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Russians Trying To Establish Egyptian Pharoah Connection?

Fragment flag of Israel. Photos from the site

A Russian Foreign Ministry Official posted this on Facebook in what I can only interpret as a wild attempt to fling a booger against the wall to see if it sticks.  That is like my spaghetti theory but less tasteful. 

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On the air and talking about from whom descended the Egyptian Pharaohs. To find the answer to these questions can help scientific direction – dna Genealogy, whose achievement, have already attracted considerable attention specialists of numerous countries. Daring hypothesis about what pharaohs were the ancestors of ancient Russian with a group of r1b1

(original Russian)
В эфире разговор зашел и о том, от кого произошли египетские фараоны. В поиске ответа на эти вопросы может помочь научное направление – днк-генеалогия, достижения которой, уже привлекли серьезное внимание специалистов целого ряда стран.Высказана гипотеза о том, что Фараоны были предками древних русских с группой р1б1

I don’t need to interpret this too much but from the following article I would this is all pure conjecture, trying to establish a link between a Pharoah and ancient Russians or even the Russians of today.  Do the DNA analysis, post the results, and if they check out, please publish?  How about ordinary Egyptians or is that not regal enough? How about the slaves of the Egyptians?  

There is also a strange reference to the ten lost tribes of Israel. As tough as the Russians have been on the Jews, dare they project they are descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel?  

Strangely, the Russians seem to be wildly flinging around multiple theories that might impugn some greatness upon the Russian people. What’s next, they’re going to say they’re descended from Romans? Greek gods?  Swedes?  One last point, is it common for Russians to write articles about themselves?  

One last point, is it common for Russians to write articles about themselves?  

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History of the Jews. He showed that DNA analysis?

13:22 03.06.2017 , Anatoly Klyosov

Professor Klesov receives many questions about the origin of the Israeli Jews and answers

An expert in DNA genealogy Anatoly Klyosov, Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences says about the mystery of the origin of the Jews. Are the Jews and Arabs had a common ancestor. Where are the ten lost tribes of Israel, some myths about it exist. Why do Jews nationality is determined by the mother. Who are the Cohens, Levites, Sephardim, Ashkenazim. Is it true that the Pashtuns – this is one of the lost tribes of Israel. Oazalos that no Afghans – are descendants of the Scythians.

Professor Klesov said that with high probability the DNA testing could provide an answer whether this or that man descended from Abraham, and is currently professor receives many letters from Israel. President of the International Association Coen turned to Klesova with a request to find out who – a real Cohen, because according to tradition, at the time of the Messiah, Cohen needs to light a fire in the Temple. This study Klesov conducted and the findings are confidential.

The conversation turned to the air and that from someone proizoizoshli Egyptian pharaohs. In search of answers to these questions can help the scientific direction – DNA genealogy, achievements which have already attracted the attention of specialists in many countries.


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  1. The attempts of the Russians to assume the mantle of Byzantine emperor, or seat of Orthodoxy, Dracula stories, or a new Israel, the next Genghis Khan, etc., this is just old-school Ivan IV legends for Mr. Putin’s revanchist age. Here’s a good reference:

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