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Putin Threatens Sweden

Putin is threatening Sweden if they decide to join NATO.

The Russian propaganda.

Why, then, would Russia encroach in Swedish airspace and Swedish waters?  To intimidate, threaten, and warn Sweden?

Sweden doesn’t border Russia, so there is no direct threat to Russia. Sweden does, however, control access in and out of the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Denmark.

Gotland Island controls much of the Baltic Sea, it is strategically important.  It is an almost direct line of sight with Kaliningrad. It would also have a direct line on the Russian fleet as it leaves or arrives in St. Petersburg.

Sweden is no longer the formidable fighting force it was in the 17th century, when it beat Denmark, Russia, and Poland in wars. After losing to Russia in 1709, and again in 1808-1809, Sweden has been peaceful and notably neutral.

If Sweden is being forced into a military alliance to defend against Russia, Russia really throwing way too much intimidation around.


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