his word. It absolutely shows that the mainstream media is colluding and not pointing out this rather severe discrepancy.

The leaked document names people, companies, and agencies. The copy available on The Intercept redacts those names but it’s not too difficult to figure many of them out.  

In many ways, this is no change from prior to 2012, when almost no media coverage was conservative at all, only talk radio and one newspaper in Washington DC.  Nearly half of the US is conservative, therefore a lot of conservative sources are appearing.

The coverage is a fairly severe contrast, here are some I found:

Conservative media.
Mainstream (Liberal) media.



Unknown or Neutral

Approximately half the results were found using and half were found using Google News Search, Results, last 24 hours.

Surprisingly, did not show even one conservative result.  Not one.


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