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Putin Denies Western Sanctions Affecting Russia

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Putin just said that sanctions by the West are having no effect in Russia. 

In light of a growing move in the US to strengthen sanctions against Russia:

The only report remotely reflecting a similar viewpoint to Putin is the Canadian Russian propaganda outlet, Global Research:

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01.06.17 17:58

Western sanctions have zero effect, Putin says

Russophobia is blooming in some countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the meeting with chief editors of international news agencies in St. Petersburg.

Censor.NET reports citing BBC.

“I believe this is happening over arising of multipolar world, and monopolists don’t like it…. This is also happening due to Russia’s fight for its interests. These interests are legal, I want to stress that,” Putin said.

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The attempts to deter Russia are not efficient, Putin said.

“Some time ago our partners in some countries or groups of countries launched their attempts to deter Russia, deter its legal strive to secure its national interests with some activities outside of the international law, including economic restrictions, and now they see this does not work, zero effect,” Putin said.

In 2014, the European Union, the United States and several other countries imposed sanctions against Russia following its occupation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine. These restrictive measures were repeatedly extended and expanded. In particular, the talks on visa waiver and a new basic agreement on cooperation were suspended; several Russia’s officials were banned to travel to the EU while their assets were attached. Trade, financial, and military restrictions were introduced.



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