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Macron Accuses Russian State Media Of ‘Propaganda’

Macron Accuses Russian State Media Of ‘Propaganda’

Four conclusions can now be made after the French election:

  • Macron won
  • Le Pen lost
  • Putin lost
  • Putin keeps losing

Not only did Macron win, but he slammed Putin and the Russian propaganda machine. Macron was the target of a Russian smear campaign.  

Macron publicly embarrassed Putin and publicly exposed Russian state outlets as propaganda outlets. This has started a mini-press war, Russia against the world. Notice each Russian propaganda outlet is publishing multiple articles denouncing Macron’s accusation.  

Note the global attention to Russian propaganda this has brought. Notice the almost frantic Russian reaction to the world’s reaction. It’s been 24 hours since Macron’s accusation, will the world continue pointing out Russia’s state media as propaganda outlets? 

France, through President Macron, has very much taken the lead in calling out Russian propaganda.  The thing worth noting after this point, is follow-up action.  Will France take actions to continue calling out Russian propaganda, fake news, misinformation, disinformation – Russian Information Warfare?  

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French President Emmanuel Macron accused Russian state news outlets of spreading “fake news” and “propaganda” against him during May’s presidential election campaign. Macron’s comments came during a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 29 following a meeting at the Versailles Palace outside Paris. It was the first encounter between the two men since Macron’s decisive May 7 victory over right-wing rival Marine Le Pen, a Putin admirer whom the Kremlin and its surrogates appeared to favor. (Reuters)





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